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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Water-cooling spindle

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Packaging Detail:Standard Package: Thickness PE Foam inside ,poly film outside, wooden pallet is optional.
Delivery Detail:30 days after receiving down payment


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine
1.Max working speed:8m/min
2.Spindle power:1.5KW water-cooling
3.Spindle speed:6000-24000rpm

R-1618*6-SG CNC Engraving Machine 

Product Description

♦  Reference Picture of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine : 

 R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



♦   Specification of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine  :



Configuration of R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine:

NO.Detail PicturesItemsBrand
 1R-1618*6 CNC Engraving MachineMachine Structure

Cast steel body with aging &  tempering treatment, solid and durable


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

T-Slot Worktable

T-Slot worktable clamp the workpiece directly, suit for small piece, cutting and hollow out processing.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

Water-cooling Spindle

6pcs * 1.5kw Hanqi Water-cooling Spindle


Strong Carving power, high precision, longer service life; 

Adopt grinding technology, can improve the motor concentricity, prolong service life.



R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine

Driving System  

Leadshine Motor set with imported precision bearing, large torque, long working hours. 






X,Y,Z axis drived by Leadshine driver, high resolution and positioning accuracy.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine




X,Y,Z axis adopt Taiwan AHK high precision preload anti-backlash ball screw, screw nut with tracking airtight dust removal device, guarantee the machine precision and service life.


6R-1618*6 CNC Engraving MachineGuide Rail

Y axis adopt Taiwan Hiwin 20mm guide rail;

X axis and Z axis adopts Taiwan Hiwin 20mm 

guide rail, adding scraping devices external and 

dust proof protection, extending the service 

life of the guide rail effectively.


R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



Electrical Component Breaker






Germany Schneider




8Frequency Inverter   




Sunfar Frequency Inverter



9Electrical Compnent Cable

Special shielded cable drag chain special high 

flexible, can bend millions of times, drag chain 

support 150 degrees bend, effectively protect 

the cable.

Approaching Sensor Switch

Dust proof, waterproof & antiseptic

(3 pcs for X,Y and Z axis)

Control System

Weihong System, visualization operation, real- time simulation, pretreatment ability

Software Available

Artcam, Alphacam, Type 3, etc.

CAD/CAM software compatible, identify G code, *.NC.

Collect6 peice



R-1618*6 CNC Engraving Machine



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Q:Have you ever bought a second-hand woodworking engraving machine? It's only been used for more than one year
First explain the configuration and price, right I want to contact me.
Q:How can the path of woodworking engraving machine be changed step by step?
Path translation is to change the location of the path in the page, select the processing path in the menu bar [path transformation] command, pop up the path change dialog box, and select the path translation function as shown.You can set the offset for X, Y, and Z, and click OK to complete the operation. Path rotation means that the path is rotated at an angle from an axis, and the 3D transformation of the path effect is realized. Select the processing path / path transformation command, the pop-up path change dialog box, and select the path rotation function as shown. Pick up a line, change the rotation angle, click the OK button to complete the operation.
Q:How to deal with the dust of woodworking engraving machine?
With the development of woodworking and woodcarving industry, the application of woodworking engraving machine is more and more widespread. It is considered that a single manual operation has gradually turned to automatic work. However, in the woodworking engraving machine in the process of an important issue has been plagued by the engraving machine engraving machine manufacturers and users, in the process will produce a lot of dust, although the vast majority of woodworking engraving machine is equipped with a suction device, but it did not fundamentally solve the problem of dust, the dust generated carving machine portal is woodworking engraving machine to deal with the problem analysis:
Q:1325 what does "1325" mean in woodworking machines?
Woodworking engraving machine according to the applicable industry, there are different sizes, while the 1325 woodworking engraving machine is suitable for most woodworking industry equipment. So what does 1325 specifically mean? In fact, 1325 refers to the processing size of the table surface, that is, the size of the actual processing. 13 finger width is 1.3 meters, and 25 refers to the length is 2.5 meters.
Q:What should I pay attention to when purchasing woodworking engraving machine?
Sign the contract with the engraving machine manufacturerIn the decision after the purchase, the first thing to do is to sign a contract with our sales staff, the contract shall indicate the purchase of the aircraft, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery methods, elements of training method, the warranty terms, and terms of payment. After the contract is signed, the deposit must be paid in accordance with the contract (except for stock).
Q:What brand of woodworking computer engraving machine is good?
Look at the size of woodworking engraving machines. The type and power of woodworking engraving machines should be chosen according to the business requirements and financial conditions. The price and application are different. Generally small format engraving machine has 600 mm * 600 mm and 600 mm * 900 mm two kinds, feed width is generally 700 mm. If it is necessary to engrave double color swatches, small format engraving machine is the most basic application, and its receptivity is very good. If a little bit smaller, carving machine and its price is not much difference, but the carving of two colored swatches also need to cut board, it does not bother to say that it will cause unnecessary waste. Engraving machine large format 1200 mm x 1200 mm, 2000 mm x 1500 mm, 1500 mm x 2400 mm and 2400 mm x 3000 mm four, into the Department of engraving machine these models the width of more than 1350mm, now organic glass and PVC board on the market size is 1300mm * 2400mm, so the models of demand for large format engraving machine is suitable for customers
Q:How to save the woodworking engraving machine and read the origin of the workpiece?
Read the origin of the workpiece:Reads the preset workpiece origin coordinate value and quickly returns to the default origin of the read artifact. After you read the origin of the workpiece, use the back job origin command to return to the default artifact origin.
Q:The cupboard door engraving machine price how much money
Hello, many kinds of engraving machine can do cabinet door, the most suitable is 1325 model three procedures woodworking engraving machine, ordinary 40 thousand or so
Q:Precautions for woodworking engraving machines
CNC woodworking engraving machine theoretical basis: training work must begin from the theoretical training, operators must pass the theoretical examination, the actual training can be carried out below. If the theoretical training has not been adopted, it is very difficult to conduct operational training.
Q:How should the cutters of the engraving machine be distinguished?
Flat knife is woodworking engraving machine most commonly used tool, can process PVC, acrylic, wood, nonferrous metals and so on.

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