Wood CNC Router 2513

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Product Description:

●.Economical design.

● Cast iron machine bed,cast aluminum gantry,more stable ,not easy to deform.

●.Rack and pinion transmission,linear square guide rail:long life,wear resistant,high precision.

●.Nc-studio control system:can be controled by desktop computer,easy to operate.

●.Artcam design software:can for 3D work.


Strong functions,easy operation,sturdy,realiable performance,rich functions,wide application;for example,plastic plates,wood plate,etc



Travelling size


Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm


X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

Table structure

T-slot  alumium table

Spindle power

6*2.2 kw water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling speed


Working speed


Dictate Formate

G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt


Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai , ArtCAM software

Driving system

Stepper motor




Nc-studio or DSP off-line controller





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Q:How do you make a plaque with a carving machine? Is that the picture like this?
Make reliefSurface engraving is the best
Q:Woodworking engraving machine to determine the depth?
Maximum depth for taper cutter JD-120-0.2-6 in strength can meet the conditions is 1.674mm, under the general situation of 1.5mm. The look-up table can know, JD-90-0.2-6 depth is 2.9mm the biggest taper cutter, generally under 2.7mm.
Q:How can we eliminate the limit alarm of woodworking engraving machine? Is there any way?
In general the new customer problems mostly because the control box above the wood engraving machine emergency stop button is not open, button will trigger the limit signal, the control software will prompt the above limit alarm, we just unscrew the emergency stop button can be solved. It could also be that the control software program is broken and that the control system can be reinstalled.
Q:The cupboard door engraving machine price how much money
Hello, many kinds of engraving machine can do cabinet door, the most suitable is 1325 model three procedures woodworking engraving machine, ordinary 40 thousand or so
Q:How to realize arc plane with 1325 woodworking engraving machine
If you want to cut this figure, the tool path menu has an outline cut, you can adjust the parameters inside, and then generate the path. Finally, output to the engraving machine inside.
Q:Do woodworking carvings feature glass?
The difference in the configuration of the different carved glass must be added a sink.
Q:What's the difference between woodworking engraving machines and stone engraving machines?
In the mechanical design aspect, the engraving machine drives the way to make the difference adjustment, this is because of both work content difference causes. Rack drive mode, large, fast, consistent with the requirements of woodworking engraving accuracy, this requirement is not high, nor strict, but the speed requirements are fast enough, the knife depth is enough. However, because there is a gap between the gears, the engraving machine has a lower precision, but it also meets the requirements of woodworking and processing.
Q:The configuration of woodworking engraving machine
General woodworking engraving machine with good point configuration, with a 450 40B motor, larese 860 driver, Taiwan Silver Genuine Weihong control, linear guide, can meet your requirements
Q:What's the cutting density of woodworking engraving machine? How fast is the best speed?
MDF (English: Medium, Density, Fiberboard (MDF)), also known as fiberboard, is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, and the use of urea formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive made of artificial board. According to its density, it can be divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. Files can be completely separated from the computer, shut down the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve efficiency.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine installation process, machine test method
The method and process of woodworking engraving machine are as follows:1, analysis and cutting materials near the cutting of materials relative cutting function.2, according to the analysis of the relative cutting function, set the amount of cutting and processing parameters, at the moment to set the parameters of the preservation of the point.3, in the processing of CNC engraving machine, investigation processing condition, the cutting condition at the moment can be very light, can also show a big sound, boredom and other abnormal condition.4, adjust the processing parameters and cutting parameters, reach reasonable cutting status and removal power, and then determine the roughing process.5, set the depth bound, processing a simple plane, check the appearance of promoting early reading can meet the demand, and concluded that finishing engagement.

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