Mini CNC Laser Engraving Machine for Granite Photo

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30 set/month

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Laser Engraving



Laser Type:


Engraving Area:


Engraving Speed:

500mm/s Max

CNC or Not:


Cooling Mode:

Water Cooling

Applicable Material:


Graphic Format Supported:


Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

Raylaser(MDF laser cutting machine)

Model Number:






After-sales Service Provided:

No overseas service provided

Laser Power:


Laser Tube:

Sealed CO2 glass laser tube

Working area:


Communication Interface:


Engraving Depth:


Cutting Speed:


Cutting Depth (Acrylic):


Up and down work table:

Manual Up and down 40mm adjustable

Operation System:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7

Water Cooling(Yes/No):



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Q:Is the single axle woodworking engraving machine powered by household power? The power is 2.5 to 3.2
Your number should be the power of the machine, the unit is Kw, kw.
Q:What kind of knowledge do you need to master woodworking engraving machine?
The use of cutting tools for CNC woodworking engraving machines:After theoretical training, CNC woodworking engraving machine tool training must be carried out. Operators can be familiar with tools, engraving motor speed, speed, attention, etc., must be clear, operators must be familiar with the application of cutting tools.
Q:Woodworking coffin engraving machine computer control system location, how to set parameters?
Coffin engraving machine (woodworking engraving machine) travel parameters:This set of parameters is used to set the minimum and maximum coordinates of the XYZ three axis of the machine tool. Set the minimum and maximum of three axis coordinate, when the manual machine tool motion, does not appear overtravel phenomenon, but this group is not valid in the numerical program-controlled machining condition, if the workpiece coordinate setting error, there may still be "stroke" errors, the specific setting method:According to the different types of woodworking engraving machine range, the manual movement of the machine records, machine tool motion will respectively to the limit position of the three axis, until it hit the switch, XYZ were recorded in three axes can be moved to the minimum and maximum coordinate value, the corresponding position of input parameters in the position.
Q:How to save the woodworking engraving machine and read the origin of the workpiece?
Save the origin of the workpiece:Users can save the frequently used artifact origin as a preset value, and can save 10 sets of coordinate data. When the user sets the origin of the workpiece for the first time, and then wants to quickly locate the origin of the workpiece, then the user can use this function to save the origin coordinate value of the workpiece.
Q:1325 how much is woodworking engraving machine?
Main shaft, water cooling and air cooling. The price of air-cooled with the same power is more expensive than that of water-cooledOf course, there are other wires, ah, ah ah the whole machine, vacuum adsorption and so on, so the price is to find manufacturers more detailed understanding of what kind of equipment, which configuration is the most suitable for their own. Not to buy expensive, but to buy the most suitable for their products.
Q:Do woodworking carvings feature glass?
Yes, it is a carving machine that carves glass. It is not called a woodworking engraving machine. It looks like a woodworking engraving machine
Q:What are the components of a woodworking engraving machine?
NC device: the numerical control device to describe it, it is the human heart, the market common woodworking engraving machine is composed of input device, memory, controller and output combination device and a computing device. The CNC device mainly provides instructions for the operation of woodworking engraving machines.
Q:How much is the woodworking machine with four heads?
Landlord, you say the four head of the machine is a hanging four or four independent? Light four spindles can be poor 2W block, and models with configuration, you did not say, the price is bad for you.
Q:What are the features of the spindle motor of the woodworking engraving machine?
High power cut spindle, mainly used for cutting, high-power engraving, is characterized by high power, cutting ability, especially for cutting words, three-dimensional characters, of course, you can also make chest cards, nameplates, seals and so on. According to the characteristics of the motor, this kind of high-power spindle can be divided into brushless frequency high-speed AC motor and brush AC motor:A brushless frequency conversion motor speed is high, the speed range is 700--60000 RPM / minute, and generally brushless AC motor maximum speed is not more than 24000 RPM / min.;B brushless frequency conversion motor has high rotation accuracy, small wear and low noise, and its noise is much lower than that of brushless AC motor;C, brushless frequency motor stalling characteristics, because the inverter has a special current limiting circuit, a short block not burning motor, and brush AC machine overload or stall will soon smoke burning, and can not be repaired;D, adopts frequency conversion speed control technology of brush motor, is a professional grade products, long service life, the manufacturers to provide 1 years free replacement, later also can be replaced by high speed bearing on motor maintenance, and brushless AC motor due to the use of motor life in about 300 hours to replace the motor or motor carbon brush, so carbon exchange the motor is usually a day will not warranty.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine cutting panels, how seamless stitching?
First, add 2 nodes at the file Y axis 1600, align, and then define the starting point at the new node, make a three-dimensional cutting path, observe the path, the machine starts processing;

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