China Manual Edge Banding Machine

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Description of China Manual Edge Banding Machine

This Kind of Manual Edge Banding Machine is our main product of Edge Banding Machine Series. With comprehensive range ,it includes  automatic edge banding machine, semi-auto edge banding machine ,automatic shaped edge banding machine and so on .As an important process in panel furniture and cabinet making process ,edge banding takes a great role in determining  the quality ,price and level of furniture. Edge banding process will embellish the profile of furniture, protect the corner from wearing out, avoid the veneer lifting, while transferring and using. Besides, edge banding is also a way to proof water and harmful air, which may destroy our health .VE series edge banding machine is able to process chipboard, MDF board, and other manmade board with with PVC, melamine and veneer .We produce kinds of edge banding machines to meet different needs of our consumers. 


Advantages of China Manual Edge Banding Machine

1. Easy operation.It can band the straight edge;

2. Feedstock use the frequency transformer to adjust the speed;

3. Having the auxiliary heating to ensure the glue flows smoothly;

4. Woodworking Edge binding Machine with special design for glue systems, structural stability, long service life, coating uniformity and it will not leak glue ;

5. Multi-functional, can adapt to a variety of materials and sizes to provide a straight edge inside the arc, outside the arc, with curves and with circle;

6. Automatically controls heat to reach set temperatures.Speed control can adjust banding speed to work at your pace.


Specifications of China Manual Edge Banding Machine

Manual Edge Banding Machine


Package Details

wooden case of Manual Edge Banding Machine


Manual Edge Banding Machine

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Q:Do you have an edge seal for each contract?
Edge seal chapter for the contract inside the page is not replaced, if the contract is also a small number, each page has a signature, it does not seal the chapter is also ok.
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Have the edge of PVC, one or two dollars a meter, with the glue stick you every button down. Aluminum alloy with what glue you are not strong, it is recommended not to use, aluminum alloy will be deformed, and not too sticky.
Q:Does the white oil mixing wooden door need paint edge sealing on the bottom?
You're not right.Molded door hollow, a vent hole communicated with the upper and lower middle pier.The standard construction shall be the back cover paint. Thus, the sealing surface of the sealing surface of the closed molded surface and the skeleton is prevented.
Q:Is there an environmentally friendly adhesive tape?
White latex can be sealed. Very environmentally friendly.
Q:12 mm sunshine board with what specifications of edge banding?
The color can be customized, common transparent, blue, blue, green. Commonly used double hollow structure. Upscale sunlight board price is in 50~80 yuan.
Q:How about semi-automatic edge board running?
Adjust the alignment plate or adjust the sprocket before the professionals do not move. This is not so easy to adjust.
Q:Why is PVC banding strip leaded?
Yes, we export products that satisfy ROHSGeneral manufacturers have substitutes.
Q:Melamine laminate veneer how edge?
With the edge, it depends on what you want style edge, general furniture edge with PVC glue, if you want some noble, with Aluminum Alloy edge, you can go to specific Chinese edge network to see, there are the general steps of edge!
Q:Solid wood flooring is necessary waterproof paint edge?
Solid wood flooring is generally not waterproof, but do not need to paint, you can regularly play a layer of floor wax, protect the floor.Before construction, solid wood flooring is best placed in advance in a well ventilated place, open the packing box, ventilate. We should pay more attention to the ventilation problems in the construction of the rainy season, so you can release the floor painting taste; can also minimize the rainy weather brought to the damp wooden floors, reduce the possible deformation, drum and Fengkuan is like when in use.In the wooden floor paved the best in use for a period of time after waxing, also called wax. In this way, the moisture remaining in the construction can be evaporated as much as possible. Extend the service life of the floor.Finally, when laying large core board, the wooden keel should be used to level the ground, and the wool board is divided into blocks, and each floor space is provided with 1cm seams, so that the moisture on the ground surface is easy to be distributed, and the wooden floor can be prevented from bulging. Clean the ground residual soil residue, may be appropriate to sprinkle some insect repellant, in order to prevent regeneration insects.
Q:Sealing process of furniture integral wardrobe
Hello, there are full automatic edge banding machine and manual edge sealing machine 2, general small factory is made of about 100 thousand of the automatic edge sealing machine, manual edge sealing machine is used to seal the irregular edge. After adjusting the machine, directly put the board on the seal, you can, after the seal can repair side repair color, but the panel furniture is to see the edge, the edge is good, it can also sell a good price. Talk to me, jeanspi whole wardrobe.
We are the first enterprise in woodworking industry in China that has passed the ISO9000 International Quality System Verification. It is also the scientific and technological enterprise of Shanghai, which keeps contract and faith with self import & export right.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai, China
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value US$ 150 Million
Main Markets 30.00% Europe
40.00% North America
30.00% Southeast Asia; Mid East
Company Certifications CE; ISO 9001

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High