002 Above Counter Basin

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50 Sets set
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800 Sets Per Month set/month

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Product Description:


  • Above counter fixing



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment




  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate










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Q:What is the unit of measurement of the washbasin in the inventory pricing specification?
The unit of measurement of the washbasin in the list valuation specification is:
Q:Ceramic washbasin drill with what tools ah?
Hand drill with glass drill bit on it.
Q:Is it okay to manually fill my washing machine?
The hoses should go to faucets behind your washing machine. Move your machine out ( while empty ) , shut off the faucets and change the hoses. Turn the water back on and move the machine back. Should take care of the problem without having to wait for the maint. man. good luck
Q:Have you used Rain Barrels/Catch Basins?
You keep them covered, leaving only enough room for the water to enter. Without sunlight on the water, your algae growth is very, very slow. Yeah, every once in awhile, like once a summer, you may need to wash out the basin with diluted chlorine bleach.
Q:The reason why the water from the washbasin goes down from the sewer
There is something blocking the chant, find a water pipe to the.
Q:How to remove the hot and cold water pipes under the washbasin
Each kitchen and toilet equipment are different, pay attention to see the instructions, the instructions should be painted on the installation map. No one can specifically tell you how to unload. Besides, pretend to unload it? Brand business design is very sophisticated and reasonable, part of the unloading, will affect the use of quality
Q:Wall of the wash basin how to hide the drain
There are dedicated and washbasin matching shield is also wall, reference column style, the wall is generally into the wall of the water, the outlet of the high point of the words, or buy a beautiful point of the water pipe, even if exposed is not ugly The
Q:How is silt created in Amazon Basin? (Deforestation)?
a substantial reason for deforestation interior the Amazon basin is the shown fact that many farmers interior the section use a fashion referred to as scale back and burn. They minimize down the rain wooded area and burn the section sparkling. They then farm this section until the soil is exhausted. quite of replenishing the soil, those farmers merely pass directly to a sparkling portion of the rain wooded area and start up lower back. This destroys the rain wooded area and leaves the soil in very unfavourable situation.
Q:How to use the wash basin to raise the turtle
4, tortoise in the water to eat, feed the feed directly in the water on the line. Turtles generally feed pork, beef, shrimp, small fish, poultry fish liver, these foods to be chopped or shredded, But these animal feed is very easy to pollute the water quality. Novice recommended feeding, good feed such as lifeblood, inch of gold, are good. Feed more worry, and professional turtle feed nutrition ride With better, not easy to pollute the water quality. Summer temperatures are high, the turtle metabolism fast, you can feed once a day, but generally recommended two to three days, the turtle do not need to feed too often, a few days to feed once No problem, as long as the supply of adequate water to ensure that they do not eat half a month no problem, the turtles each feeding is generally the size of their head size is enough. Like a cooked cooked meat and Ham sausages and so on is absolutely not indiscriminately eat ~! Be sure to pay attention to some necessary knowledge ~! First, do not give the turtle with salty and salty foods, such as salty dry shrimp, dried fish, etc. So ~! The Sodium chloride (salt) intake can cause its body edema, and cause kidney damage, the turtle is to absolutely avoid salt intake ~! A little bit of salty is not appropriate ~! same We usually eat the cooked food cooked food meat rice bread bread is also not suitable for the turtle food.
Q:My washing machine doesn't have any cold water....?
Turn off the cold valve, unhook the cold hose supply from the washing machine and test it for water flow into the washing machine basin or a bucket, if you have good flow you know the problem is in the washing machine. If the above is the case, take a flashlight and look at the rear of the machine where the hose connects- there will be a little screen there, see if there is any debris clogging the line. Hope this helps.

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