White Faux Sheep Skin Carpet

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Product Description:

Specification details:

1. Material: Faux sheepskin fur

2. Color: Natural or dyed as your need

3. Fur Length: 5~8cm or 2-3cm

4. Origin: Australian, NZ, China and so on

5. Features: Smooth, soft and warm

6. Usage: Popular used as home decoration

7. Size specification: 50*80cm/ 60*95cm/ 60*100cm

Product Features:

1.Made by Faux sheep fur

2. Color and size can be OEM

3. Smooth, soft&warm

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Q:How do you get dust out of a rug?
Use a vacuum cleaner with real good suction, then take it out and hang it over something and beat it with force, then sweep it again to get the remaining dust out. You don't need a rug beater. I used to use a boat paddle. Anything you may have handy will work. Good luck.
Q:What does carpet handmade scissor mean?
Tie 14400 knots each square foot : Tie 22500 knots each square foot . Among them: tie 8100 knots, the number of tracks, each square foot ; the more the number of tracks, the more knots: the density of the warp and weft is the number of knots per square foot: 90 stalks, 120 stalks and 150 stalks carpets; the more the stalks are, the more compact it feels, the more exquisite the pattern is, and the better the lodging resistance and elasticity are.
Q:Nail polish stain on carpet!?
Nail polish remover. You have to use a lot until the polish is gone. Like a whole bottle
Q:HELP! my cat's pooping all over my rug!?
Your cat doesn't like the cat litter, smell, texture taste. Try different litter. Some are too dusty, raise a dust cloud cats don't like this. Some smell bad to the cat. Some are too course, my cat loved fine sand and tracked it all over the house. You must also take him to the place where he pooped and rub it on him, then yell no. Later when he comes for love, love him lots. If you walk into a room and he sneaks out or runs, check behind furniature for cat poop. yell no and put him in he cat box. They learn fairly fast what you want. You must learn also. Clean up cat poop with amonia or vinegar. Dust area with baking soda. Let stand 1 hour and vacuum.
Q:knitting/crochet patterns for a rug?
I've okorder.com, and enter the search words Woven Woolen Rug, and it will give you the link to the episode of Knitty Gritty that it appeared in.
Q:I got a rug from an abandoned house that had fleas. The house has no heat. Are fleas still in the rug?
Yes, the eggs can be dormant for years and a vibration will hatch them.. Yes, It does still have fleas..
Q:What size rug bib for my cob?
i would go for the large my friends horse wears xtra large and is an 16.2 irish draught so large will be fine
Q:How often should you get carpeting professionally cleaned? ?
Please do not listen to the best answer above. Carpet manufactures recommend you clean your carpet every 6 months to 1 year by a professional cleaner who uses the hot water extraction method. Many carpets now days come with a stain warranty and if you do not have it cleaned at least once a year your warranty will be void. Dirt acts like sandpaper to carpet and wears it out prematurely. The only reason it would attract dirt as the answer above states is that it was not rinsed properly. This happens most often with home cleaning systems because there is no rinse process to their equipment. A professional steam cleaner should spray on their cleaners first and then use either only water or a chemical rinse to neutralize the soap so there should be little to no residue remaining. I am a professional carpet cleaner and am speaking from experience.
Q:How to clean carpet and remove stains?
Hire a professional carpet cleaner. If you have never cleaned carpet before, you don't want your first experiment on a white carpet. Look locally for an established carpet cleaner. If you want to attempt to spot clean the areas be sure to vacuum well first. You can then put a small amount of dish soap in a bucket of water and use a rag to work the stains out. Better to gently work in a circular motion toward the center of the stain and avoid scrubbing too hard or you will fray the carpet fiber. If you use a harsh chemical it can discolor or stain the carpet. Use a clean towel to blot up the water by pressing it on the spot you clean. Try not to over wet the area as excess water can soak into the pad. Be aware that if there is a lot of soil in the carpet, even though you may successfully remove the stains, the clean areas may stand out as spots against the soiled carpet.
Q:SHOPPING HELP!!! Does anyone know where I can buy a chunky woven cotton area rug like this one (see photo)?
Rugs USA, they have Chandra rugs that would be right on for you, sister.

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