2015 Most Popular Oiled Carbonized Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

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$12.00 - 30.00 / m²
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TT or LC
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1500 m²
Supply Capability:
400000m2 m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Description:

oiled carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring


Product feature
Product model : STB-02
Characteristics:   water-proof, sound-proof, moth-proof, colour-resistent, anti-scratched,etc;
Joints:       Tongue and groove (T&G)
Varnish:   Klumpp or treffert
Moisture content:   8-12%
Dimensions:  14*130*1850mm(T&G) 
Formaldehyde emission :  0.15-0.3mg/L(much less E1 standard 1.5mg/L)
Certificates:   CE, ISO9001, IS014001, FSC, CARB II,BV. Etc
Installation:   Glue down or nail down 
Usage range:   Indoor household or commercial 


Company Information

Area of our company: 140,000 sqm.

Number of employees:370 plus (including a highly competitive team of R&D)

Monthly capacity: 400,000 sqm (multiple high tech production lines )

Major bamboo flooring products:1, Strand woven 2, Traditional 3, Decking 4, Accessories. Etc.

Certificate:CE, ISO9001, IS014001, FSC, CARB II, BV. Etc

Sticking to the guideline of quality first, ceaseless progress, relentless perseverance and constant innovation, we are striving to offer you excellent products with competitive price and best customer service.


Why bamboo?

Grow rapidly: Bamboo is the fastest growing grass plant, it only takes about 4-5 years to mature.

Environment friendly: Bamboo is highly renewable & recyclable resource. It is no need to replant after harvesting because the root system ensures that bamboo will re-grow rapidly. Unlike hardwood.

High Hardness: Greater than many woods, including popular flooring choices like oak and maple.



  1. Strict QC all the way from raw material.

  2. Abundant supply of raw material, reliable delivery.

  3. Lock system available, easy to install.

  4. Wide range of models and colors.

  5. Advanced equipment, high capacity.

  6. First class R&D for new products.


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Q:Cleaning Bamboo Flooring?
Dish /wash soap will make the floor sticky.,and even if you rinse off it will leave a residue. I would suggest nice warm water and only two teaspoons white vinegar , nice clean towly cloth and rub hard. You would be amazed how much just warm water cleans on its own, i only use warm water on my floors now and change the wash water often. Please try water only first and your floor will eventually be clean anf free from any cleaning soloutions. By the way i discovered this one day when i had run out of any cleaning stuff. My wooden floors look great and without any smears or sticky residue.
Q:I'd like some feedback concerning bamboo flooring?
Most okorder.com so if you need any additional information on this stop by and chat with me, flooring is what I specialize in and I am happy to help out, no strings attached. Goodluck on your project :)
Q:What do you think about bamboo floors?
Bamboo is really pretty and durable. My parents have some in there home and the only bad thing is they dry out easily, so if you live in a humid area, you should be fine! Also laminate is easier to clean and take care of. They also have some really pretty and real looking wood floor laminate now a days! Good luck!
Q:Home decoration wood floor should be how to choose?
Hello, my husband and I are 80, just married, ready to decorate the house, the living room is the choice of floor tiles, 3 bedrooms ready to use wood flooring. Before thinking is the use of solid wood flooring, but the parents said the floor after the solid wood cleaning and maintenance will be very troublesome, if not properly maintained, then the use of the floor will be shortened, and even long worms. When we are ready to buy reinforced floor, there are friends that solid wood floor to do, that is to strengthen the floor of the number of the human body have a certain impact, plus taking into account the future of the child, and now I really do not know I was Inside the floor, how to choose the ~ attack on the field of crossing the pirates of the theft of algae aldehyde method ~ ~! Hope that experienced friends can tell me support, small autumn in this extremely grateful! The The More...
Q:Tile or Bamboo Floors?
With dogs and a baby (especially the dog) I'd get the tile. VERY easy to clean. This way you can also get the new kitchen countertops!
Q:Would you like to use bamboo flooring?
Give you a suggestion! I think it is not suitable for bamboo flooring or wood flooring! Dry weather in the north, I would like to insects Chang Yan Yan Gan like imitation wet stove should not have. But the impact of heat, and "hot up cold", a long time, but a test on the floor! Since the other places floor tiles, it is recommended that you do not bother yourself, are the same is not it? Decoration to worry about things can be more of it, tiles good care, strong, heat Ye Hao, the floor is not practical
Q:The difference between the pressure floor and the bamboo floor. The
Flat pressure better, it is not afraid of wet, not easy to deformation. Wearable
Q:Cleaning Bamboo floors?
I bet it looks awesome. The good thing about bamboo flooring is that you can clean it the way you would hardwood, but it doesn't expand in the same way. It's surprisingly durable and more forgiving in a wet area basically. I would still attend to spills quickly however. Keep cleaning the way you're cleaning, and be sure the mop is well wrung, not dripping wet. (If the floor begins to dry on its own pretty quickly, you're using the right amount of moisture.) If you're noticing a film on the floor using soap, try a vinegar solution instead. (1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water; divide as you need) Sometimes soaps or detergents leave a residue on wood (or bamboo) floors. Stay away from anything too harsh like bleach.
Q:How to remove bamboo flooring
Composite wood floor demolition process is relatively simple, remove the room after the furniture, the use of flat-blade screwdriver will kick the skirting, and then along the edge of the skirting of the corner of the corner pry open and removed, this floor may be damaged, but the other floor It can be completely removed, with a lock structure of the composite wood flooring to follow the long side of the floor out, it would be easier. After the demolition of the composite wood flooring is not retained value, generally have to clear the final appearance will be spread to the floor under the moisture-proof felt opened, the bottom may be wet, then to open the window ventilation, until the ground completely dry and then lay a new floor The Solid wood flooring removal process is more complex, after the demolition of the base line is still from the edge of the corner, the use of hammer from the wooden floor pry out, due to solid wood flooring installed on the wooden keel, pry will have a certain flexibility, Large, but can not use the cutting machine, because the cutting machine is easy to damage the ground and fixed wood keel expansion bolts and sparks. Solid wood flooring removed as far as possible to maintain the integrity of the floor, at present, many large cities have professional recycling solid wood flooring business. The old floor can be processed into a new wood sheet or paper, which can bring the owner of the benefits, reduce the cost of renovation.
Q:Does the bamboo floor contain formaldehyde?
Bamboo flooring is a natural bamboo to engage in the fight forging toddler pedal to help burst burst from gluing together, the surface is a small amount of environmentally friendly paint, plastic and paint are containing formaldehyde, as long as the quality of supervision and inspection in accordance with the provisions of the state on the line...

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