100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

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1000 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

Production Description: 

Olive collection net are used not only for the olive harvest, but also to gather chestnuts, nuts and deciduous fruits in general. 

  • Produced with HDPE virgin material

  • UV stabilized - Long life

  • For Food : non-toxic, responsive to current European legislation on packaging for food.

  • Guarantee 5 years 

  • Green&Black 50g/m2

  • Farmer used the net to gain olive from tree. 


TypeCMAX-Olive Net
Weight33-200 gsm
ColorBlack, Green, Dark Green, etc
Width,Length1-6m, 50m,100m as your requirements
Raw material100% Virgin HDPE with U.V Stabilized and irganox
Using lifeAt least 4 years
Delivery time30 days after deposit
Specificationconstruction(/inch) Warp=3, Weft=4.5, Br.Str.(kg) ,Warp=10, Weft=2 ,Screening factor(%) :10%
Packingrolls with PVC suare tube(5×5cm)/double folded/PE Stretch film/label
OEMIf you have your own packing design,we can quickly meet your requirments.


100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net


100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net


100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net

100% Virgin HDPE Plastic Olive Collection Net


1.Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
   A:Our factory is located in Shanghai, China. You can take flight to Shanghai Hongqiao airport, and 25 mins reach to our factory. 


2.Q:What is the material of your products?
   A: We use the raw material of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV Stabilized & Igranox to make our netting 


3.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
   A: we are very proud to let you know that , We use the best raw material , have at least 5years experienced workers,

        the advanced machine and specialized team to assure the quality


We perform Quality Control inspections on 100% of our products.


Our inspection standards are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 certification system.


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