Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

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Product Description:

Band Saw Machine


Main Structure Of The Machine:

 The machine is made of box body,main spindle assembly,rising-falling etc.

 Use Of The Machine:

 It is applided for re-processing camber side and the special shape side. It also can do beeline and bevel edge process,

 make different shapes of wood line with template. It is widely used in woodworking furniture and

Regular Packing:

 With our normal packing (pearl wool), wooden case need add money

  Woodworking Milling Machine Series(Spindle Moulder)




Sliding table max distance


Adjustable width of sliding table


Max milling thickness


Dia. Of cutter spindle


Rotary speed of cutter spindle


Height of main spindle lift


Size of worktable


Motor power / Voltage frequency

4kw(5.5HP) / 380V 50Hz

Weight of machine


Overall dimensions (L×W×H)

























Technical Specification of DJ1000:


1) Sawing capacity (without rotation) (web height x flange width):

Max. 1000 x 500 mm

Min. 200 x 75 mm


2) Saw blade size (mm):

Thickness: 1.6  Width: 54  Length: 8500


3) Saw blade linear speed (m/min): 20~100


4) Working table height (mm): about 800


5) Sawing feeding speed: Controlled by the programe


6) Rotation angle: 0°~45°


7) Main motor power (kW): 11


8) Hydraulic motor power (kW):5.5


9Main clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r): 160


10) Front clamping hydraulic motor (ml/r): 160


11) Dimension of the machine: about 4050 x 2300 x 2700mm


12) Weight of the machine (kg): about 9000


13) Working temperature: 00C ~ 400C


Power: Three phase four wire system

AC Voltage: 380V

Fluctuation of voltage±10%

Frequency50 HZ


Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

Sliding Table Wood Working Milling Machine

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Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Have the edge of PVC, one or two dollars a meter, with the glue stick you every button down. Aluminum alloy with what glue you are not strong, it is recommended not to use, aluminum alloy will be deformed, and not too sticky.
Q:Hong Fei edge edge machine always stop machine
Not ah, this machine does not understand, it will not make the technology is not in place, definitely
Q:Can I change the edge of the furniture? How do I operate it?
Edge paint free plate can be changed, you go to the edge of paint free plate sales shop together with the choice of color and width, bought the white glue or adhesive sticker on it, but the welt is a live, they don't stick.
Q:What kind of glue should be used for sealing edges of furniture?
The furniture edge banding adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially used for sealing edges of artificial board. It is a solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive.Types of furniture edge banding adhesiveEVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin) base hot melt adhesive, this hot melt adhesive can be divided into two types of filler and no filler. EVA as the base material is the most common furniture edge banding adhesive production technology, its main limitation is the poor heat resistance. With EVA hot melt adhesive edge of the use of plate furniture, ambient temperature can not be higher than 120 degrees C;POL YAMIDE (polyamide) based hot melt adhesive, which has excellent heat resistance and fast curing characteristics, the main drawback is expensive.HMPU (polyurethane) base hot melt adhesive, it is the best type of hot melt adhesive, high quality plate edge guarantee. It is expensive and requires a special method of use.
Q:How to seal the wall on the floor tile?
Floor tiles on the wall sealing method: you can use gray grinding, can also be installed on the ceiling, will be covered above.Edge banding: it is mainly used for pasting and decorating the edges of solid wood furniture, and can only be operated by hand. Paste wood edge adhesive is a water-soluble adhesive or strong adhesive paste, as long as the edge of the plate profile is flat on the line, there is no specific requirements in the environmental temperature.Because wood is a hygroscopic material, the influence of water content will be affected by the outside temperature and humidity changes, therefore, the choice of adhesive should be based on the seasonal changes and moisture diffusion and penetration requirements.Only by mastering the adhesive selection, in order to make the edge plate through the wood fiber to form cement penetration rivet good fixation "". In addition, furniture decorated with wooden edging strips must be painted with surface paint.
Q:Notes on the application of hot melt adhesive for furniture
1. always check the rubber roller surface, remove impurities, and ensure uniform coating;2. always adjust the temperature of the temperature control system;3., the temperature should be reduced by 30-40 degrees during the working interval;4. when the environment and material temperature is near 15 degrees, the temperature of the upper roller should be set at 215 degrees, and the temperature of the groove should be set to 210 degrees centigrade;5. unused hot melt glue should be sealed to avoid contamination and moisture absorption.
Q:Which is better, the furniture edge, the button strip and the edge banding strip?
Each one has his good points, edging good-looking but easy to fall off; buckle out but firm bonding
Q:When the carpet is cut, what edge can be used? The needle and thread can not be used and can not be worn.
Go to the garage. Where is the sewing machine. Usually 10 yuan per meter.
Q:Is it easy to use an edge seal? Which one is better than a nail free glue?
Do not use glue gun, save labour, save time, quick drying, stronger than nail glue, high quality environmental protection product
Q:How to correctly use furniture edge hot melt adhesive
The use of edge sealing adhesive should first be divided into machine, manual machine - low temperature edge banding adhesive. Semi automatic machine - medium temperature glue, automatic machine - high temperature edge banding glue; and there is to choose the appropriate glue according to the thickness of the edge banding, the season and environment will also affect the use of edge banding adhesive.

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