portable edge banding machine

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Product Description:

Our core product us a series of portable edge bander .Our portable edge bander can band wook pieces at different shapes : straight, curved,bevel,circles,arcs...and can accept various tapes such as melamine tape,wooden veneer,pvc tape... The portable edge bander is light and flexible. It can be fixed to a stand to work as a traditional edge bander and it can also be carried around while operation.

Technical Data :

Model : KM07

Mini Radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 4meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-45mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         :525W

Power supply        :220V/50-60HZ , 110V/50-60HZ

glue pot            : 330ml

Machine Size        : 410 x 370 x 450ml

Material of tape    :PVC , veneer , melamine

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Q:How does joinery make furniture edge?
Melamine board usually refers to the plates a layer of impregnated paper in melamine veneer artificial board, artificial board market can see the commonly used medium density particleboard and MDF, which is commonly referred to as particleboard and MDF, plywood, according to different density density and melamine impregnated decorative paper with different thickness. The plate is divided into different levels; Blockboard Daixinban generally refers to say, is made of wood mosaic, attached to the surface of a layer of three plates.Cloakroom, lockers, kitchen cabinets are melamine plate production, and some of the door panels using other materials, regular manufacturers do not use blockboard production.Melamine plate is a kind of plate suitable for industrial production. It has the characteristics of no deformation and easy processing. And blockboard suitable for construction at the scene, can not use modern woodworking machinery processing. Both because of different materials, production and processing technology, there is no price comparison of horizontal meaning, and different habitats, different quality of the price difference.Blockboard Market is mixed, because Blockboard belong to artificial sheet, if the purchase of poor quality products, prone to sizing unqualified, lead to formaldehyde exceeded. In addition, some manufacturers in the production of Jerry built, wooden gap big, it is recommended to choose well-known manufacturers of products.
Q:When the carpet is cut, what edge can be used? The needle and thread can not be used and can not be worn.
What's good for using sacks?
Q:Edge sealing machine can not boot, how to deal with?
Find an electrician, and then find drawings or manufacturers to make a phone call, in general, this failure is not a big problem, there may be a fault, it may be which protection switch started. Just check it out. What else is your machine?
Q:Panel type furniture automatic edge sealing machine. How many grams of hot melt adhesive does it need per meter?
Generally speaking, the cost of hot melt adhesive for edge banding machine is very small, so few manufacturers will make statistics on it. I checked all the basic data I had about the furniture factory and didn't find it.I asked a friend who was doing hot melt, he said, at about 2 grams. For your reference.
Q:Solid wood flooring is necessary waterproof paint edge?
Solid wood flooring is generally not waterproof, but do not need to paint, you can regularly play a layer of floor wax, protect the floor.Before construction, solid wood flooring is best placed in advance in a well ventilated place, open the packing box, ventilate. We should pay more attention to the ventilation problems in the construction of the rainy season, so you can release the floor painting taste; can also minimize the rainy weather brought to the damp wooden floors, reduce the possible deformation, drum and Fengkuan is like when in use.In the wooden floor paved the best in use for a period of time after waxing, also called wax. In this way, the moisture remaining in the construction can be evaporated as much as possible. Extend the service life of the floor.Finally, when laying large core board, the wooden keel should be used to level the ground, and the wool board is divided into blocks, and each floor space is provided with 1cm seams, so that the moisture on the ground surface is easy to be distributed, and the wooden floor can be prevented from bulging. Clean the ground residual soil residue, may be appropriate to sprinkle some insect repellant, in order to prevent regeneration insects.
Q:No cutting fault of edge sealing machine
Trip switch, or check delay switch and intermediate relay
Q:What is the difference between manual edge banding and machine edge banding?
Of course, the edge of the machine is good, first, solid, two is more beautiful, and the three is the edge of the edge of a more smooth, and will not scratch. If it's manual, big factories don't need to promote technology. Not everything is handmade
Q:The main reasons of edge banding degumming
The main reasons are as follows:1, edge degumming is the main processor is too thin especially PVC edgebanding gum (agent) coating is too thin, and the decline of the hot melt adhesive affinity, which is one of the main reasons of the edge degumming.2, is the technical problem of edge machine temperature does not reach the predetermined temperature, causing sticking edge and hot melt adhesive glue is not good, the general requirements of the temperature at 180 ~ 210 degrees, can be adjusted according to the operating environment temperature sealing machine. This is mainly to look at the problem of technicians, manufacturers must strictly check, this is the problem of manufacturers.3, that is, the edge of the machine is too thin glue, originally did not produce a qualified edge banding. This is also an important reason, because the temperature and glue is too thin, causing the phenomenon of degumming is also common, you can increase the amount of glue to solve. The manufacturer's main problem is the manufacturer's responsibility. Everyone wants to think about it.4, uneven plate may also cause banding off, this is also must pay attention to the problem, appear this reason can only explain the installation technical problems.
Q:How does the floor arc close edge? With what edge?
Or the floor tiles?
Q:Does the white oil mixing wooden door need paint edge sealing on the bottom?
You're not right.Molded door hollow, a vent hole communicated with the upper and lower middle pier.The standard construction shall be the back cover paint. Thus, the sealing surface of the sealing surface of the closed molded surface and the skeleton is prevented.

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