Oiled Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring------Whitewash

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$12.00 - 30.00 / m²
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TT or LC
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1500 m²
Supply Capability:
400000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Product Description:

 Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring-WhiteWash


Company introduction:

 Our company is located in Yixing conveniently adjacent to Shanghai, blessed with abundant Mao bamboo resource.

 Area of our company: 140,000 sqm.

 Number of employees: 370 plus (including a highly competitive team of R&D)

 Monthly capacity: 400,000 sqm (multiple high tech production lines )

 Major bamboo flooring products:1, Strand woven 2, Traditional 3, Decking 4, Accessories. Etc.

 Certificate: CE, ISO9001, IS014001, FSC, CARB II, BV. Etc

 Sticking to the guideline of quality first, ceaseless progress, relentless perseverance and constant innovation, we are striving to offer you excellent products with competitive price and best customer service.


Why bamboo?

 Grow rapidly: Bamboo is the fastest growing grass plant, it only takes about 4-5 years to mature.

 Environment friendly: Bamboo is highly renewable & recyclable resource. It is no need to replant after harvesting because the root system ensures that bamboo will re-grow rapidly. Unlike hardwood.

 High Hardness: Greater than many woods, including popular flooring choices like oak and maple.



Oiled Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring------Whitewash



 1. Strict QC all the way from raw material.

 2. Abundant supply of raw material, reliable delivery.

 3. Lock system available, easy to install.

 4. Wide range of models and colors.

 5. Advanced equipment, high capacity.

 6. First class R&D for new products.

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Q:The same area, floor tiles, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring which is better, how the price
On the cost of materials that you see the price of the material, the general floor of the wood is relatively high, more than 200 square package installed. Tiles, then much cheaper, but the artificial 35 or so, the big points of the brick side of the rescue side chewing fat wedge blind about 100 or so, other materials in 15 or so, the above is a square price.
Q:Bamboo Flooring... personal experiance, thoughts, & opinions please!?
I will start off with I work at a university and we have bamboo flooring on one of our dance floors it has been down for almost 7 years and still looks great. Before the bamboo we had a maple floor and we would have to refinish it about every 3 years. This floor gets lots of use and we have done nothing to the bamboo but dust and mop it. The bamboo we have is vertical we have both natural and carbonized. If you research it you will find that horizontal is not as hard as vertical and vertical is not as hard as stranded however they are all as hard or harder than red oak. Bamboo is also a "green" flooring. In my opinion it is one of the best natural floors available today, another interesting floor is cork but that's another story. I think you would be very happy with a bamboo floor. Good luck
Q:Composite solid wood flooring and laminate flooring their respective pros and cons
Bamboo flooring for a long time there are drawbacks, the end of the capacity to accommodate two Izumo Yan Yan Ju towel winter Dongyong fluffy, that white is all woody things, a long time certainly do not fly, to save trouble or composite floor is good, clean up more Convenience.
Q:What is the difference between lateral pressure and lateral pressure? The
First, the lateral and lateral pressure of the bamboo flooring is the difference between the processes, followed by the texture of the bamboo flooring is different. The The
Q:Home decoration wood flooring, bamboo flooring and tiled flooring which is good?
I suggest you use the wood floor, more than 100 flat on the just fine Jian Geng light intertwicked for the power. Living room toilet kitchen that still want to tile. Brands are similar to see the general economic conditions, such as individual brands can be selected. Cost with the grade of wood flooring and tile almost.
Q:Will the bamboo floor be deformed?
If the production of small manufacturers of bamboo flooring, but the quality of the off, it may be able to deformation, cracking, you choose the brand when you should pay attention! I suggest you choose to wear flat lung chisel plum monkey platinum manufacturers, quality guaranteed Brand, like "big village", "Xin Huachang" brand are ringing brand, are one of the top ten brands, bamboo flooring will not be deformed ... ...
Q:In the building materials market to see the bamboo floor, and looks pretty good, do not know how to identify good or bad!
Bamboo floor of the inherent quality only in the use to show, but from the surface can also be seen one or two! First, look at the material, good bamboo flooring is selected 4-6 years old bamboo processing, from the surface , fiber bundle clear, bright for the top grade! If dark, very bad, try not to choose! Second, look at precision, to come up with a few pieces of finished plate, (in general, the salesman will give your presentation.) two transverse to the good end, two at the ends of the cross-sandwich, the abutting try, to see the gap which is uniform if fairly uniform, can choose! Third, look nip, can be seen if the cracks on its surface, that there is not that good to go! four, to see whether full paint, light paint leaching paint the floor should be quite full, very uniform flatness is also very good! matt floor will To see if there is no honeymoon, and see the film is not completely covered the floor layer, do not have the floor version of the phenomenon! From the surface that is the same, but also can see the service. is recommended that you go to "love Home Forum" look is not related to the introduction before the professional installation team and so on ... ah buy For more detailed information. When buying more than one option.
Q:Does Contemporary bamboo flooring smell?
By now, there's been a lot of regulation of bamboo floors. When they first came out, there was a concern with formaldehyde emissions. But, now European and US standards have all but phased out the old floors to make room for ones with emissions that are low-to-none. It should be said that most flooring is finished with some kind of treatment to keep moisture out. Bamboo is no exception. My suggestion is to visit the location you're thinking renting and see if you notice any noticeable odour. Ask about how long the floors have been installed. If they've been in for a while, chances are that they will have finished outgassing. Over the long-term, modern flooring is designed to keep the air free of irritants. This is the advantage of natural flooring, so it is in the interest of the industry to make sure that emissions are not a problem, even to senstive noses like yours. Good luck!
Q:Will the bamboo floor be raw?
Bamboo flooring is a beautiful beauty, but from the practical degree is still slightly worse. Because the general brightness of bamboo flooring is very high, a long time on the human visual impact, not only that, there is not too banned .. Some people will say, why do I want to plan the floor, in fact, we usually In addition to wearing slippers, what shoes will wear on the floor of the harm!
Q:How to overcome the shrinkage of bamboo flooring
Paint, keep the indoor humidity

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