waterproof wpc flooring decking board

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Engineered Flooring
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Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
anti-slip surface,low maintance cost
surface grooves:
narrow grooves,wider grooves
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packaging: wrapped with PE plastic film and on wooden pallet Size(mm).
Delivery Detail:7-12days after order confirmed


1.Natural & Beautiful wood look  2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost   3.No trip hazards,recyclable

China waterproof Anti moth ANTI-UV  dedicated composite wood boards

Product pictures:

China waterproof composite wpc decking

Product information:


Wood Plastic Composite


30% HDPE+60% Waste Wood Fibers+10% Auxiliaries

Colors Available



PE plastic Base

DIY Snap Interlock Puzzle Tile

Easy for Installation


Patio, Balcony,Terrance,Walkway,Boardway Decking,Pool Decking,Sauna Room & other Public Areas



product features:

1.Natural & Beautiful wood look       2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost          

 3.No trip hazards,recyclable           4.Long lifespan & UV stable,No wrapping,No rotting

5.Great drainage                              6.Eco-friendly,anti-slip surface

*Easy cleaning and maintenance :No need of a specific treatment .just a usual water washing is necessary

*Safety:Splinters free and slip resistant  Free of any toxic product

*Colours may slightly change,photos are not not contractual  

*Resistant to scratches as oak resistance

*Very low colour variations

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Q:Sticky Kitchen Floors!??!!?
The problem is that you are sticking to what you are mopping with. When you mop you should use the hottest water you can get, dilute some cleaning solution that you use, (I use bleach since it also sterilizes) mop the floor applying the cleaner liberally. The dry out your mop and mop up the liquid that is on the floor. After you have cleaned the floor, rinse out your mop with clean water (very hot), wring as much water out or the mop as you can and damp mop to pick up the residue. Let it air dry.
Q:What is a good theme to decorate a college-dorm-floor for all boys floor?
My floor theme freshman year was really cool. Not an all guy floor but a good theme for guys. It was like double identity. For example you have two people in a room. One of their name tags on the door would be Clark Kent and the other Superman. Or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm a girl and mine was like Posh Spice and my Roommate Victoria Beckham. Just to give you some ideas. It was a cool theme...better than the average/boring movie poster floors. Good Luck!
Q:pelvic floor exercises.???
Pretend that someone is pulling your belly button to floor below you (Lying on your back), and at the same time as you are tightening in, pull your hips slightly in towards your belly button, hold for ten seconds then release and do it again.
Q:Advantages of a solid concrete floor?
It is cheaper to build a solid concrete floor than a suspended one and it can more easily be designed to hold more weight than can a suspended floor. Another advantage of a concrete floor is that animals (rats, mice, etc.) can not get under the building and live there. The disadvantage of a solid concrete floor is that concrete is porous and it tends to draw up moisture from the ground and anything sitting on the concrete for a long time can get wet. Of course, the gravel should drain away any water that gets under the building, but if the soil is clay or any soil that water might sit on for a long time, the water can build up under the house and the concrete floor can get wet. Another disadvantage is that any radon gas that might come up from the ground will get into the building. With a raised foundation at least some of that gas would be vented out and not as much would get into the building. I hope this helps.
Q:Am I wrong about the 13th floor?
If 13 is so unlucky why then people do not die at the age of 13
Q:Is it necessary to make wooden keel for solid wood flooring?
This mainly depends on what kind of installation method you are taking. Solid wood flooring has the following pavement method: 1) keel pavement method: that is, wood keel and steel keel pavement method, this is the need to do wood keel. 2) Suspended pavement method: that is, the use of moisture-proof film or moisture-proof pad to install, this method is more popular way. 3) direct paste method is environmentally friendly floor glue paving method. 4) Wool floor bottom method. This is the main installation method of solid wood flooring, the installation method is different, need different tools and materials. 1) Before the floor is installed, the parquet is in place. The installer needs to check the number of floors and the number of accessories with the customer first, and check whether there is any damage, and ask the customer to confirm the signature. Then, to confirm the amount of floor, the ground flatness, the use of auxiliary materials, wait until everything is correct, and then install. 2) After installation must pay attention to acceptance, mainly solid wood composite floor surface should be clean, no burr, groove marks, corners without defects, paint full, no leakage paint, laying solid.
Q:Glue got to the ground how to get rid of
1. With insulating oil, pouring the transformer in the insulating oil on the table, 502 glue quickly become soft, you can quickly rub off the 2. with a sharp blade to scratch the glue should not scratch the paint and then use more than 600 # And then do not use the paint to drop the original 502 to melt the original 502, and then quickly washed off with water, and then wash the water with a clean cotton, 4, acetone solution can wash a small area of ​​adhesive 502 glue, as long as the hot water can be soaked, if a large area stained with 502 glue, coated with acetone, about 5 to 10 minutes can be removed. 502 glue is a resin glue, as long as the resin can be dissolved with organic solvents, such as acetone. But inhaled acetone toxic, pay attention to the use of methods, you can put the part of the glue into the bottle. It is said that into the refrigerator in the frozen, glue will fall, you can try a small area of ​​adhesive 502 glue, as long as you can soak with hot water, if a large area stained with 502 glue, coated with acetone, about 5 to 10 Minutes can be removed. With the banana water droplets in the glue on the water, while the old toothbrush constantly stirring, until the glue drops soft off, and then clean water, repeated brushing, brush so far. In the presence of glue traces of clothing on the back of the pad of absorbent cloth, and then to the glue traces painted some white vinegar, and finally with cotton dipped in water scrub clean. Recommended acetone, gasoline, sesame oil, etc., pour the transformer in the insulating oil in the hand, 502 glue soon softened, and finally rub off the.
Q:How to fix a sagging floor?
In a really old house ' its called charm In general there is nothing charming about a dip that bad which gets worse w/ some weight on it. Could be a load bearing partition was removed during a remodel ?. Being upstairs complicates things , but a good carpenter should be able to sort it out. If the ceiling below also dips because of the sagging joists Supporting & sistering on some straighteners might fix 2 problems & save work over the long run. Would be a little leery of just adding adding subflooring to disperse the weight also. Got to find the cause before you come up w/ a cure. If the home inspector is the engineer hired by mom as part of the presale inspection & has noted the problem he should also be able to recommend a fix ( other than more flooring) & maybe for a few more bucks) that the owners would take on as a condition of sale. If it is a take it as is deal the engineers recommendation is good leverage to reduce the price enough to have a proper fix done after the sale. Engineers are hired to point out deficiencies that the buyer must consider when purchasing a house & not make recommendations on whether or not to buy. Although, a knowing wink is sometimes made if the house is a real stinker. Best regards
Q:What floor treatment is best?
epoxy basement and garage coating its a 2 step process but yields great results -it even comes with little accent flecks of coordinating color
Q:Wood floor moisture-proof pad is what material
Plastic, or the best choice.

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