2017 PPR Pipe for Landscape Irrigation System

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Product Description:

Product Overview

1) Cold / hot water supply facilities for public buildings 
2) Food, chemical, electronic industry pipeline networks; Such as Pipeline networks for transporting all kinds of    corrosive liquids 
3) Drinking water production system pipeline networks; Such as Pure water and mineral water 
4) Air conditioning facility pipelines 
5) Compressed gas pipeline networks for industry 
6) Pipeline networks for swimming pools 
7) Pipeline networks for solar energy facilities 
8) Agriculture and garden production transporting systems

Product Application

1.Potable water for cold and warm water installations 

2.For rainwater utilization systems 

3.For compressed air plants 

4.For swimming pool facilities 

5.For solar plants 

6.For agriculture and horticulture 

7.Heating pipes for residential housing 

8.For industry.

Our Services

Pre-Sales Service

1. Inquiry and consulting support. 

2. Sample testing support. 

After-Sales Service

1. Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

2. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Product Description

1.Material   :



White,   Gray, Green, or as you required.




CMAX   or Customized



6.Samples   Time:

(1)   4-5days-If you want to customize your logo.

(2)   1day-For our existing samples for reference.

7.OEM   Accepted


8.Certification   available:


9.Packing   Details:

Weaving   Bag

10.Production   Capacity:

5,000,000pcs   Per month.

11.Payment   Term:

(1)   L/C,T/T,D/P

Product Show

2017 PPR Pipe for Landscape Irrigation System

2017 PPR Pipe for Landscape Irrigation System

2017 PPR Pipe for Landscape Irrigation System


1, High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degrees Celsius.
2, Heat insulation and Saving Energy: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe.
Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirty or contaminated by bacterium.
3, Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion.
4, Lower Installation Costs: light weight and good hot-melt performance can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal piping system.
5, Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.
6, Long Life: more than 50 years under normal conditions.
7, Recycled and Environment-friendly.


Q1: How Can I Get A Sample?

A1: You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q2: How Long Is Delivery?

A2: Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.

Q3: What Is The MOQ?

A3: MOQ depends on different items.

Q4: What Is Our Normal Payments Terms?

A4: Our normal payment terms now is: T/T, L/C or western union, pay

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Q:What is the best re-cycling method for plastic bottles & tubes?
I would not re-cycling them. Re-cycling is labor intensive and the supply of this plastic is far greater than the demand. I think it is better to burn them in power plants. Why waste peoples time sorting plastic bottles.
Q:how long does it take for a gerbil to claw through a plastic cage with tubes and why do they?
My Habittrail, set was so cool when I was a kid.. we bought over 50 feet of tubes before we stopped, they went up and down and spiraled around our family room.... My Gerbils never clawed through it. My kids use it for their Hamsters now. It is still going strong ..
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of PPR plastic pipes compared with steel pipes?
Copper plastic and stainless steel composite pipes, etc. and plastic pipes (including PE, PPR, PVC, etc.) are compared. Strength comparison, the most commonly used stainless steel water industry, plastic pipe expansion coefficient is too large, is its Achilles heel, not suitable for hot water pipes. In the condition of environmental temperature change, plastic pipe leaks easily and so on
Q:How do I make air flow continuously thru a 1 plastic tube connected to itself using an electric blower?
You can't place the blower in-line, as that will block the ball unless you have a specially built blower so that it can allow the ball to pass through the blower You need an arrangement that is something like a jet pump used for pumping water. The blower needs to be big enough (needs to move sufficient air volume) such that the amount of air in the tube is a relatively small fraction of the total air being moved by the blower. The blower needs to be connected to the main loop via a wye. A second wye, oriented in the opposite direction allows air to exhaust from the loop. A trap (parallel bars in the wye) is necessary to keep the ball from exiting the wye. The cross-sectional area of the loop between the wyes needs to be large enough so that you don't produce back pressure on the loop due to the blower's pressure. It is going to take some fussing around with the diameter of the loop between the two wyes and with the outlet diameter of the exhaust to get it right. Think of a loop with a line tangent to the loop and connected to the loop. Your blower is at one end of the line and the exhaust is at the other end. All you are doing is blowing air past the air that resides in the line, dragging those air molecules along with the velocity of the air being injected by the blower. A small fraction of the air will circulate around the loop and will carry the ball with it.
Q:Are there any stores that sell, carry large Corrugated Pipes, Tubes? ones that can fit around your legs?
I'm not sure if these are the best solution for you, but... something to consider, at least? Best of luck with your cosplay, in any case! (Is it strange that I'm now really curious what your costume will be? All this tube research has me interested. :y )
Q:What are the types of plastic pipes?
At present, China municipal pipe market, plastic pipe is the steady development of PE pipe, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipe has a space for one person, one of the most strong momentum of development of PE pipe and gas pipe is notable, is the two largest application market.Compared with the traditional pipe, polyethylene pipe has reliable connection, good low-temperature impact resistance, anti advantage cracking, good chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good abrasion resistance, flexibility, water resistance, convenient transportation, a variety of new construction methods etc..
Q:Anyone know how to make water tubes for single roses, or where I can by them for a cheap price?
You might try using plastic tubing and plugging the ends. Glass tubing is another way to go, more durable but also more expensive more work. Glass tubing can be cut to length then closed off on one end by heating in a flame until it pulls together. Large drinking straws could work as well, you could seal the bottoms with an iron by placing the straw between aluminum foil sheets.
Q:How do you escape from a large plastic tube?
A lighter would melt the tube. Acid could dissolve the tube. You could use liquid nitrogen to freeze the tube and then break your way out. What are you doing in a tube anyway? Why would your friend want to put you in a tube in the first place?
Q:What are the ways to remove the taste in plastic pipes?
Method for removing peculiar smell of plastic pipe by vinegar. Clean the plastic tube with detergent first. Then soak the plastic tube in the vinegar and heat to 50-60 degrees. Keep the temperature. After 30 minutes, take out the plastic tube and clean it;
Q:What are the differences between rigid flame retardant pipes and semi rigid flame retardant plastic tubes? Who knows?
Metal flexible pipe, also called prica metal casing, the galvanized steel strip, strip, and electrical paper with a double-layer metal flexible wire, cable protection tube, according to different purposes, different models, including LZ-4, LV-5, LV-5Z and other models, using a dedicated pipeline connecting connector, bending freely, fixed the special fixing clamp, coil, eachGenerally, the diameter of the disc is between 5--50 meters.(1) rigid PVC pipe: PVC resin by adding stabilizer and lubricant additives by kneading, rolling, plasticizing, granulating, extrusion processing, and acid-base, heating bending and cooling is available. The utility model is mainly used for protecting wires, cables, casings, etc.. Pipe length generally 4m/ root, the color is generally gray. Pipe connections are generally heating, spigot and socket connections, and plastic hot air welding. The bends must be heated.(2) rigid flame retardant tube: rigid PVC tube, also known as PVC cold bending pipe, divided into light, medium, heavy. Pipe length is generally 4m/ root, the color is white, pure white, bending needs special bending spring. Pipe connections using special joint insertion connection, the connection with the special surface coating adhesive, sealing interface.(3) semi hard flame tube: also called PVC flame retardant plastic pipe, PVC resin by adding plasticizer, stabilizer and flame retardant agent economy molding, used for wire protection, the general color is yellow, red, white, etc.. The pipe joint is made of a special joint and is covered with plastic adhesive. The pipe is bent freely and needs no heating. It is supplied in bundles of 100 meters each.

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