220V Single Phase 0.75kw 1 hp AC Drive (Frequency Converter/Inverter)

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10 unit
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100 unit/month

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Model Number:

EM9 series vector frequency inverter

Output Power:


Output Type:



As per product



Input Voltage:


Output Voltage:



DC/AC Inverters

Output Frequency:


Output Current:







All Model are Integrated IGBT

Control mode:

Vector control/ VF control

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

standard carton/crate package

Delivery Detail:

Within 3-5days after receiving the payment



Vector control frequency Inverter,

All model are integrated IGBT,  

Built-in RS485 card, and approved by CE,

and optional displaying 4 lines keypad.

Products Features:

Input Voltage Range:380/220V±15%

Input Frequency Range:47~63Hz

Output Voltage Range:0~rated input voltage

Output Frequency Range:0~600Hz

Overload Capacity:60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current.

Self study motor parameter function

Control Mode: Sensorless Vector Control (SVC); Constant Torque; V/F Control.

Speed Accuracy: Sensorless Vector Control :±0.5% of maximum speed (SVC)

Starting Torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz (SVC).

Programmable Timing Running(Simple PLC)

All model are integrated IGBT, and optional displaying 4 lines keypad.

The malfunction ratio is 0.1% within 18 months warranty.

All the above items have been passed the CE-EMC and CE-LVD certificate; you will enjoy desirable using and a guaranteed after-sale service.

Which kind of voltages frequency grade we can provide?

1 Phase input, 3 phase output, 200-240V, 0.75-7.5KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 200-240V, 0.75-500KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 380-415V, 0.75-630KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 420-480V, 0.75-630KW

3 Phases input, 3 phase output 575-690V, 11-630KW


  1. What is the minimium quantity?

    10 units.

2. How many days do you need to produce?

   We can delivery the goods within 5 days after receiving your payment.

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Q:Delta inverter reported CE4 reasons? Casually asked how many kinds of CE under a total
Which model ah, CE alarm, it should be communication failure. CE4, it seems that should be written to the read-only address. You follow the inverter model, to the Delta website to download the corresponding manual, there are fault alarm instructions.
Q:Inverter problem
(0 ~ 20mA), but the main input / output is completely isolated, than the output of the inverter simulation of the output of the analog output The amount of signal impact resistance, anti-interference ability.
Q:Can the inverter stop intermittently during operation? If so, how to connect and set up
and the corresponding function of these terminals, you have to in the inverter Set up.
Q:What is the single axis of the inverter and multi-axis applications
Inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the motor power supply frequency and amplitude of the way to control the AC motor power transmission components.
Q:Does the inverter set the number of poles to match the number of poles of the motor?
The inverter will adjust the voltage and frequency of the output power by the breaking of the internal IGBT, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, and then achieve the purpose of energy saving, speed control, in addition, the inverter has a lot of protection , Such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, the inverter has also been a very wide range of applications.
Q:Why the number of motor poles increased, the inverter capacity will increase
The relationship between the motor current and the power is The power is equal to the current and voltage of the product again good with the power factor. (Simplex)
Q:What is the number of parameters of the motor frequency of the Siemens inverter?
Siemens inverter motor pole number parameter code is r0313 motor pole pairs. Note that the number of pole pairs.
Q:What is the base blockade in the drive?
Normal work, the bridge between the upper and lower pipes can not be turned on at the same time, while conduction will occur short-circuit accident. It is necessary to open a tube at the same time block the same bridge of the other pipe base can be safe to work.
Q:If it is 8-pole variable frequency motor, enter the motor nameplate parameters in the inverter input for the 4 pole can?
If the control accuracy is not high, then you can use the ordinary control. Since the choice of the inverter, it is best based on the motor nameplate to set parameters to ensure the stability of the motor running
Q:Is the laptop power adapter hot?
Third, the power of the nominal voltage than my books the battery voltage is much higher, not an accident, right? First of all, to know is that the power supply to the books and the battery power supply to the notebook is different. Battery-powered, the battery output is pure DC, very clean, the battery voltage is neither possible nor need to design a high, lithium battery chemical properties determine a cell output voltage can only be about 3.6V, so Many batteries are used in three cascade way, 10.8V also became a very popular battery voltage. Some batteries are slightly larger than the integer value of 3.6V, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, etc., in fact, to protect the battery. Power supply, the situation is more complex, first of all need to add voltage to further regulation filter to ensure that the power performance is not very good in the case of stable work, the voltage regulator after the two parts of the city, all the way to the work of the power supply , The other way to the battery charge to the part of the power supply to the battery when the same power supply, and the part of the battery charge through the battery charge control circuit can be added to the battery, the control circuit can be very complex, so the power The voltage must be greater than the cell voltage to have sufficient capacity to supply the charge control circuit to the units. Finally the voltage actually added to the cell will never be the nominal voltage of your power supply. Rest assured.

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