2019 New PPR Equal Tee Pipes Used in Industrial Fields

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For interior hot and cold water distribution systems in buildings and floor & central heating systems, air ducts.

PN 10 - cold water distribution and floor heating systems.

PN 16 - higher pressure cold water distribution and DHW systems at lower pressures.

PN 20 - hot water distribution systems, central heating.

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1. Samples are free;

2. Reponses timely and best service;

3. High quality and with a strict quality control system;

4. Control delivery date;

5. Best service provided when u have any questions for our products;

6. Using raw materials with good quality.

7. Competitive price will be provided if you want to buy them and etc.

Product Description

1.Material   :



White,   Gray, Green, or as you required.




CMAX   or Customized



6.Samples   Time:

(1)   4-5days-If you want to customize your logo.

(2)   1day-For our existing samples for reference.

7.Packing   Details:

Weaving   Bag

8.Production   Capacity:

5,000,000pcs   Per month.


We take care of goods, put fittings into nylon bags then out of carton.  For pipes we put end cap, and packing with nylon bags. 

OEM packing: We can make packing according to your order, and plating the carton according you need. 



For samples order, we support transfer by international express, FEDEX DHL TNT and China EMS. 

For final order, we do sea shipping, our factory are near from Shanghai port and Ningbo port, we can transfer goods to port within 24 hours.

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2019 New PPR Equal Tee Pipes Used in Industrial Fields

2019 New PPR Equal Tee Pipes Used in Industrial Fields

Company Profile

CNBM International Corporation (CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.


Since 2004, the trading volume of CNBM International has been doubled in 5 successive years owing to the support of superior corporations and effort of all staff. Meanwhile, we have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries. Currently, we have wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and branches in 5 countries with a view to realize localization, which also represents an essential progress in our globalization target.



Our goal is to transform CNBM International into the global leading brand in building materials industry within 3 to 5 years through innovation and reform, by strengthening the overall management of supply chain, developing and cultivating both domestic and overseas market, improving the procedure and information system, enhancing the ability to organize resources and to provide value-added services under a professional team and a learning organization.


2019 New PPR Equal Tee Pipes Used in Industrial Fields

2019 New PPR Equal Tee Pipes Used in Industrial Fields


CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has obtained rapid development under the spirit of win-win. We will carry on the mutual beneficial, innovative and revolutionary trading structure as we did before, create value for our employees, share holders and clients and benefit the whole society in our future development.

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 1.Send an inquiry;


 2.Discuss details;


 3.We send samples if clients need (samples are free,but clients need to bear the freight);


 4.Clients approve our samples;


 5.Clients make 30% deposit or open LC after receiving our PI;


 6.Pruduce and tracking quality; 


 7.Final random inspection;


 8.Shipment,then you make balance after you receiving the  delivery notice.


 9. Follow up after-sales service.  


 Why choose us?


 1. We produce parts by ourselves, which makes more competitive price and faster delivery.


 2. We provide OEM service and submit Various styles, latest designs to our clients.


 3.We have great experience on provide high quality service to clients.


 4. Welcome to visit our factory.

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Q:How to mend a hole in a plastic pipe?
Front with a back adhesive, heat pressed, and then use the glass surface adhesive.
Q:mossberg 500 tube spring sticks on last shell?
The tube will unscrew, but not easily the first time it comes off. When the mag springs in our department Mossbergs get tired, we replace them with Remington 870 mag springs and they seem to hold up better. Field strip the shotgun. Put the end of the mag tube in a vise and clamp down ONLY on the little rectangle on the end of the tube (NEVER on the tube itself). Insert the wooden handle.of your hammer into the receiver as close to the barrel mount as you can. Evenly as possible rotate counterclockwise. Remember, it's not going to come off easily. When it lets go, remove the tube, the follower and the spring. Do not try to just stretch out the spring a little. It won't work. Replace the spring and put the follower back in. put the tube back on the receiver. I find it easier to push the follower into the tube a little until you get the threads started. be careful not to crossthread. tighten it up the same way you took it off.
Q:What would be the best way to store cigars in their tubes for 24hrs with no humidor?
I would keep in a desk drawer lying on their sides wrapped in their tubes.
Q:My hamster likes to sleep in the tubes that lead to a chamber thing...?
thats normal! I had two teddy bear hamsters, and they loved sleeping in those plastic tubes! I had those colorful plastic cages that had holes and places for tubes that led to other cages and sleeping nests and hamster wheels and such! Its completely normal(:
Q:Dog may have eaten Chapstick and the tube itself!?
Yes it#x27;s possible. You should search very carefully for the container and if you still don#x27;t find it you may call your vet. If the plastic is going to hurt your dog you may have to force him to drink a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. I had to do this when my dog ate a poisonous frog. Your dog will vomit multiple times if you do this and it will be very pitiful to watch but could save his life
Q:What is this cracked, plastic tube connected to the 03 Accord's engine?
That's your air intake boot that routes air from your air cleaner to your intake. Since it's cracked after the air filter, any crap (leaves/dust/etc) can get sucked directly into your engine. It's a cheap part to replace.
Q:I found a yellowish plastic tube with some sort of filter on one end and it contains crystals. Is this a drug?
It probably is not, if it was meth than why would it be using a plastic tube, plastic melts.
Q:If I use a normal plastic bag instead of dialysis tubing when adding starch...?
Absolutely they'll be different. The normal plastic bad is not permeable to much of anything. I'm not sure of your experiment, but if you are using starch and Iodine, with dialysis tubing, the iodine can pass in and out, but starch cannot because the pores in the dialysis tubing are too small. With a platic bag, there are no pores, per se, and so neither the iodine nor the starch can move in and/or out.
Q:Where can I buy inexpensive plastic tubes?
Lowes; you can buy plastic plumbing in 10 foot lengths and different hole sizes too. they will cut them if you ask, but you can do it yourself with an electric knife or small hand saw. I bought them for extra long windows and used them as drapery rods.
Q:What would happen if a tank of compressed air, released all the air out of a nozzle and flew against the inside of a plastic tube in space?
There is a general principle about internal forces that applies to situations like this and what it amounts is that the center of mass can never move. It's like that movie Gravity; in space, a stationary closed system can't make any net motion. If the cylinder shoots off in one direction the pipe will go in the other with equal momentum, and when it crashes into the end, both parts will reverse direction. And the two parts will bounce back and forth off each end until heat from the collisions dissipates all the energy.

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