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500 m²
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40 *40GP per month m²/month

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Product Description:

Specifications of Bamboo Flooring

Easy installation 
Eco friendly 
Renewable and Sustainable 
Lower price than hardwood flooring 
Meet the E1

GL-Y16 Carbonized Horizontal Solid Bamboo Flooring in A grade


1.Material: solid bamboo sheet
2.Glossy or matt surface finished
3.F type click lock
4.Suitable for heating
5.Meet E1 standard of Europe

6.Pass CE/ISO9001/ISO14001 certification

7.Size:1000x126x17mm or 960x96x15mm


9.Products treatment:high treatment and press carbonized


Detailed Descriptions



Solid Bamboo Sheet

Moisture Content





8 coating finish

Formaldehyde Emission

up to E1 standard of Europe


1000x126x17mm or 960x96x15mm


indoor, suitable for heating


durable,moisture proof,sound proof, insect resistant, eco friendly


CE, ISO9001,ISO14001


float,nail or gule down


25 years of structural guarantee


carton box, pallets


500 square meters


within 30days after receipt of 30% deposit or L/C

Payment terms

30% deposit T/T and 70% balance before shipment or L/C at sight



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Q:Home decoration do not know the bamboo floor is good. And strengthen the floor than what advantages and disadvantages?
Bamboo flooring will not be a thorn, people bamboo floor after high temperature barbecue. The performance is very good ridicule riders Gao Jiu nine pigeons follow the end of Gong, saying a penny money. General bamboo flooring is a symbol of status and status. But also the specific performance of environmental protection. Many foreign people use bamboo flooring. Suggest the money to buy bamboo flooring. The economy is not so easy, then ordinary floor can also be.
Q:Carbonized bamboo flooring do not play keel direct shop will be what the problem?
Bamboo flooring can not play keel. Plate pavement, playing keel is a habit of behavior, but also a relatively backward behavior, and now a lot of solid wood flooring are not playing keel, bamboo flooring is no need to play keel. And if the keel is not only the cost will increase, and once the keel damp will directly cause the bamboo floor deformation accelerated, a direct impact on the use of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring installation in two ways, one is the floating installation method, do not need to play keel, do not need sizing, paving panels, nailing, painting and other processes, saving time, Also save money, which is due to the bamboo flooring itself has been imported using UV paint six full closed, the surface has formed a strong wear-resistant layer. Another installation method is a fixed installation method, this installation method requires playing keel, the time will be a little longer, but also in the bamboo floor maintenance is more trouble. Bamboo flooring is one of the indispensable materials in the home decoration of the environmental protection era. The playing keel does not have a great influence on the use of bamboo flooring. Therefore, when installing the bamboo flooring, users can consider their own habits and economic level To make a choice.
Q:Bamboo flooring up how to do it
If the floor is the edge of the mouth of the mouth so that your floor to be scrapped, and if you buy the brand or time to compensate for the words to change the business, if it is the middle of the drum up it is simple, the edge of the expansion joints become smaller , The demolition of the base line, the wooden floor by the end of the wall saw a little bit on it
Q:What is the difference between bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring and composite flooring?
Ruicheng floor, the brand quality are very good, my friend's home, and the top of the extravagant Liao Nong Moxi class smoked Chuan-wen than our own home approved the elephant is much better, paved more than a year, with the new What the thing, solid wood flooring and composite flooring can choose his home, bamboo flooring, then like the spring floor is good,
Q:What is the heavy bamboo floor?
The so-called heavy bamboo flooring (bamboo silk board) is based on the general bamboo flooring, after further processing of sound products. Heavy bamboo flooring is more beautiful and practical than ordinary bamboo flooring; in terms of selection, heavy bamboo flooring than the general bamboo floor strict and fine, in general, the quality of qualified heavy bamboo flooring are selected for five years above the age of bamboo High-quality bamboo as a raw material, and then through the bamboo flooring manufacturing a series of process processing production. Heavy bamboo flooring is divided into hot pressed heavy bamboo flooring and cold pressed heavy bamboo flooring. Cold pressing is the appropriate bamboo wire drying to a lower moisture content of the following dipping, and then dry, mold, pressure billet, locked into the thermostat space after heat curing. After the blank forming after the break, do water balance. So that the completion of the blank, you can paint on the finished product. Hot pressure reference to some of the shortcomings of cold pressure, combined with bamboo mats mature production process to improve the process, the pressure heating curing time is completed, the blank forming process is completed in a few thousand tons of heat curing curing, uniform density, Easy to paralyze and jump silk, to solve the inherent quality of slab has been further improved. Heavy bamboo flooring density is higher than the average bamboo floor wear more, and smooth and smooth, no borers, no deformation, elegant color, texture refreshing pleasing to the eye, is no other than any other floor. It is used in high-end residential, office, bedroom, hotel, sports venues and outdoor recreation, entertainment, lack of money, Tengda Dingjiang heavy bamboo floor is very good oh
Q:Composite solid wood flooring and laminate flooring their respective pros and cons
Composite solid wood flooring and laminate flooring their respective pros and cons...
Q:What do you think about bamboo floors?
love bamboo floors, i'd get solid bamboo not laminate, the solid bamboo is going to be more durable.
Q:What are the shortcomings of bamboo floor?
Advantages: small color, because the material is not easy to deformation of the crack material is thick, not afraid of water. Intestinal stains spot to do non-do stone storms will be shortcomings: no solid wood flooring all environmental protection. Afraid of scratches. The impact of the sun and humidity will be layered. In addition, bamboo is easy to eat...
Q:Bamboo Flooring... personal experiance, thoughts, & opinions please!?
i sell the stuff and i generally hear back good things, but in some cases like the prior answer the surface strength has been questioned. it is said to be 25% harder than red oak, which in my opinion is not true. a because there are only a few types of wood harder than oak and two bamboo is not a dense as real wood. most bamboo if not all (the stuff i sell is) of it is "engineered" which means it is constructed of pieces of bamboo, its not solid like hardwood is. you may have heard of engineered hardwood, same concept. that may be the reasons for some of the defaults. on the other hand bamboo is beautiful and comes in an array of colors and styles i.e. vertical or horizontal grain. it is "green" bamboo grows back in 4-5 years and is becoming very popular for that reason. youll find that bamboo is around $3-4 ft2, i sell it for $2.50 at menards. same installation as hardwood nail or staple, but it can also be (a) glued down, say onto concrete which hardwood is not able to do, (b) be installed below-grade, meaning in a basement, again hardwood cannot. hope this helps, i would definetley reccommend bamboo
Q:How badly do bamboo floors wear with dogs?
Floors, any natural floors, are only as good as their finish. Follow the manufacturers recommendations and be sure when the finish wears thin, you re coat before any damage is done to the floors.
We supply different sizes of all kinds of bamboo floorings including natural and carbonized, stained and hand scraped, and also strand woven floorings. With a couple of years' professional experiences, we have extended our business lines all over the world, particular in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, with good reputation for upper quality and lower price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Yixing,China
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value Above US$15 Million
Main Markets Europe;North America;Australia;
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai;
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average