2014 Popular Office Chair A505 from Fortune Global 500 compoany

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30000 pc/month

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

Export packing carton:5-ply


packing carton size: 96*38.5*58 cm

Carton N.W:13.8 kg  G.W:15.5 kg

Delivery Detail:30-35days


metal office chair/manager chair/office chair 
1. PU or cow split leather cover seat cushions
2. mesh material also is feasible
3. Soft padded chrome armrest

4. Butterfly mechanism or multi-function mechansim also is feasible meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard 
5. EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard Gas-lift tested by TUV

6. Top quality chrome base meets EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard

7. Nylon castors EN 1335 and BIFMA 5.1 standard


PRODUCT SIZE: W60*D58*H117-127cm




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Q:Any ideas on how to come up with cheap chair covers?
Honey, unfortunately, renting chair covers WAS your cheapest option, depending on what you were looking at. Going out and buying material, no matter WHAT material, is going to be expensive and incredibly time consuming. I don't know what kind of time you have, but considering your wedding is in 5 days, I would either look at their lowest price chair cover or talk to the banquet hall about their options. Another option that I saw at a bridal show that I went to recently was tying a band of tulle around the back of a chair and securing it with a single silk flower (hot glued with a some kind of pin to secure everything) and letting the rest of the tulle hang down kind of like a bow, but without the actual bow. Upon closer examination I could see that it could be replicated rather inexpensively and you could certainly arrange the tulle to cover more of the chair and it would detract from the tackiness of the chair. I just don't think you will be able to do a full on chair cover in this short amount of time. Good luck honey!
Q:Good computer chairs?
I bought a really comfy computer chair recently from Office Depot. I sat in all of them, then I chose to purchase the high back leather, not plastic, chair. I live in the south it's hot here, but this chair isn't at all sticky to sit in. Look online see what Office Depot has to offer.
Q:How do hanging chairs actually hang??
hanging chairs that I know of are when you put on your table upside down to clean underneath it.That is what they called it when I worked at Aquarium Resturant
Q:Where was the Queen Anne (English) chair first manufactured?
The chairs were designed for Her Majesty's comfort and would have been designed and erected by the Master Carver of the Royal household. It incorporates cabriole legs which comes from ancient China. During the reign of Queen Anne the master carver and joiner of the Royal Household was a Charles Hopson, although the chair may not be primarily designed by him. Hopson, who was later knighted to become Sir Charles Hopson, is also responsible for much of the woodwork in St. Paul's Cathedral. I'm afraid, this is all the information I am aware of.
Q:why are chairs attached to desks?
Very good question...I wondered about this in the past too. The reason chairs and seeks are together is a combination of all of the answers above. It's easier to monitor, has less distractions,and is less expensive. The main reason is the cost to make these desks and chairs is very low. The schools want to save as much money as possible and when they combine desks and chairs this saves them literally 50% of money. Anything we try to combine almost saves us time and money. You know how it is when it comes to saving money, time, and efficiency any business or institution is willing to comply. Everyone's answer was good and all of these reasons where correct in my opinion. I hope you find the answer you where looking for have nice day.
Q:Which would hurt/cause more, being hit by a chair or a human?
Depends if the human has boobs or not, could be natural cushions so you got to consider that in there =)
Q:How to draw a person transforming into a chair or jacket?
use imagination
Q:is there anywhere to buy the insert for pbk anywhere chairs?
And when you see what they are, you really won't want to pay that for them. :) The chairs are really nice and I can't think of anything you can substitute for the insert. It is 2 odd sized rectangle-ish foam inserts for the seat and back and then 2 cylindrical inserts for the arms. Stuffing it all in there is a pain but it's nice when you have to wash just one area of the chair. You might try looking on craigslist. I see stuff like that all the time on there. I know it's a good chunk of money (especially when you add the cover) but the one we have has really taken a beating and it still looks brand new. If you can't find a cheaper one, I'd still just buy the one from pottery barn.
Q:How do i stop my cat from sitting in my chair?
All you need to do is fill up an empty spray bottle with water. I had the same problem with my cat Nalah. Once you start to continually spray your cat when it gets in the chair she will get the hint that you want her OFF!!! The water bottle precedure works for all sorts of things like if your cat hops on the counters (which my cat does alot), or when your cat is acting up. My cat is very palyful she likes to run up behind me and pounce on my legs. She also likes to restle my hands which is painful because she has sharp teeth. just wip out your spray water bottle and you'll be fine Hope this helps!!
Q:Can you spray paint a computer chair?
of course you can!

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