Wood CNC Router 1325B

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Product Description:

●Economical design.

●Cast iron machine bed,more stable ,not easy to deform.

●3.0kw water cooling spindle,ER20 collector

●Rack and pinion transmission,linear square guide rail:long life,wear resistant,high precision.

●1300*2500mm working area,large size,can for various materails

●Nc-studio control system:can be controled by desktop computer,easy to operate.

●Artcam design software:can for 3D work.



Travelling size


Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm


X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

Table structure

T-slot vacuum

Spindle power

3 kw water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling speed


Working speed


Dictate Formate

G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt


Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai , ArtCAM software

Driving system

Stepper motor




Nc-studio or DSP off-line controller





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Q:325 woodworking engraving machine, engraving 50mm thick MDF, need how much of the spindle, the Z axis travel what are the requirements? What knife do you need?
This is usually not needed high, only the relationship between material and thickness, as a relief, what material is solid wood furniture, with a certain thickness, and even some part is carved in a radian above, so the heightening of Longmen. Such as making only flat materials, such as density board, screen, wooden door carving, sheet type processing, do not need special heightening. Z axis travel and material thickness does not matter, because the material can not be placed, Z axis is able to down to the table. Machines need to be milled when they leave the factory. The stroke is not enough to make the machine. Good luck! I'm glad to answer that for you!
Q:Which brand is good for woodworking engraving machine?
The perfect service system is the carving machine manufacturer's development, the strong foundation. The establishment of a perfect service system is the urgent problem that many engraving machine manufacturers need to solve.
Q:What U dish does the woodpecker use?
Yes, it can be the U disk. It's not in the right format. You can reformat it.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine does not work at the head
It is also possible that the control system is out of order, so it is better to have a dedicated aftermarket staff to repair it
Q:What kind of wood do woodworking machines usually use?
Camphor wood, texture staggered, delicate structure, smooth noodles, shiny, dry deformation after a small, durable, adhesive performance is good, easy to dye, rings are obvious, there are aromatic ignorant.
Q:How much is the wood carving machine?
The price of wood engraving machines is generally related to the configuration of engraving machines. Here's how to choose wood engraving machine.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine why back to origin Z axis limit alarm?
You may be returning to the origin of the workpiece. ReasonZ axis misalignment, the origin of your workpiece in the dislocation, it should be higher than the Z axis of the highest point
Q:CNC woodworking engraving machine to do the flat door, how to lift the corner?
This should be based on the size of your tool to set up 3D angle carved software can achieve this function
Q:How long can the life of a woodworking engraving machine last? If the maintenance is good!
On the current use of Qingdao speed tyrant woodworking engraving machine customers, many are using more than 5-6 years, there is no big problem.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine installation process, machine test method
Engraving machine use environmentEngraving machine for high-tech mechanical and electrical integration equipment, the work environment has certain requirements.1., avoid strong current, strong magnetic and other serious impact engraving machine signal transmission equipment. Such as: welding machine, tower and so on.2. use three core power supply to ensure the good grounding of the engraving machine and reduce the interference.3. voltage requirements are stable, avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use voltage regulators.4. machines should not work long hours in a strong acid or alkali environment.

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