022 Above Counter Basin

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Product Description:


  • Above counter fixing



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment




  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate










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Q:Bathroom washbasin combination cabinet can be called woodwork?
I think so. The key depends on what material you use, this material please do not have woodwork. Countertop to waterproof.
Toilet bowl cleaner and brush,comet,Windex and either bathroom cleaner or disinfectant wipes.I clean sink and tub with comet being sure not to scratch and rinse and dry.. and I spray shower doors and walls with Windex.I clean the toilet last and I clean the seat and outside with disinfectant wipes or bathroom cleaner.I than sweep and mop.Oh and I usually dust first before cleaning.
Q:&How is this reverse discrimination, can only Muslims use the wash basins?&?
OMG another case of shaken baby syndrome. Go Team Crazy Politician Go
Q:My house washbasin is blocked by hair how to clean up
With the fire, there may be some taste
Q:Why wash the washbasin with a long time the edge will be dirty is not easy to clean
The kind of dirty things are usually the face or hands of the oil, after each wash off the water will still have residual, dried into a grease, similar to the kitchen grease, it is recommended every 1 week or 2 weeks to clean once
Q:What do you mean by your face?
This is a break language, washbasin in the bar - I do not know the depth. I do not know the depth: to describe the interests of things do not understand.
Q:For a Bathroom design... Which option is better?
throw a coin .. they sound equally acceptable. good luck, sue
Q:Wash basin water pipe how to access potty, so that will not waste water.
The water in the washbasin first collected into a container (higher than the toilet tank), the container and then with the toilet connected to the normal line, if the container is installed on a float water valve better, the basin can not automatically fill the water, double track system.
Q:What causes my hand wash basin to gurgle when it is draining?
Sounds like a vent is plugged or you may not be venting well in your plumbing
Q:Home improvement, the bathroom floor drain, toilet and washbasin drainage pipe should be how to arrange the connection?
Home improvement, the bathroom floor drain, toilet and washbasin drainage pipe should be how to arrange the connection? Toilet toilet can not be used with the other two common, even if you are using a sinking bend is not OK, if it is rural self-built, you can wash your face and floor drain water pipes connected to the outdoor rain pipe, To enter the septic tank, the smell will turn up, so it must not be shared. 2. The kitchen has only one sink of sewer, the original decoration is the sink of the sewer and the roof of the rain riser connected. How should the sewer be arranged now? (Is the kitchen 2 meters from the bathroom and can connect with the toilet in the bathroom?) The kitchen under the water pipe by the original way no problem, you do not even go to the bathroom, you can connect to the outdoor rain pipe, but in the water to do careful outdoor Yinjing.

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