CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

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Description of CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine


(1) Automatic edge banding machine, with functions of gluing, pressing, cutting, end cutting, fine trimming, scraping, buffing .

(2) Its structure is compact and have a reasonable disposition. It works steadily and operates safely.

(3)It adopt the imported original electrical machinery, each performance is better.

(4)It is adjustable. The machine adopts the devices of sound insulation, controlling of dust, prevent the overloading, auxiliary frame electrical adjusted.

(5) Blow up and down the side, surface polishing up and down and so on.


Specification of CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine


Edge Banding Machine


Advantages of CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine


1. Trim equipment with double trim-blades works on the waved effect that is caused by precise dimersicen saw.

2. The glue mechanism adopt a special structure to gelatinize the plates and coating materials uniformly, ensure a more solid conglutination.

3. End-trimming mechanism through a precise guide track movement, adopt automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the cutting surface smoothly.

4. Rough/fine trimming mechanism used for repairing the excess edge materials, adopt automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structure to ensure the trimming plates smoothly.

5. Profiling unit, to make board end smooth and aesthetic.


Main Functions of CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine


Edge Banding Machine


Packing of CNC Automatic Edge Banding Machine


 edge banding machine

 edge banding machine

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Q:How do you fix the side of the shaving board sealed by hand edge sealing machine?
Edge trimming method for sealed shaving board by hand edge sealing machine:1, with the art knife, the excess edge banding neatly cut off.2. Use a professional trimming machine to trim and polish both sides. If there is no professional trimming machine, you can also use the art knife along the edge of the plate down 15 degrees, the sides of the width of the edge of the plate cut off.3, the use of cloth or sandpaper to wipe the edges, smooth surface, be careful not to scratch the surface.
Q:Arc platform how edge? Urgently!!!
My house is platform of arc, as is the use of solid wood board, so the platform is on the edge of the floor slightly out of one centimeter, put out the floor into the arc, edge grinding can be, no seal, I wonder if this method is suitable for you?
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
Generally speaking, the cost of hot melt adhesive for edge banding machine is very small, so few manufacturers will make statistics on it. I checked all the basic data I had about the furniture factory and didn't find it.I asked a friend who was doing hot melt, he said, at about 2 grams. For your reference.
Q:South Hing edge machine before the block after the action no action to repair block
Without action, it is necessary to consider whether the cutter position sensor is out of order, whether the rear tool running limit stroke, the switch is faulty and whether the air control system is leaking or depressed. When maintaining, make sure the sensor resistance is within the normal range, the switch is opened and closed properly, and the gas path pressure is normal. If there is an exception, you can change the corresponding parts directly.Edge sealing machine is a kind of woodworking machinery, which belongs to solid wood machinery. The edge function complete face conveyor type of glue - cutting edge abnormity - block - up and down before and after trimming on the edge - finishing on scraping - polishing and many other processes.
Q:Is it easy to use an edge seal? Which one is better than a nail free glue?
Edge sealing spirit is an aquatic product. The initial adhesive force and weather resistance are different from those of nail free gum.
Q:What is the PVC banding strip for?
The utility model is mainly used for sealing edges of furniture, and can play the role of beauty and protection
Q:Why is PVC banding strip leaded?
Colored or colored; may addIn addition, PVC has lead when it is formed so that it is convenient for operation
Q:My straight line edge sealing machine just started in one or two hours trip, and then the interval is getting shorter and shorter, and now a hop on the hop, what's the matter?
Hello, according to the above, there may be a stator problem, leakage caused. It is possible that the protector is not large enough to meet the demand of power supply
Q:Melamine panels can be hand sealing it? No machine edge... Is it OK?
At present, there is no substitute for PVC edge banding products.
Q:How can the wooden paint free edge be sealed? What are the requirements of the carpenter, need the edge of the machine, or use a special sticker affixed to the edge of it?
Solid wood paint free edge, you can use the same color of plastic strips or solid wood lines brush paint to close the edge, these two are the most common way to edge. Plastic strip edge convenient and simple process, but because of the use of wood and glue bonding, so the probability of loss is very large; the use of wood folding edge, the price is too expensive, complex process, the construction workers demanding, but very practical, but also very durable.The construction of plastic strips has little demand for the workers. As long as they are careful, they are required; but the solid wood line requires a higher level for the workers. They must be careful in painting and fixing the lines.Specific to see what they like, practical edge to pick up, it is recommended to use solid wood lines, the best edge, but should pay attention to good paint palette.
We are the first enterprise in woodworking industry in China that has passed the ISO9000 International Quality System Verification. It is also the scientific and technological enterprise of Shanghai, which keeps contract and faith with self import & export right.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai, China
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value US$ 150 Million
Main Markets 30.00% Europe
40.00% North America
30.00% Southeast Asia; Mid East
Company Certifications CE; ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High