Cmax Timber Beam Formwork with Good Quality in Construction

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Timber Beam Wall Formwork Description 

Timber beam wall formwork is used for the concrete pouring of wall. The application of large areas formwork has greatly increased the construction efficiency and reduced the cost. The formwork is made of plywood, which is a coated special plywood using in the formwork systems where high requirements are set on the concrete surface and the times of reuses.Well treated to prevent from water penetration or erosion,so the service life maximally extented.Normally, CNBM timber beam H20 can be used for 4 to 5 years, the exact using time would 


2. Main Features of Timber beam wall formworks

         -Standardized production lines with supply capability :3000m/day, L=6600mm

         -Robust caps at the end of the girders protect against damages

         -In standard thickness, moisture content 10%

         -Shearing force failure load: 40kg

         -Lifespan:4~5 years

3. Timber beam wall formwork Images

4. Timber Beam Wall Formwork Specifications

-convenient for construction 

-easy to control the quality

-easy, rapid and economical


5.FAQ of  Timber Beam Wall Formwork

1) What can we do for you? 

    .We can ensure the quality of the Timber Beam Wall Formwork and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

    .We can provide you the professional technical team.    

    .We can design the artwork for you.    

    . Please feel free to customize.  

2) What about of our after-sale services?

   . Response will be carried out  in 24hours  after receiving any complain or request.

   . If the products are not based on the requirements, there will be the relevant compensations made for you.  


 3) What about the package and shipping time?

    .Packing: wood package and adhesive tape

    .Shipping: We have various shipping ways for our customers, such as express which including TNT,  DHL,  FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc. ; by air/ sea, and we are VIP of these express.  

    .Shipping: by sea

     Shipping time: Normally small orders, it just1week business days to arrive your hand; When comes to the customs declaration, it may need 2weeks.

 4) What promises can be done by us?

   . If interested in Timber-beam Formwork, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE.

   . If printing required, please advise asap because the whole set need much more time to complete.

   . Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us

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Q:The bag straps on both sides of the sealing gel how to do?
Use a leather of the same color to wrap up the problem. Although it doesn't start to look good, it's better than nothing.
Q:Why does our family seal edge fall off, cabinet experience deformation?
After the moisture is dried, it will deform. It is the bad material of the cabinet
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Have the edge of PVC, one or two dollars a meter, with the glue stick you every button down. Aluminum alloy with what glue you are not strong, it is recommended not to use, aluminum alloy will be deformed, and not too sticky.
Q:PVC sealing strip extrusion foam what is the reason?
In addition to some raw materials damp, containing more volatile will cause PVC edge banding in extrusion process will blister, there is a more prone to this phenomenon, namely: lack of thermal stability lead to PVC decomposition bubble. Lack of PVC thermal stability for several reasons: 1. heat stabilizer unqualified or improper selection; 2. heat stabilizer; 3. processing temperature setting is not reasonable, mainly temperature too high; 4. screw extruder of high speed; 5. formula system inside and outside lubrication or collocation unreasonable amount; 6. main raw materials such as stability PVC deficiency. In addition, reasonable mixing processing conditions will greatly reduce the volatile substances in raw materials.
Q:How to seal the edge of panel furniture?
Edge banding machine is not a curve and straight line, well, if not, then hand stick
Q:Cabinet edge quality, how to identify?
Generally divided into two parts, one is the appearance, this is intuitive, the second is to look at the quality of assembly, this is the PVC edge or Aluminum Alloy edge, PVC is adhesive quality, Aluminum Alloy is the first installation slot size is fastened, followed by adhesive, the edge is Aluminum Alloy knowledge, the auxiliary effect of adhesive.
Q:Types of edge banding
ABS resin is one of the most advanced materials in the world at present. The edge banding made of it is not doped with calcium carbonate. After trimming, it appears bright and smooth, and no white phenomenon will appear. However, the market price of ABS resin is about 12800 yuan / ton, and the production cost is higher. In market promotion, the price of PVC banding is about 1 times higher than that of the same specifications. Solid wood finger joint edge banding is mainly used for furniture with veneers. This product is made of adhesive bonded non-woven fabric to increase the strength of the veneer, prevent the burst of the veneers, and connect the finger length to 200 meters / volume, so it can be used continuously on the edge banding machine to improve the work efficiency and trim the edges neatly. The disadvantages of single edge closure are solved.
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
The amount of gum used depends on:Mainly: adhesive, adhesion and quality requirements of products.
Q:Why does my kitchen cabinet door edge strip fall off, and the base board is particle board?
What you call a particle board is what we usually call a shaving board. Generally, the edge of the shaving board is made of PVC sealing strip, and the main function is beautiful, and the moisture and moisture inside the board are contacted and damp, and the chemical gas overflow of the sheet can also be prevented. Edge off the following main reasons: 1. environmental problems caused by high temperature and high humidity; 2. furniture manufacturing when edge glue coating is not uniform; the 3. furniture manufacturing when edge strength is not enough, not pressed; 4. edge gum gum quality, too thin, too little or not uniform, resulting in 5. edge glue quality degumming; no, cause degumming; 6. furniture manufacturing, sealing machine temperature regulation, lead edge glue melting is not ideal. Generally determine the reasons, the edge of the strip will be removed from the back to observe, for your reference, hope to adopt.
Q:Sealing process of furniture integral wardrobe
Hello, my friend has a special machine for sealing edges. Just put the furniture board on the machine and it will be very convenient soon. Typing hard, hope to adopt, plus points Oh, ha ha!

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