Strandwoven-Tiger Bamboo Flooring

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Product Description:

Specifications of Strandwoven-Tiger Bamboo Flooring:

2)Environmentally friendly
3)Superior quality and competitive price
4)3-5 years old as raw mat


Benefits of Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring has more or less the same benefits as conventional wood:
1. They are durable and long lasting.
2. Cleaning is easy and quick.
3. Eco-friendly and renewable.
4. Non-allergeni
5. It costs much less than conventional flooring.
6. It can be easily installed over many types of subfloor.
7. Bamboo flooring offers several installation options – It can be nailed, floated, or glued
Description of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
Strand Woven (Cool Pressed) Bamboo Flooring is made from 100%  MOSO Bamboo strip. The cool pressed strand woven bamboo flooring is by far the best method of producing this type of flooring. which gives not only higher rigidity and density but also lower formaldehyde releases. And more stable than hot pressed producing strand woven bamboo flooring.
Strand Woven (Cool Pressed) Bamboo Flooring Production Process:
Shredding bamboo strips into filaments. Anti-corrosin treatment. Sizing treatment. Coolpressing bamboo filament.(Weather Temperature, pressure 4,000tons). Quenching, tempering and conditioning.Size cutting. Tongue & Grove milling. Coating and finishing.
Solid bamboo flooring offers tremendous interior design flexibility. Bamboo is unique, beautiful, and a great alternative to other hardwoods. Solid bamboo flooring is most popular bamboo flooring in the market.
Solid bamboo flooring can be provided to the interior decoration is very good diversity. Bamboo is a unique, natural, but also a good alternative to solid wood. Bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly flooring, bamboo flooring has very low formaldehyde emission.


Strandwoven-Tiger Bamboo Flooring


Strandwoven-Tiger Bamboo Flooring


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Q:Cleaning Bamboo floors?
I bet it looks awesome. The good thing about bamboo flooring is that you can clean it the way you would hardwood, but it doesn't expand in the same way. It's surprisingly durable and more forgiving in a wet area basically. I would still attend to spills quickly however. Keep cleaning the way you're cleaning, and be sure the mop is well wrung, not dripping wet. (If the floor begins to dry on its own pretty quickly, you're using the right amount of moisture.) If you're noticing a film on the floor using soap, try a vinegar solution instead. (1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water; divide as you need) Sometimes soaps or detergents leave a residue on wood (or bamboo) floors. Stay away from anything too harsh like bleach.
Q:Does anyone have bamboo flooring?
it depends on the room. My sister put bamboo in her kitchen and my brother put laminate in his kitchen. Both have kids and pets and both regret their choices because the materials have become dinged and marked up within a couple of years and have also suffered water damage due to the backings being absorbent. If you can afford it, use hardwood in most living spaces. In a kitchen or bath, I recommend porcelain ceramic tile. My kitchen has 12" square porcelain tile and I like it a lot. Completely impervious to anything a child or animal can do do it. I used the matte finish textured type so it isn't slippery. It looks like reddish tan sandstone. I would never use regular laminate in any area with moisture or heavy wear -- I've seen too many disasters with it in other peoples homes. Plus I think it always looks fake, not matter how "high end" it is. One exception is an excellent, cheap and easy solution though that might be perfect for you: the TrafficMaster Allure vinyl laminate floor that looks like wood. Check it out in Home Depot and I think you'll be surprised how real it looks and feels at half the price of most other flooring. It's simple to install, is comfortable and soft for kids, impervious to moisture and looks good. I've used Trafficmaster tiles in two of my homes and it always gets compliments and is as tough as nails. You could hose it down if you needed to -- it's solid vinyl. Plus, if you want to upgrade to something else later, it is a "floating" floor and rips out quickly.
Q:Locked bamboo flooring advantages and disadvantages?
The development of the floor slot: no slot, single slot flat buckle, double Fu helium Dian teach to send rhinoceros waste basket basket buckle (what F slot, E-slot), lock (how a lock that strange , But the role is the same). Lock is the floor in the current more advanced, scientific a splicing method. As for the fight with the keel, no matter what the noise is not big, mainly, flat cut the floor if you do not want to splicing from the seam, it must play keel, and then installed the floor nail on the top. Locked bamboo flooring can also be directly laid in the keel on the ground above, but, on the lock bamboo floor, there is no need to waste the keel of the money. Summer air temperature is relatively modest, from this point of view, the summer shop will be better.
Q:Home bamboo flooring out of a large, we supposed to?
Look at your home is what the wood floor of the floor of the body of the crown of the crown Gui Gui Gui heli Jun.If you say is bamboo, that there is a gap, it shows that your room is too dry air, the floor for a long time do not play playing floor wax There are several ways to solve, you try to be effective, one can put a few pots in the room, two in the sunny weather with a damp cloth to wipe the floor gap, the third is to give you the floor waxing, and hope that a few Approach is useful to you, if not enough, it is necessary to have experienced master come and see.
Q:What does the floor level mean?
1) Solid wood flooring ABC grade is called commercial terms, "solid wood flooring national standard" is divided into "excellent goods", "first class", "qualified"; A) "excellent" is equivalent to A ; B) "first-class goods" equivalent to B-class board; C) "qualified products" equivalent to C-class board. 2) E1, E0 level is the European countries based on the content of free formaldehyde in wood-based panels to divide, but also China's domestic industry in the production of artificial plate standards. A) E0 is: less than or equal to 0.5 mg / l of formaldehyde emission; B) E1 means: less than or equal to 9.0mg / 100g formaldehyde emission; C) E2 means: less than or equal to 30.0mg / 100g formaldehyde emission The E0 grade sheet is not only environmentally friendly and standard higher, but because it does not contain green moisture-proof agent and adhesive, its toughness and moisture resistance is relatively low, generally used as furniture substrate, and not suitable for use in the kitchen humid environment.
Q:How to distinguish between the quality of heavy bamboo floor? Is it environmentally friendly?
Submit the answer is very simple
Q:Bamboo flooring with essential oil maintenance is very slippery how to do?
Wipe a few times with a damp cloth will be good, I was listening to others said.
Q:Cleaning product needed for bamboo floor?
Dish /wash soap will make the floor sticky.,and even if you rinse off it will leave a residue. I would suggest nice warm water and only two teaspoons white vinegar , nice clean towly cloth and rub hard. You would be amazed how much just warm water cleans on its own, i only use warm water on my floors now and change the wash water often. Please try water only first and your floor will eventually be clean anf free from any cleaning soloutions. By the way i discovered this one day when i had run out of any cleaning stuff. My wooden floors look great and without any smears or sticky residue.
Q:Home decoration do not know the bamboo floor is good. And strengthen the floor than what advantages and disadvantages?
It is best to sell composite flooring
Q:Cleaning Bamboo Flooring?
We have bamboo flooring and used mineral spirits to get the glue off of them after the installation. That worked great, perhaps it would cut through the oil too. My other suggestion would be to take a dry cloth and rub the floors down to help take away some of the oil.
We supply different sizes of all kinds of bamboo floorings including natural and carbonized, stained and hand scraped, and also strand woven floorings. With a couple of years' professional experiences, we have extended our business lines all over the world, particular in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, with good reputation for upper quality and lower price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Yixing,China
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value Above US$15 Million
Main Markets Europe;North America;Australia;
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai;
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average