Microfiber Shaggy Carpet for Home Decoration

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microfiber shaggy carpets for home decoration
1.Material:100% polyester
2.Good quality&compeititve price
3.customized color,

Microfiber shaggy carpets for home decoration


shaggy microfiber


160x230cm,can do customized size


Any color available

pile height

3 cm

pile weight



cotton canvas with latex adhensive or non slip


shaggy rugs




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freigt of DHL/Fedex/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 sqm to 6000 SQM

Production time

30 to 45 days after order confirmed

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Q:Baby safe carpet flea killer!?
Rigorous vacuuming will be the best approach. Things that may be non-toxic to your baby are not going to be good for your kitten. For instance, boric acid is considered a non-toxic approach, but if it gets on your kitten's paws, and your kitten washes its paws (which it will do), it is toxic. But you can get some boric acid or diatomaceous earth, and suck some up the vacuum after you clean. That will work on any fleas in the bag that may have survived the trip through the vacuum.
Q:Which is better for office of installing the floor or laying carpet?
Use composite floor, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean, and beautiful.
Q:What is better for leopard geckos cal sand or rug?
A Rug because i use to use sand but it gave him an infection i had to take him to the vet. and the sand was very hard to clean!!
Q:What are the softest types of rugs?
If you have a local carpet store maybe you could see if they have old sample carpet pieces that you could take for either free or really cheap and make them into a rug yourself. Backing shouldn't be too expensive, and you could actually apply it with caulk to make it more permanent.
Q:shampooed carpet now it smells horrible! help?
either ask the people where you rented the machine about it , Or call a carpet cleaning company and ask for advice, or do some research ion the internet
Q:Why so many Americans use carpets instead of hardwood floors ?
After WWII, wall-to-wall carpeting was considered a luxury-- something that signified success, etc. Previously, homes were built with wood floors and people put down area rugs for comfort, warmth, and to muffle sound. For several decades after the war, just about everyone who could afford it had wall to wall carpeting--- soft for the feet, comfortable to sit or lie on, etc. I've even seen bathrooms and kitchens carpeted-- how impractical is that? But people wanted their homes to be like soft nests... a cozy refuge from the 'cold cruel world'. Newer homes in the U.S. have gone back to more wood, marble, tile etc. because people like the look and the cleanliness. In older homes many people are ripping up the carpeting to refinish the underlying wood, if it exists, or put in new flooring. As people have become more aware of the effects of molds and dust on our health, many people want to avoid carpets, which trap such things. Things come and go in fashions, including in home decorating. One reason, however, that many apartments still may be carpeted is to dull the sounds for the people who live below. If the apartment was not built with good sound insulation in the floors and walls, carpeting helps to absorb noise, and makes living close to others easier. Newer buildings have much sound insulation, so, while more expensive because they are new, they will have less carpeting. I, personally, have some parts of my home with natural wood and ceramic tile, but the family room where everyone tends to sit/lie around on the floor as well as the furniture when we watch movies etc. is thickly carpeted. We are very casual-- and the kids like to roll around, do somersaults etc. and the carpet is soft. (and relatively clean)
Q:how much to buy and install a carpet?
Depends on the cost of the carpet per yard which is how most carpet is sold. 12' x 12' is the equivalent of 16 yards of carpet, You also need to buy pad if the old pad is worn (its probably as worn as the carpet you are replacing), Go to your local carpet store and get per yard prices for the carpet you like. As a general rule, for the basic no frills in-stock Home Depot variety carpet, I would figure approximately $9-$10 per yard and about $2-3 per yard for pad (I know prices vary but thats a rough idea). Around $200. As for the installation - you will have to call around to find out the per yard price to install because it varies depending on where you are located.
Q:Can thread be placed on carpet? ? ?
Thread can be placed on the carpet, (use sheath flame retardant cable, of course, explosion-proof socket will be more ideal), install overload circuit breaker on the cable terminal, circuit breaker rated electric appliances is the actual use of power flow! You can be at ease in accordance with the method! Placing the cable by 3 times of the actual power consumption
Q:How to lay the carpet?
Q:white powder under rug everytime i go to vacume?
This rug has been abused on many occasions with so called cleaning/deodorizing powders. There are several of these products on the market. They are all a rip off, as they do not vacuum back out as the directions say. This rug will continue to bleed off these powders as long as you own it. Sorry, but the manufacturers of these products are practicing a scam on the general public, who are trying to save a buck or two by not having the carpet professionally cleaned when it becomes dirty.

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