Aluminum Foil Composited with Bubble Insulation

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10000 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:


  • No odor and to xicity, environmentally-friendly;

  • Light, soft, dustfree, fire, retardant, easy to install;

  • Heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti- radiation, anti- vibration, and shielding;

  • high Adhesion Strength 

  • super Holding Power 

  • good Conductivity


1.As heat and light (radiant) barrier for the roofing of housing;

2.As the interlayer between floor and the ground to prevent moisture and heat;

3.As an disposable and budget underlay insulation material for carpets;

4.As protective outer package for industrial machines, vehicles and home appliance 


Product types: 

1. AL/bubble/(AL);

2. AL/bubble +bubble/AL;

3. AL/ bubble/white PE anti flaming sheet;

4. AL/ white anti flaming bubble/AL with blue color;

5. AL/ white anti flaming bubble/ woven cloth/ AL;

6. AL/EPE/(AL);


8. AL/non-woven cloth/(AL);


thermal insulation/good quality heat insulation





1. Bubble diameter: 10,20,25,35mm

2. Bubble height:3,4,6,7,8,9,15mm

3. Thickness:3,4,6,7,8,9,15mm

4Metallic aluminum/Aluminum thickness: micron/12 micron

5. Reflective: 95%~97%

6. Packing: roll/ PE bag(customized)

7. Roll size: 1.2*40m, 1.2 * 30m (bubble/double bubble)


Customized: Any length x 1.0m~1.2m width




Nominal Thickness

 3, 4,6,7, 8mm

Fire Rating

Class 1/ Class A (ASTM E84-09)

Temp Range

-50F to 180F (ASTM C411)


0.057 (ASTM C1371-04A)


0.943 (ASTME903)

Water Vapor Permeability

0.02 Perms (ASTM E96)

Resistance to Fungi

Does Not Promote (ASTM C1149)


Pass (ASTM D3310-00)

Thermal Resistance (3.5" cavity)

R-15.2 (Heat Flow Down), R-8.5 (Horizontal Heat Flow)



* Note : These are our standard specifications but products with customized specifications are also available


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