3017 Art Basin

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Product Description:


  • One taphole



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment
  • Compact design, targeting for popular small bathroom space




  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate






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Q:Have you used Rain Barrels/Catch Basins?
You keep them covered, leaving only enough room for the water to enter. Without sunlight on the water, your algae growth is very, very slow. Yeah, every once in awhile, like once a summer, you may need to wash out the basin with diluted chlorine bleach.
Q:How to wash the stain on the washbasin
In front of the weak burst, with a steel ball rub ah!
Q:Bathroom washbasin no hot water, how to do it?
The hot water hose twist down to see if there is water? There is water that the water is broken water is broken pipe is broken
Q:Wall washbasin sewer installation size is how much
1, washbasin normally off the ground around 85; 2, the water pipe wall row of 30 cm off the ground; 3, down the water pipe row, the normal about 20 from the ground. Bathroom is the toilet, toilet, bath together. Residential bathroom is generally dedicated and public. Dedicated to the main bedroom only; public and public walkway connected by other family members and guests public. According to the layout can be divided into independent type, both use and compromise three. According to the form can be divided into semi-open, open and closed. Currently more popular is to distinguish between wet and dry partition of the semi-open type.
Q:My house wash basin faucet recent water flow smaller, how is it?
Poor supply of cold water
Q:How to remove the hot and cold water pipes under the washbasin
A mixed nozzle installation: the mixing nozzle tip plus 1mm thick pad, putty. Insert the basin along the middle of the hole in the eye, the bottom of the pad and eye socket, righting mouth, tighten the root of the mother to the elastic moderate, with a good water lock mother. B will be cold, hot water valve cover to remove, retreat lock the mother, the valve from bottom to top into the basin cold, hot water hole. Valve lock mother and rubber ring into the cross-tube, and then the valve on the root of the mother plus putty and 1mm thick pad, the root of the mother tighten and silk flat. Close the door cover and tighten the door cap screws. C washbasin mouth plus 1mrn thick pad, putty, inserted into the basin drainage hole inside, outside with pads and eye socket, silk at the Department of oil, wound Ma. With a self-made wrench stuck in the mouth of the cross bar, screw into the water three-way mouth, so that the mouth back, the overflow to the face of overflowing eyes. The following are the same as the " D Put the handle rod and the spring universal bead into the center of the tee, and tighten the lock to the elasticity. And then put the pole through the mixed nozzle empty tube to the four under the mouth, four-way and pole interface at the oil pan rope, tighten the tightening nut. Stand, cross bar with a good link with a good, while adjusting the positioning.
Q:How to fix the ceramic washbasin on marble
Glass glue, marble glue, cement three can be fixed on the marble ceramic washbasin.
Q:Hotel washbasin with two faucets, one of the finer ones is what?
Straight drink it
Q:Living on the balcony wash basin wash wash right?
This or not to put it
Q:How to lay a dark row of water pipes to the washbasin
Washbasin drainage generally use 400 or 500 PVC pipe, positioning in accordance with the washbasin position, in the middle of the wash basin, the tube exposed higher than the ground.

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