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edge bander machine

his kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.


Manual PVC Wooden Edge Banding Machine

Belt thickness


Banding Width


Min banding diameter


Feed speed


Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels

Advantages and Features

1. portable model;

2. can work on straight edges like inside the arc or out side the arc or circle.

3. New glue extraction system ensuring glue evenly applied to tapes;

4.Short time for warming up around 5-7 minutes;

5. Larger glue tank with litte increase on machine weight;

6. Adjustable feeding speed, feeding tape at speed around 2-6 meters per minute;

7. Longer working life due to improvements on the components;

8. Suitable for low temperature hot-melt glue (below 200 degree C)

9. All electric components are UL and CSA certificated.

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Q:What edge does solid wood cabinet use?
If it is log, good wood does not use edge banding. Of course, can also use the line edge.
Q:Cabinet edge quality, how to identify?
Generally divided into two parts, one is the appearance, this is intuitive, the second is to look at the quality of assembly, this is the PVC edge or Aluminum Alloy edge, PVC is adhesive quality, Aluminum Alloy is the first installation slot size is fastened, followed by adhesive, the edge is Aluminum Alloy knowledge, the auxiliary effect of adhesive.
Q:What kind of material does furniture plate edge banding use, that is beautiful and beautiful?
The methods used in modern panel furniture are edge banding, special edge sealing (soft molding, edge banding) and post molding edge banding. One of the most commonly used is linear edge banding.Used as a sealing material: as long as the substrate strip or ribbon, can be pasted on the surface, can be trimmed or milling processing with woodworking tools can be used. Such as wood, paper, plastic, fiber, and some composite materials. There are commonly used wood, veneer, veneer with back lining paper tape, impregnated with continuous edge roll belt and PVC tape etc..1, ordinary PVC wood grain banding strip: at present, domestic furniture edge banding generally use PVC grain edge banding, but its quality is very unstable, after trimming the color difference is obvious, but also easy to aging and fracture.2, ABS edge banding: new edge banding material, has been adopted by a small number of high-end brands, its advantages are:(1) raw materials are exquisite, high purity, environmental protection and pollution-free;(2) using single extrusion and four-color printing process, the texture is clear, natural color, different from the homemade transfer membrane process;(3) the surface has anti-wear layer, good wear resistance, not easy to fade, not easy to corrosion;(4) raw materials contain additives, the color is stable, ultraviolet light will not change color, and after trimming the cross section color will not have obvious color difference;(5) good flexibility, even if the seal is small in the radius of the plate, it will not break wood phenomenon;(6) good dimensional stability, not excessive shrinkage or expansion due to temperature difference;(7) after sealing, the seam is the smallest;(8) the edge banding strip will shine when it is used for a period of time, but will not stick to dust and will not blacken.
Q:On the whole wardrobe density board edge problem, found that the overall wardrobe to buy a lot of partitions are no edge, I want to take down and deal with it, brush varnish OK?
Formaldehyde release, you are sealed on those sides also useless, the key is that you buy when you must make sure what standards manufacturers use. Domestic standard E1 E2 is no problem. Formaldehyde in the sheet is a chronic release that can last up to 15 years.
Q:Why does my fully automatic edge sealing machine seal a thick MDF, half of the board has glue, and half does not have the problem of removing the board?
The reason is: with the glue solution sheet caused by vertical shaft, said transfer rail and rubber shaft bottom is not vertical, processing method depends on the structure of your machine, sealing machine with glue pot verticality adjusting device, adjust side pasting shaft and plate perfectly achieve the purpose of uniform coating can.Full automatic sealing machine, sealing machine is a kind of text which belongs to woodworking machinery. Wood machinery. Edge machine name is used for edge to use. But the edge program highly automated. To complete the face conveyor in the glue - shaped edge cutting head - on - before and after trimming -- on finishing the edge of upper and lower scraping - polishing process of many.
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Kraft wood veneer, I hope to help you ~!
Q:What is the cabinet edge?
Is the cabinet door around four sides, mainly to see the door what material is the edge, general Aluminum Alloy is the most common, but this kind of easy sealing seam, long time will be difficult to take care of grease.Now here in Shanghai a little better cabinets, are sealing material and door panels are made of the same materials, such as paint door, the edge is together baking, so there is no gap, easy care, will not let the formaldehyde inside the cabinet door release.
Q:Melamine panels can be hand sealing it? No machine edge... Is it OK?
At present, there is no substitute for PVC edge banding products.
Q:Do the overall wardrobe, piecework wages can count to how many square meters, blanking, edge banding, drilling, all the procedures should be considered?
Probably the total labor cost is 380 yuan per square meter. The material is at 140 yuan per flat
Q:Method for using small-sized edge banding machine
NB7C? What about that one? The south is 60C. or 60CY at the beginning of the hindu.

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