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edge bander machine

his kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.


Manual PVC Wooden Edge Banding Machine

Belt thickness


Banding Width


Min banding diameter


Feed speed


Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels

Advantages and Features

1. portable model;

2. can work on straight edges like inside the arc or out side the arc or circle.

3. New glue extraction system ensuring glue evenly applied to tapes;

4.Short time for warming up around 5-7 minutes;

5. Larger glue tank with litte increase on machine weight;

6. Adjustable feeding speed, feeding tape at speed around 2-6 meters per minute;

7. Longer working life due to improvements on the components;

8. Suitable for low temperature hot-melt glue (below 200 degree C)

9. All electric components are UL and CSA certificated.

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Q:Melamine density board how hand affixed edge strip?
Ordinary glue, hair dryer, edge banding: plate first blowing heat, edge banding and plates are coated with glue, the corner of the heat blowing edge banding.Shanghai plastic decorative material Co., Ltd.Shanghai plastic edge sealing strip adopts imported production equipment and raw materials. The product is green, non-toxic, tough and good, and the product edges and face are of the same color. It has anti oxidation and anti ultraviolet effect. Mainly suitable for high-grade furniture, cabinets, doors, bedroom suites, office series, according to the product specification or customer requirements to provide a variety of sizes, thickness can range from 0.6mm to 8mm, the width from 9 mm to 180 mm.
Q:How to seal the opening of the cabinet?
Cabinet? If it is a circular hole can be used for special edge edge, if the square hole is required in the basis of edge banding on sealed glass glue.
Q:Can the reinforced edge of the raft foundation be mechanically connected?
There are two kinds of edge banding: 1, longitudinal reinforcement, bent hook and interlaced edge banding. 2, U rib structure edge banding methodIn the first type, the bottom and top longitudinal bars shall be staggered 150. After that, a side structure steel bar shall be attached to the two interlaced bent hooks. Therefore, the design shall be considered as the way of sealing the edges
Q:How can the wooden paint free edge be sealed? What are the requirements of the carpenter, need the edge of the machine, or use a special sticker affixed to the edge of it?
Solid wood paint free edge, you can use the same color of plastic strips or solid wood lines brush paint to close the edge, these two are the most common way to edge. Plastic strip edge convenient and simple process, but because of the use of wood and glue bonding, so the probability of loss is very large; the use of wood folding edge, the price is too expensive, complex process, the construction workers demanding, but very practical, but also very durable.The construction of plastic strips has little demand for the workers. As long as they are careful, they are required; but the solid wood line requires a higher level for the workers. They must be careful in painting and fixing the lines.Specific to see what they like, practical edge to pick up, it is recommended to use solid wood lines, the best edge, but should pay attention to good paint palette.
Q:With full automatic tracking edge sealing machine, that is, curves and straight lines can be "edge banding" mean?
For tracking automatic edge banding machine generally cover a thick edge, the price is relatively high
Q:12 mm sunshine board with what specifications of edge banding?
The sun in color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue routine specifications: 2.1m (W) * 6m (length), thickness: 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm three layer: thickness: 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 16.0mm, 18.0mm panel color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue General specifications: 1.22/1.56/1.82/2.1M (width) *30M (length), thickness: 1.0-15.0MM such as a large quantity, color and specifications can be customized according to requirements of aluminum strip is mainly used for fixed joints between PC plates, screws, with waterproof tape and EPDM tape to the water leakage effect, effective and beautiful appearance, long service life, no corrosion of the plate. Mainly used for closing sun plate sealing ends, prevent dust, rain, worms into the hole, material life and beauty!
Q:How about the east edge banding machine?
Extremely East, liar! When buying, said he was South Korea imports, in fact, counterfeit domestic goods, not their own factoriesFortunately, it means three domestic brands. Please enjoy yourselfColleagues said Nan Xing woodworking, Yongqiang, Ma.
Q:Detailed steps of edge sealing and veneer overlaying in furniture production
The answer to the 80home fashion furniture is very standardPlate sanding refers to the customer will need to add the wood edge or due to stitching caused by surface roughness of substrate enough through the wide breadth sanding machine for sanding processing, mainly in order to achieve the purpose of smooth surface for hot pressing plate is not uniform throughout the compression of thick sand is light foaming. An attached sander function, sometimes plate thickness does not meet the regular customer needs, only by sanding again and again to reduce the thickness of the thickness of demand until close to the customer so far. Because the accurate thickness of sanding machine can be accurate to about 10S, so with the caliper can reach the thickness of purpose.A process is in fact in the preparation of the veneer veneer veneer cutting industry. Because of the impact of natural conditions, the conventional width veneer are generally restricted in a dozen centimeters (some more narrow, of course there are some more wide), so must pass before veneer and veneer edge stitching, there will be a lot of white edge (also is the color difference and the middle) if you do not cut off together will be very ugly, in order to make the stitching seam is not too obvious to do so to seal, then as long as two edges to splice line can be better. There are special cutting veneer veneer cutting general machine, cutting machine blade length of two or three meters, basically can satisfy the needs of
Q:What kind of beam is an edge banding beam?
First of all, the edge beam refers to the outer edge of the cantilever plate and the beam connected to the beam. As shown in the following figure:Turn left and turn right |Types of beams:1, from the function, structure of beam, such as foundation beam and frame beam, column, and the vertical load-bearing walls constitute component space structures; structural beams, such as beam, beam, continuous beam, the crack resistance and seismic stability and constructive role.2, in accordance with the beam structure engineering attributes can be divided into: frame beam and shear wall supported by frame beam and frame beam, beam, masonry wall beam, masonry lintel beams, shear wall, shear wall, shear wall frame beam beam.3, from the construction process, there are cast-in-place beams, prefabricated beams and so on.
Q:How does Genesis seal edges and how to cheat scripts?
If you don't, you have to study. Two main points1. Learn how to use the programming language2, in terms of edge, you have a set of programs for the use of Genesis software? It is good to write the corresponding program directly to the common character of your bandingBut I guess you can't do anything yet Otherwise, I wouldn't ask such a question. I hope my answer will be helpful to you

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