Wood CNC Router 1530

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Product Description:

●Economical design.

●Cast iron machine bed,more stable ,not easy to deform.

●3.0kw water cooling spindle,ER20,more powerful.

●Rack and pinion transmission,linear square guide rail:long life,wear resistant,high precision.

●Nc-studio control system:can be controled by desktop computer,easy to operate.

●Artcam design software:can for 3D work.



Travelling size


Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm


X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

Table structure

T-slot vacuum

Spindle power

3 kw water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling speed


Working speed


Dictate Formate

G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt


Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai , ArtCAM software

Driving system

Stepper motor




Nc-studio or DSP off-line controller





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Q:Which woodworking engraving machine brand is good?
Woodworking engraving machine is to pay attention to the wood processing, make it more beautiful. Woodworking engraving machine types currently on the market variety, the quality and the price is also uneven, therefore, when choosing woodworking engraving machine to select carefully, or put your needs to inform the staff Dewin engraving machine according to what you say they will request to choose the most suitable models for you.
Q:What kind of drive is used in woodworking engraving machine?
By what the drive should be according to their own situation to decide if it is on the machining accuracy and speed requirements are relatively high, recommend the use of imported servo drive, like Yaskawa, Matsushita, Delta and so on; if only the general processing, recommend the use of Yankong leadshine step can be.
Q:1325-2 weight and handling method of woodworking engraving machine
It's a bit of a hassle to move into the classroom. It's harder to break it. The best way is to unload the machine and then assemble it or put it in the door. Suggest you think about the latter, or you can put the machine somewhere else.
Q:325 woodworking engraving machine, engraving 50mm thick MDF, need how much of the spindle, the Z axis travel what are the requirements? What knife do you need?
And the knives should be long enough. There are no requirements for the Z axis, and the travel time is above 80. Don't worry about this. Such as cutting density boards, wooden doors, screens, and so on, Longmen in custom when it is required to heighten, of course, as long as it does not affect the processing.
Q:What is the problem of vibration of the Y shaft when the main shaft of the woodworking engraving machine rotates?
The typical equipment is rigid, the circuit is not reasonable, and the frequency converter interferes with the drive of the Y axis.
Q:Dry CNC woodworking carving okay?
CNC woodworking engraving machine tool use: after theoretical training, CNC woodworking engraving machine tool training must be carried out. Operators can be familiar with tools, engraving motor speed, speed, attention, etc., must be clear, operators must be familiar with the application of cutting tools.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine why back to origin Z axis limit alarm?
Generally, when the mechanical origin is returned, the Z shaft will not limit the alarm.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine how to achieve hierarchical carving?
Choose woodworking engraving machine, tool path. Select the "wood", and the selection of woodworking engraving machine tool, here we must pay special attention to, in the tool edit parameters there is a "cutting down step", this value is the each layer under the knife distance, according to the quality of the hardness of the material and tool set.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine, cutting tool, method of use
Acrylic cut, recommend the use of a single blade spiral milling cutter, processing characteristics is tasteless smoke-free, fast, high efficiency, no crumbs, real environmental protection, its special production process to ensure that processing acrylic not explode mouth, very fine knife (even without knife), the appearance is smooth and flat. The surface of the machining needs to be frosted, and the double edged three blade spiral milling cutter is recommended. Recommended use
Q:Which brand is good for engraving machine? Which brand is good for woodworking engraving machine?
Small advertising signs shop for the first time, the main production of three-dimensional characters, lights, crystal, double color, chest cards and other purposes, should buy ad grade. Generally speaking, the engraving machine is larger than 1200mm, and is not suitable for engraving fine shade and so on. It is suitable for sawing and making some large flat. In the 1200mm format and the following is a universal engraving machine, can be used as a double plate such as fine, and can be used to do menial work saw the word. For the machining of cylindrical or other special-shaped workpiece, as the need to install some jigs or rotating axis, which shows the high Z shaft column, the table to the head space is large, so you can use the special machine. If the seal shop is specially engraved seal, it can be equipped with a small laser engraving machine.

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