Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine

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Description of Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine

This Kind of Manual Edge Banding Machine is our main product of Edge Banding Machine Series. With comprehensive range ,it includes  automatic edge banding machine, semi-auto edge banding machine ,automatic shaped edge banding machine and so on .As an important process in panel furniture and cabinet making process ,edge banding takes a great role in determining  the quality ,price and level of furniture. Edge banding process will embellish the profile of furniture, protect the corner from wearing out, avoid the veneer lifting, while transferring and using. Besides, edge banding is also a way to proof water and harmful air, which may destroy our health .VE series edge banding machine is able to process chipboard, MDF board, and other manmade board with with PVC, melamine and veneer .We produce kinds of edge banding machines to meet different needs of our consumers .  


Specifications of Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine


Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine


Advantages of Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine


1. Easy operation.It can band the straight edge

2. Feedstock use the frequency transformer to adjust the speed

3. Having the auxiliary heating to ensure the glue flows smoothly

4. Woodworking Edge binding Machine with special design for glue systems, structural stability, long service life, coating uniformity and it will not leak glue 

5. Multi-functional, can adapt to a variety of materials and sizes to provide a straight edge inside the arc, outside the arc, with curves and with circle

6. Automatically controls heat to reach set temperatures.Speed control can adjust banding speed to work at your pace


Package of Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine

Good Price Of Manual Edge Banding MachineGood Price Of Manual Edge Banding Machine




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Q:How about the semi-automatic edging machine and the three row drill?,
So-so。 The main service is not good
Q:What kind of beam is an edge banding beam?
Usually LL or L beams... The atlas is subordinate to the secondary girder category...Play a decorative role..
Q:Cabinet edge quality, how to identify?
Generally divided into two parts, one is the appearance, this is intuitive, the second is to look at the quality of assembly, this is the PVC edge or Aluminum Alloy edge, PVC is adhesive quality, Aluminum Alloy is the first installation slot size is fastened, followed by adhesive, the edge is Aluminum Alloy knowledge, the auxiliary effect of adhesive.
Q:12 mm sunshine board with what specifications of edge banding?
The color can be customized, common transparent, blue, blue, green. Commonly used double hollow structure. Upscale sunlight board price is in 50~80 yuan.
Q:Does the cap have edge reinforcement?
Yes, of course, but sometimes it works with the reinforcing bar and the edge reinforcement.
Q:What's the aluminum alloy edge for cabinet door?
Good。This view represents only the Chinese kitchen and toilet network users,
Q:Automatic semi-automatic woodworking machine edge sealing machine in general how much?
Full automatic edge sealing machine, ranging from 50 thousand to more than ten thousand;Semi-automatic linear edge sealing machine, about 30 thousand more reliable. The end of the year when the general equipment offers more, can save a few thousand dollars.There are some more than 10000 semi-automatic edge sealing machine, the configuration is quite low, mainly some funds tight, mechanical requirements are not high customers will buy this type of equipment, as a transitionThere are also manual edge sealing devices that require only a few thousand
Q:What is the composition of the edge hot-melt adhesive?
The adhesive bonded hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially applied to artificial board. It is a kind of environment-friendly and solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot melt is heated to a certain temperature, from the solid to the molten state, when applied to the artificial board substrate or the edge material surface, the cooling becomes solid, and the material is bonded with the base material.Features of sealing hot melt adhesive1., solid content of 100%, there is void filling, to avoid the edge rolling, bubbles and cracks caused by the deformation, dislocation and contraction of the glued parts. Because of no solvent, the moisture content of wood has not changed, and there is no danger of fire and poisoning.2. glue and adhesive bonding fast, but the number of seconds interval, sawing and cutting edges can be completed in 24 seconds, without drying time, can be used for bonding wood pipelining and automation, greatly improving the production efficiency, saves the cost of building.3., wide use, suitable for bonding all kinds of materials.4., a number of bonding can be carried out, that is, on wood, hot melt adhesive, due to cooling and curing and not meet the requirements, you can re heating for two times bonding.5., high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature and other furniture edge, hot melt adhesive can be selected.
Q:Arc platform how edge? Urgently!!!
Now buy floors are generally floor to shop, in fact, which has included three yuan per square meter installation costs. And we asked people to install, the installation fee, they should be returned to us. But because they want to earn this installation fee, so generally do not agree, we find someone to install. I consulted the store several times, they do not agree, that is if the floor is a problem no matter what, don't say their workers to install how experienced what, will give us. I don't dare to comment on their craft, but the carpenter can do floor work, but the floor maker doesn't have to be a carpenter. Moreover, even if they do, their tools do not work. Finally, we really had no choice but to put the floor installation work, home, request, and stressed that if do bad, we should deduct money. They said they couldn't do it, so things got easier and they had to go back to the installation fee.
Q:Sealing process of furniture integral wardrobe
1, choose to use the edge banding; 2, the need to seal the side plate, top, bottom, laminates and other edge; 3, trimming polished; 4, if you need to repair color;
This is a collection research and development, manufacturing and sales of professional woodworking machinery enterprises. In excellent technical team and strict management style under the leadership of our own development of new products, and continue to attract domestic and foreign advanced production technology, excellence, ensuring a rich production experience and exquisite manufacturing process to provide you with a full range of service excellence

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangzhou, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 2 Million
Main Markets Southeast Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shunde; Guangzhou
Export Percentage 5% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 4,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average