Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

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Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

This kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.It is much high speeded.

Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels


Curved Edge Banding Machine

Double Surface gluer, It is optional for end trimming function

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Q:Manual edge sealing machine price
There is a Shunda machine to do the straight line edge sealing machine, the quality is good, used for 8 years.
Q:PVC sealing strip extrusion foam what is the reason?
Raw material needs drying
Q:Cabinet edge quality, how to identify?
Generally divided into two parts, one is the appearance, this is intuitive, the second is to look at the quality of assembly, this is the PVC edge or Aluminum Alloy edge, PVC is adhesive quality, Aluminum Alloy is the first installation slot size is fastened, followed by adhesive, the edge is Aluminum Alloy knowledge, the auxiliary effect of adhesive.
Q:12 mm sunshine board with what specifications of edge banding?
The sun in color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue routine specifications: 2.1m (W) * 6m (length), thickness: 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm three layer: thickness: 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 16.0mm, 18.0mm panel color: transparent / Blue / Green / White / Brown / Blue General specifications: 1.22/1.56/1.82/2.1M (width) *30M (length), thickness: 1.0-15.0MM such as a large quantity, color and specifications can be customized according to requirements of aluminum strip is mainly used for fixed joints between PC plates, screws, with waterproof tape and EPDM tape to the water leakage effect, effective and beautiful appearance, long service life, no corrosion of the plate. Mainly used for closing sun plate sealing ends, prevent dust, rain, worms into the hole, material life and beauty!
Q:Notes on the application of hot melt adhesive for furniture
There are several analyses:1, too much glue, so it will overflow, usually 1mm thickness enough.2. sticky, it may be the temperature is not sure. Try more than one trial.3., there is probably one of the largest, the quality of glue is too bad.
Q:What's the meaning of the "environmentally friendly edible wax" seal written on the wooden floor?
The floor is wood pulp after treatment of wax exposed edges, is moisture-proof, not afraid of water.
Q:Melamine laminate veneer how edge?
PVC edge banding can be used, edge banding, automatic edge banding machine is more simple.
Q:Please tell me how to adjust the thickness of edge banding. Also help to explain the R knife, profiling wheel, taper wheel, and the side pressure wheel. Thank you very much
Hello, first of all thank you for your trust in me. According to your question, I simply said I understand the edge banding machine knowledge, incorrect place, please forgive me. You are using automatic linear edge banding machine is right, edgeband thickness regulating tape feed mechanism need (mainly for guiding), horizontal sliding seat trim on the (horizontal / back), in order to get the ideal arc R. R R and R knife cutter blade, the knife edge is concave arc shape, the arc cutting edge is the tool, the tool will have different arcs in different sizes, most edge machine is used R2 arc, and the different is flat repair knife, the blade is flat, no arc. The profiling wheel is actually the vertical datum of the tool. When the plate is moving, the copying wheel is tightly attached to the plate to ensure the cutting accuracy of the cutting edge. You said that the taper wheel is not the part of the coating or the trimming part. If it is the part of the coating, the two cone wheels are usually set for the purpose of compacting the edge of the edge band with the upper and lower sides. When it comes to trimming, it works the same way as the copying wheel, unlike the copying wheel because it is a horizontal benchmark used to control the amount of cutting in the horizontal direction of the tool. Method of adjusting a lot of details, here is not to say, the general idea is that you can use a long plate, the section saw Qi, not sticky glue edgeband, so he went to the middle of the machine and then stopped, and then the profiling wheel and baroclinic wheel by flat plate to adjust the locking position then, on both sides of the cutting tool is adjusted to the sheet, cutting size can according to production needs to adjust. I don't know if I can help you with anything. It's always difficult to express it. I hope it will help you!
Q:Why 3D wooden door up and down without edge?
Because the wood is in need of air flow in it ~ ~ if the top and bottom are closed, and that door is easy to deformation ~ ~ ~ my home is the door of 3D ~ ~ good ~ ~!
Q:Wood composite wooden door, both sides of the paint sealing it?
Baking paint doors can be painted with primer primer, invisible

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