Aluminum Sheet Aluminium Roofing Sheet 2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm

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5 m.t.
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5000 m.t./month
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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:In wooden cases or based on customer requirements
Delivery Detail:15--30 days after order confirmed


Product Description

 Product Informaiton: 


Product  Name

7075 aluminium sheet












T6 / T651


ASTM-B209 EN480 GB/T3880


Smooth and Clean


 Product Performance


Product Performance:

1) The high intensity heat alloy

2) Good mechanical properties

3) Easy processing,wearability

4) Corrosion resistance,resistance to oxidation




Chongqing ,Guangzhou, Shanghai


5 Metric Tons

Supply Ability

5000 Metric Ton / Month


In wooden cases or based on customer requirement .


Chemical Composition

2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm aluminum sheet aluminium roofing sheet


Technical Parameter:

  2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm aluminum sheet aluminium roofing sheet



Aluminum Sheet Aluminium Roofing Sheet 2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm

Aluminum Sheet Aluminium Roofing Sheet 2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm

Aluminum Sheet Aluminium Roofing Sheet 2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm

Aluminum Sheet Aluminium Roofing Sheet 2.5mm 2.7mm 3mm


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