Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

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Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

This kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.It is much high speeded.

Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels


Curved Edge Banding Machine

Double Surface gluer, It is optional for end trimming function

Belt thickness


Belt width


Min. belt diameter


Max. measurement length


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Air pressure


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Q:Please tell me how to adjust the thickness of edge banding. Also help to explain the R knife, profiling wheel, taper wheel, and the side pressure wheel. Thank you very much
Not far from the glue pot, there is a digital mechanical manual adjustment handle. It can be adjusted to 1-4 mm thickness according to the thickness of edge banding. Be careful。 Now buy the edge of the market are not thick enough,.1 mm, are 0.8 or 0.9. Turn it down, please
Q:Is the back panel of the cabinet also sealed?
The bracket of the cabinet body is provided with an installation groove, and the back board is inserted into the groove without edge sealing
Q:40Cm thick raft, straight through 12 steel double double direction, outer edge steel reinforcement length
Remove the upper and lower protective layer, bend the ribs upward, bend the gluten, bend and fold the 150mm
Q:Where is the construction of the unsupported end plate in the 11G101-1P95 page?
Where does 11G101-1 apply to the structure of the top of the foundation?Moreover, many of the structures applied to the foundation are also suitable for foundation, raft raft and no edge banding
Q:Integrated ceiling sealing edge role, not surrounded by edge can be?
The edge sealing plays the role of beauty and fixing the buckle plate. It is best not to have much trouble.
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Kraft wood veneer, I hope to help you ~!
Q:Floor banding how to install, please expert pointing
Edge banding is used in wood floor or around the edges and corners of the place, the use of conventional edge 45*45 of the wood edge thickness is 6mm; and 45*45 Aluminum Alloy edgebanding. Use 4*25 or 4*30 stainless steel self tapping screw, the distance between the screw and the screw is about 35cm. Edge banding, installation, splicing must also stay 5~6mm gap, corner corner of the best installation, so that both beautiful and difficult to deformation.Install sealing strip must be fixed screw before using a pistol drill guide eye, the size is larger than the lead screw diameter slightly smaller, in the edge on the eye, you must use the wind cone drill head and groove, so that the screw is screwed into the slot, so that the surface is flat.
Q:When installing the cabinet, does the cut Lushuihe board need edge banding?
Yes, it needs to be dealt with, because the cut on the spot is made by hand, and it is not smooth, so it is difficult to seal the edges. Therefore, it is safest to use glass glue. But this method is only temporary useful, glass glue is valid for a limited period, a few months after the gradual failure, is not appropriate, so it is not recommended to use.
Q:Why does my fully automatic edge sealing machine seal a thick MDF, half of the board has glue, and half does not have the problem of removing the board?
There may be too low glue temperature will not glue, resulting in one side has glue, one side without glue
Q:Huali woodworking machinery automatic sealing machine 105 do well?
Machines can be, but good adjustment and stability of the machine

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