wood plastic composite outdoor decking

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outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type
1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type      

1Low maintenance
2Widely used indoor and outdoor

Specification of  outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type

1) Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch

2) Eco-friendly, high-recyclable, green material

3) No cracking, warping, and splitting

4) Water/Moisture-proof, Corrosion-resistant

5) Low maintenance and no painting

6) Easy to install, clean

7) Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60

8) High degree of UV and color stability


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory,  Engineered Flooring Type


150*25mm,146*32mm,142*35mm,140*40mm,140*25mm,135*27mm etc.


As your choice


black, coffee, brown, gray, white ,redwood etc. optional


Smooth,Brushed,Scratched,Grain&Sanded optional


50% wood fibers +45% HDPE+ 5% chemical additives

Warranty period

15 years




PE Film+WPC Pallet(length of 0-2.2m)+Wood Pallet(length>2.2m)



Pool&SPA Surrounds,Boardwalk,Playground

This type can be used in outdoor ground, trestle road and garden path, enjoying great superiority in the outdoor decking of courtyard, park, garden community, waterscape, trestle and plank road,etc


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type


outdoor wpc decking supplier, china factory, Engineered Flooring Type

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Q:What are the main points of the elastic rubber flooring
Rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components of polymer materials made of floor. Natural rubber is a rubber tree that is grown from a rubber tree. SBR, high benzene, butadiene rubber is synthetic rubber, oil products. Rubber floor made of rubber as main raw material, which is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous relief surface and smooth surface. Homogeneous rubber floor refers to natural rubber or synthetic rubber based, monolayer or multilayer structure of CDs color, composition consistent with a floor; heterogeneous rubber floor floor: refers to is based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, the structure comprises a wear resistant layer and the other in composition and (or) the design of different compaction layer a compaction layer contains the skeleton layer.
Q:Where is suitable for rubber flooring
The practical range of home balcony, kitchen, living room, bedroom, Restroom entertainment places, gym, gym, computer room, stage substation, precision instrument manufacturing for sound match factory, fireworks factory, defense ammunition, warships, anti-skid deck office office buildings, villas and pedestrian trails, ship slip nursery the kindergarten, elderly activity center, children's playground in the middle hall bath, swimming pool, massage room, medical units, boutique shopping center counter sale of various social occasions tour trail corridor, hall, VIP guest room, sports stadium runway stadium roof waterproof damping requirements of the freight yard.
Q:Does anyone know what kind of material is used in rubber flooring?
Rubber flooring adhesives can be divided into emulsion, solvent type, reaction type three categories. Emulsion adhesive with water as the dispersion medium, non-toxic, low cost
Q:Gym special rubber floor for how much a square meter
A gym is a place for fitness in the city. In general, there are complete equipment and equipment, there are more fitness and entertainment projects, a professional coach to guide, a good fitness atmosphere.
Q:How much is the rubber floor per square meter, how much is the specification
The total thickness of the rubber floor is 1.6mm-3.2mm (only commercial floor, (Champion) sports floor can be thicker than 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc.).
Q:What are the general specifications of sports rubber flooring
The total thickness of the 1.6mm-3.2mm (only commercial floor, the floor can be more than 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc.). The specifications of the sheet flooring are mainly divided into strip and square.
Q:Gym rubber floor, rubber floors and plastic floor
The other is the movement of the glue, the surface layer of texture, friction, suitable for sports competitions, etc., and there is a qualitative difference between the dance special glue. Scratch dance floor color is sky blue, dark blue, color (pink, pink and green, red flag, red fall, gray, dark gray, gray, gray, blue, blue, blue towel, light blue, orange, green, rose, white, yellow, gray, black. According to the customer's card).
Q:How to solve the problem of rubber floor blistering
Difference between rubber layers (need to adjust the formula)
Q:Rubber floor price per square meter
Market share: according to the market survey, now the domestic rubber flooring industry 25%, rubber flooring in the wood industry has a total of 1. Therefore, the development potential of rubber flooring industry is very large.
Q:Cement floor even with rubber floor
Can be painted [A1 cement curing agent] with the construction of machine polishing, grinding and polishing after rendering the perfect wear-resistant hardened floor

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