• 700w Shingled Solar Panel 600 Watt HJT Solar Panel Vendors With Good Price NCQ System 1
  • 700w Shingled Solar Panel 600 Watt HJT Solar Panel Vendors With Good Price NCQ System 2
  • 700w Shingled Solar Panel 600 Watt HJT Solar Panel Vendors With Good Price NCQ System 3
700w Shingled Solar Panel 600 Watt HJT Solar Panel Vendors With Good Price NCQ

700w Shingled Solar Panel 600 Watt HJT Solar Panel Vendors With Good Price NCQ

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Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power(W):
Number of Cells(pieces):


Maximum System Voltage


Operating Temperature


Maximum Series Fuse


Maximum Test Load,Push/Pull


Conductivity at Ground

≤ 0.1Ω

Safety Class



Voc and Isc Tolerance





Solar Cell Type

Mono 210×105 mm(8.3×4.1 inches)

Number of Cells

132 [2 x (11 x 6) ]

Module Dimensions

2384×1303×35 mm(93.9×51.3×1.4 inches)


38.7 kg(85.3 lb)

Front Cover

High transmission, AR coated tempered glass, 2.0mm

Back Cover

High transmission, Tempered, White Grid Glass/AR coating(optional), 2.0mm


Silver, anodized aluminium alloy




4.0 mm2 solar cable, ≥300 mm(11.8 inches)/customizable

Number of diodes



MC4 EVO2 compatible


Module per pallet 31 pieces

Module per 40'HQ container 17 pallets, 527 pieces


ü IEC 61215, IEC 61730

ü ISO 9001: Quality Management System

ü ISO 14001: Environment Management System

ü ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety

ü IEC 62941: Design and Manufacture of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules


As a member of CNBM - a Fortune 500 company, Jetion Solar provides various product solutions, global EPC service and financing. Its standard and high- efficiency product offerings are among the most powerful and cost-effective in the industry. Till now, Jetion Solar has cumulatively more than 10 GW module shipment and 1 GW global EPC track records.


Installation instruction must be followed.See the installation manual or contact our technical service department for further information on approved installation.

The specification and key features described in this data sheet may deviate slightly and are not guaranteed. Due to ongoing innovation, R&D enhancement, Jetion.

Solar (China) Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make any adjustment to the information described herein at any time without notice. Please always obtain the most.

recent version of the data sheet which shall be duly incorporated into the binding contract made by the parties governing all transactions related to the purchase and sale of the products described herein.



Q:How can we guarantee the products quality?

A:Always provide the esteemed buyer a pre-production sample before mass production; Always testing every product before despatching the shipments;

Q:What products we can supply you?

A:Solar Panel,Inverter,Mounting System,Battery,PV Cable,Distributor Box,Pv Connector,Etc

Q:Where is your Manufacturer located? How can I visit there?

A:Our factory located in 501, Building 1, No. 600, Tongjiang Middle Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province,China

Q:Can the products pricing be cheaper?

A:Of course, you will be offered a a very good discount with large quantities.

Q: Can print our companys logo on the PV panels?

A:Yes! And we accept the OEM&ODM orders.

Q:how to use a motor with solar panel
photograph voltaic capability is somewhat fluctuating capability source and so it may be greater advantageous if u could save the photograph voltaic capability in a battery. The battery is then related to the motor. returned connect the motor with a zener diode to the photograph voltaic panel because of the fact if u dont u could have a case of decrease back emf producing from the motor and getting discharged interior the photograph voltaic panel that could injury it. further the battery additionally ought to be having a diode circuit which might avert it style discharging into the photograph voltaic panel. hoping that this facilitates..
Q:I have two solar panels that were going to be trashed at work. I want to use them to charge batteries on my RV but i noticed they put out around 20 volts in direct sunlight. So i am wondering: -isn't this way too much voltage for a 2 volt system? -do a need some sort of a regulator connected to keep them from overcharging?
a million. confirm you get carry of the suitable form of battery that permit to can charge from the image voltaic panel. 2. confirm you utilize a gadget which I forgot the call in spite of the fact that it's going to make confident the can charge pass one way in case the sunshine pass out so won't drain the battery at the same time because it somewhat is hook up. 3. confirm you get carry of the suitable can charge from the image voltaic panel to can charge the battery. reason is easyier to swim down the river or is it basic to swim up river.
Q:can this amount of solar charge these batteries.
Wow I think that your battery are too big or in othercase your solar system panels are too small. But making some calcs if you connect your panels in parallel you will have 30 Amps of Recharge for your batteries. Assuming that your batteries are discharged to .75 V/C you will need at least (. x Ah removed)/Recharge Amps = (. x 550Ah)/30A, that means that you will need 20 Hours to recharge your batteries Literally this is imposible to have fully charged your batteries for a proper application you will need 65 Amps from your panels to recharge your batts in 4 hours or de-rate your batteries to 00 Ah
Q:How do solar panels affect the property's energy management system?
Solar panels can significantly impact a property's energy management system by generating clean and renewable electricity. They reduce the reliance on traditional power sources, thereby lowering energy costs. Solar panels also allow for greater control over energy production and consumption, enabling property owners to better manage their energy usage and potentially even sell excess electricity back to the grid.
Q:hi everyone..i wanna do my major project on solar panels...so anyone kindly tell me the projects based on solar panels..
I have done this in my project too and a solar panel, two wires, a circuit/project board, an LED light/a small fan,a switch and a solderer. Just solder the wires to the positive and negative parts of the panel, put the wires connected to the panel to the board put the LED's on the other side and the switch together with it shine light on the panel and the light/fan will work.(If it dosen't work, please DO NOT consult ME.)
Q:Can solar panels be used for heating swimming pools?
Yes, solar panels can be used for heating swimming pools. Solar thermal panels, also known as solar collectors, are specifically designed to capture and convert sunlight into heat energy, which can be used to warm the water in swimming pools. This method of heating pools is environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run, as it relies on free and abundant solar energy.
Q:Can solar panels be installed on a balcony or terrace?
Yes, solar panels can be installed on a balcony or terrace. However, it is important to consider the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the balcony or terrace before installation. Additionally, the orientation and shading of the area should be evaluated to ensure maximum sunlight exposure for efficient energy generation. Consulting with a professional solar installer is recommended to determine the feasibility and safety of installing solar panels in this specific location.
Q:Can solar panels power an entire home?
Yes, solar panels can indeed power an entire home. With advancements in technology and improved efficiency of solar panels, it is possible to generate enough electricity to meet the energy demands of a typical household. Additionally, by installing a battery storage system, excess energy generated during the day can be stored and used during nighttime or cloudy periods, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
Q:Do solar panels require a backup battery system?
No, solar panels do not necessarily require a backup battery system. It depends on the specific purpose and setup of the solar panel system.
Q:Can solar panels power my entire home?
Yes, solar panels have the potential to power your entire home, depending on various factors such as the size of your solar panel system, the amount of sunlight in your area, your energy consumption patterns, and the efficiency of your appliances. It is important to consult with a solar professional to assess your specific energy needs and design a system that can meet your requirements.

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