Aluminium Pipes 1XXX

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20 Tons m.t.
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 1. Specifications of Aluminum Pipes 1XXX

Alloy Number



 O, F,H112,T4,T5,T6,T3,T8






Outer: 9-500mm
Inner: 8-450mm


GB/5237.2-2004, ASTM, ISO, EU standard

Special specification is available on customers' requirements.



2. Usage/Applications of Aluminum Pipes 1XXX

Aluminum pipes are widely used for building construction, housing decorations, industry & agriculture & architecture usage etc.


3. Packaging & Delivery of Aluminum Pipes 1XXX

Packaging: Seaworthy package, bubble plastic bag inside, anti-moisture paper wrapped outside, covered with cartons, on wooden pallets, in containers. Pallet weight: Max. 2.30 tons.

Shipment: the goods will be delivered in 30 days after getting the buyer's payment.



4. Production Flow of Aluminum Pipes 1XXX

Casting--extruding--cutting--coating—further processing--packing


Q:I used my aluminum tube to make a "Feng" type outdoor antenna, and all the aluminum tubes were connected together. I now have a small piece of aluminum plate, the aluminum plate should be installed in the "Feng" rack in what position, is connected together or insulated from each other?. If all of them are finished, how can the coaxial cable be connected, and the middle axle connected to the "Feng" rack or the aluminum plate?If I can't do this project, then what kind of outdoor antenna should I make for these materials (aluminium tube and aluminum plate)?Thank you all! StopThere is no shop in the place where I am now. Please don't tell me to buy one.
Do you put the word on the two Feng antenna cross to two is not the word Feng head, then use your remaining thin aluminum plate is cut into two cm wide and fifty cm long aluminum bars then bent into a rectangular five cm wide, 1 cm in the opening distance, with openings on both sides core matching after coaxial cable connected, then it will be fixed in the middle of Feng below the word of the two cross, finally across the antenna on the four directional antenna unit. I wish you success in your production.
Q:Aluminum seamless aluminium oxidation welding line how to do?
If you decide to buy is seamless aluminium oxide, it is certainly not possible after the welding line, if there is a welding line, that is the hot extrusion of aluminum, aluminum is seamed we usually say, if it is oxidized welding line, there is no way to solve, can't use it can only be scrapped in fact, the hot extruded aluminum tube also can avoid the welding line, this time you have to order and that of the factory, this can be solved above the mold! At least your eye is very ugly after oxidation of a welding line. In fact, seamed pipe and seamless pipe mainly is the surface quality, but the mechanical properties!
Q:How can the aluminium tube cooler be welded?
But the low temperature of 179 degrees Weiouding 51 wire with flux welding is more suitable for the use of no contact tank welding novice, whether it is flat tube also is in line with the liquefied gas tank at WE53 special welding gun can not need oxygen, because of the low melting point of the wire, the root welding soldering copper water tank, welding aluminum radiator can also be.
Q:Who knows the grease on the aluminium tube cleaning method
Cleaning aluminum grease is some trouble, because in addition to grease is generally alkaline solution, such as oxygen net, but alkaline water and pure aluminum easy reaction, not suitable for all.You can only use neutral detergent such as detergent.
Q:What's the difference between 6061 tubes and 6063?
in order to improve the cutting performance, adding lead and bismuth. In Mg2Si, the Mg/Si ratio is 1.73,
Q:The difference between aluminium pipe and galvanized steel pipe
The aluminum surface has a layer of oxide film, melting point at more than 2000 degrees, and the melting point of aluminum is only about 400 degrees. Galvanized sheet is a sheet of zinc plated on sheet iron or carbon steel.
Q:Who knows there is a high mountain reed 2plus short tube is what? Urgent!
A short tube called first aid tent pole, or emergency fault rod, when you appear in the outdoor pole fracture, but also can not be repaired, you can use the emergency fault bar is set in place, so you can still set up the tent,
Q:My company plans to rust aluminum 15 Phi Phi 8 hit a row of holes, then Phi 8 Phi 15 in aluminum pipe welding, welding oxyacetylene welding using plan copper welding current, using nitrogen or nitrogen and hydrogen in welding. As a result, many welding leaks and air holes were found in aluminum tube welding, and the welding success rate was low. How can I improve it?
Need efficient, buy brazing furnace. Brazing in furnace.
Q:What is the extrusion process of aluminium tube?
Process flow is:Billet heating, hot extrusion, cutting, boring, wagon, wool two heating, extrusion, tension or straightening roller leveler, cutting chuck - intermediate annealing, corrosion, inspection, repair, scraped the cold rolling, annealing, quenching, stretching, heading to the whole diameter, straightening, cutting and finished product sampling artificial aging, annealing, inspection and acceptance, oiling and packing
Q:How can the air conditioning aluminum pipe be welded?
Air conditioning tubes can use oxygen or gas welding, aluminum welding wire with low temperature, the low temperature aluminum wire 4047 Al Si wire 580 degrees temperature, the welding auxiliary welding powder welding, there is a 430 degree temperature WEWELDING Q303 welding wire.
We are a well-known enterprise specializing in the production and sales of aluminum sheets and coils. Since the establishment of us, we have been devoted to setting up a good CIS and completely implementing ISO9001 quality management system.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value Above US$50 Million
Main Markets Mid East;Eastern Europe;North America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001:2004;OHSAS 18001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Nanhai Port
Export Percentage 30%-50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average

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