Wood CNC Router 2040

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Product Description:

●With hard steel structure, fit for hard wood working

●With the Vacuum table and dust collector

●Imported high precision ball screw gap, smooth movement, to ensure that the machine tools high-precision.

● Wellknown domestic brands of water cooling brushless spindle, low noise, strong cutting ability, to ensure the long time working.

●High-performance driven motor to ensure that the machine high speed and accuracy.



Travelling size


Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm


X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

Table structure

T-slot vacuum

Spindle power

3 kw water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling speed


Working speed


Dictate Formate

G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt


Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai , ArtCAM software

Driving system

Stepper motor




Nc-studio or DSP off-line controller





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Q:What are the components of a woodworking engraving machine?
Servo system: its main function is to change the pulse signal of the numerical control device into the movement of the moving parts of the woodworking engraving machine, so that the woodworking engraving machine can work according to the instruction of the numerical control device.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine vacuum pump commissioning notes?
1) add bearings, lubrication, oil or grease to the bearings periodically.2) the use of water ring vacuum pump, screw water diversion plug under vacuum pump, filling water. In particular, the mechanical seal of the water ring vacuum pump (2BV, 2BE), restart the motor3) turn off the gate valve and the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine, engraving lines, Y axis, wavy lines, what happened?
The machine is not running smoothly because of poor maintenance of the machine. Engraving machine not to mess with grease, including oil, butter and so on. Engraving machine maintenance to use dedicated network Di oil, net Di oil lubrication, rust prevention, descaling, three effect one. It is the standard oil for engraving machines
Q:What's the trouble when using a woodworking engraving machine? How to overhaul
The motor made a strange noise:Solution: check whether the motor is overloaded; there may exist inside the motor fault, should be timely repair or replacement.
Q:Can woodworking engraving machine punch and open?
Speed mainly depends on the drive motor, spindle power, and the quality of the tool, the three are indispensable.
Q:What is the fastest method of woodworking engraving machine precise positioning?
Whether the woodworking engraving machine is accurate or not will directly affect the beauty of the carving products. So you have to understand what needs to be carved, and then precise positioning.
Q:Why are there some holes and some shallow holes in the woodworking engraving machine?
Engraving machine nose loose. For example: the screw is not fixed firmly, the knife chuck does not grip the processing knife.
Q:What lubrication methods are used in woodworking engraving machines?
Lubrication and cooling of the main shaft tools, usually in the processing of aluminum or acrylic, etc., the pump used for the aerosol pump, that is, the pump lubricating oil or alcohol or water atomized into small particles sprayed on the tool. Play a cooling and lubrication role. If there are any other problems, please contact Nanjing Su Liang lubricating pump.
Q:How much money a small engraving machine
You can buy a straight guide (square gauge) is generally more than 8K (30*40), the general precision engraving machine online bought is not high, that can reach 0.05 in almost all of the relative precision of general high precision engraving machine to reach more than 1.8W (3040), the kind of cast iron, some Taobao stores playing the price is very low, below his production cost, if you ask him he will say no goods, or to wait for a long time. Then let you buy other models of non - iron engraving machines. Buying machines has a lot to say. I use engraving machines, too. Mine is made by myself.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine, how to engrave the double curved arc?
A straight cut is enough, and the other side, in turn, must be fixed.

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