waterproof wpc flooring decking board

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Engineered Flooring
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
anti-slip surface,low maintance cost
surface grooves:
narrow grooves,wider grooves
surface treatment:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packaging: wrapped with PE plastic film and on wooden pallet Size(mm).
Delivery Detail:7-12days after order confirmed


1.Natural & Beautiful wood look  2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost   3.No trip hazards,recyclable

China waterproof Anti moth ANTI-UV  dedicated composite wood boards

Product pictures:

China waterproof composite wpc decking

Product information:


Wood Plastic Composite


30% HDPE+60% Waste Wood Fibers+10% Auxiliaries

Colors Available



PE plastic Base

DIY Snap Interlock Puzzle Tile

Easy for Installation


Patio, Balcony,Terrance,Walkway,Boardway Decking,Pool Decking,Sauna Room & other Public Areas



product features:

1.Natural & Beautiful wood look       2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost          

 3.No trip hazards,recyclable           4.Long lifespan & UV stable,No wrapping,No rotting

5.Great drainage                              6.Eco-friendly,anti-slip surface

*Easy cleaning and maintenance :No need of a specific treatment .just a usual water washing is necessary

*Safety:Splinters free and slip resistant  Free of any toxic product

*Colours may slightly change,photos are not not contractual  

*Resistant to scratches as oak resistance

*Very low colour variations

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Q:can i use tile for the kictchen floor for my baby iguana subtrate?
I raise Green Iguana's and they will not tolerate the cold tile very well.
Q:How to calculate floor tile loss rate
Tile common tiles specifications are 600 * 600mm, 500 * 500mm, 400 * 400mm, 300 * 300mm. Rough calculation method: room area ÷ floor area * 1.1 = the number of brick with the exact calculation method: (room length ÷ brick length) * (room width ÷ brick width) = the number of brick with a long 3.6m, 3.3m wide room , With 300 * 300mm specifications of the tiles as an example: Room length 3.6m ÷ brick length 0.3m = 12 pieces of room width 3.3m ÷ brick width 0.3m = 11 block length 12 * width 11 block = total brick with 132 instructions : Ground floor tiles in the accounting, taking into account the cutting loss, handling losses, can be added about 3% of the loss. When laying the floor tiles, the chicken and sand required for each chicken to be treated with rodents are based on the situation of the original ground. Usually in the ground floor cement mortar layer, which per square meter of ordinary cement 12.5kg, 34 kg of sand.
Q:On the sims 2 how do you get a roof on the fourth floor?
By default, the game stops you at four floors and you can't add the fifth. If you are determined, and your computer is willing, there is a cheat to change the floor limitation. The actual functional limit to the number of floors is determined by the ability of your computer, and - in a way- by the set limit to the number of wall pieces. My old computer crashed after the 6th floor. I haven't tried it recently on my newer system. Anyway, if you want to use the cheat to get the last bit of roof done, if I recall it is: intprop setHighestAllowedLevel # Where # can be as high as 255... but your computer will collapse, curled up into a fetal position, sobbing, long before you reach that amount. In your case, set it to 6.
Q:Rocksolid floor prep question...?
If your floor had what is called a burnt finish when installed and is 10 or more years old, the floor's concrete finish won't bubble much at all. The burnt finish micro-finishes the concrete surface mostly eliminating the tiny air bubbles and almost tempers the concrete. Then add 10 years and your concrete is TOUGH! I am assuming you are doing a garage floor paint system and using epoxy, with or without paint chips. You have followed the procedure correctly and are ready to go. Give it plenty of time to dry after painting. Another tip to make the floor last as long as possible is to let your vehicle sit outside after running all day until the tires are cool before parking. The tires can get hot enough to ripple the paint just underneath them
Q:Vacuum Cleaner for Laminate Flooring.?
No upright vac using a rotating brush should be used on laminate flooring. You should check out a small, vacuum only, tank model that will come with a hose and floor brush with bristles to pick up the dirt. Try to find one with horsehair bristles on the floor brush, they last longer and won't ever scratch anything. Eureka makes several models as well as Hoover, in the avg. priced market. Filter Queen and Electrolux make better quality models in the higher price range.
Q:how to get rid of divits in a cement floor??
Most flooring outlets especially ceramic outlets can obtain a floor leveller, it is a quick-drying cement that is used usually used to smooth out dips, slopes and other irregularities in floors before another surface is put on top of it. It can be built up to 1/4. For more money there is a liquid-pour leveller that you pour onto the floor and spread it out over the floor with a large garage squeegee or wiper.
Q:What do floor nurses do?
A floor nurse is just a basic staff nurse working on the floor of the hospital or nursing home. They are front line staff that are dealing with caring for the patients. Yes it is an important job.We are the ones that care for your loved ones while sacrificing time with our own.
Q:Staining Concrete Floor?
you can go to Lowe's or home depot and they have things. I have not done it but family friends have and it looks really good and they did it themselves.
Q:cleaning white no-wax linoleum floor - help!?
Dr Bronner's Sal Suds would be my first choice, but any cleaner intended for floors will work. Getting down on hands and knees with a brush for those traffic areas might be necessary. Once it's really clean, wax it. I know it's a no-wax floor. That only means that you don't have to wax it for it to look shiny, and that's only good until some areas get some wear and the shiny top layer is gone. At that point, the duller areas tend to hang onto dirt easier than the shiny surface did. Waxing will restore the shine and keep dirt from building up on those dull areas. You can wax it with any liquid acrylic floor wax that you buy at a supermarket, such as Future, but I would highly recommend getting a similar professional product. Around here, Home Depot sells some excellent products. They come in gallon bottles so it's a bit of an investment at first but cheaper in the long run, and the stuff gives a shine you won't believe and lasts better. Janitorial supply places will have the same kind of stuff too. It's best applied with a string mop or a cloth. Two coats on a dull floor is a really good idea. Wax on a floor means that the wax wears off, not the floor surface, so keeping it waxed can help prolong the life of the floor.
Q:Will solid wood multi-layer floor, pure solid wood flooring and laminate flooring which is better ah?
Solid wood multi-layer is good, pure solid wood is too soft and easy to wear, out of the ground something out of the pit, the compound for the geothermal house, but the smell is greater, more formaldehyde content of more than helium Fu Huang Bing Hao Feng kettle, composite solid wood Formaldehyde content is relatively small, small odor-resistant wear, style and more, in addition to the higher prices, no shortcomings

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