Wooden Laminated Flooring

Ref Price:
$6.00 / m²
Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
One Container m²
Supply Capability:
300 Containers m²/month

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Product Description:



Various sizes for the wooden laminated flooring

1215*195*7mm1215*195*8mm   1215*143*8mm1215*125*8mm  808*100*8mm        808*90*8mm
808*148*12mm   808*130*12mm   1215*195*12mm   1215*165*12mm1215*143*12mm1215*126*12mm


Advantages of the wooden laminate flooring

1). high quality and reasonable price     

2). provide personalized service in a thoughtful

3). environmental friendly

4). easy to install and care

5). fashionable beautiful looking modern style

6). environmental friendly natural healthy

7). color richful

8). hard to fade in the sunshine 


Specifications of the wooden laminated flooring

(1)Perfect Color
(2)Top Quality GuranteeAC5
(3)Free Samples for Global Market
(4)Perfect Support Ideas



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Q:glueless laminate flooring?
no. the weight of the stringer's will push down and flex the Laminate flooring especially if there is padding below it, just line up the stringer's trace where they will touch the floor, then add 3/8 or 1/2 (your floor thickness) to the rear of the traced line, subtract same from the front of the traced line (compensating for the thickness of floor)
Q:worn out laminate floor?
Your discovering what every Pergo floor purchase will eventually experience. Initially it was a high end product. Installation is easy and it looks great. It's an instant gratification floor. Kind of like buying a new mobile home. The thickness of the top laminate is only .062-.066 which scratches easily and fails with moisture or heavy traffic. There have been lawsuits against Pergo for failed laminate flooring products. Don't waste anymore money.....tear it up and replace. I would suggest either Oak T&G or ceramic tile depending on location.
Q:Industrial Strength Floor Stripper?
You need to rent a electric floor stripper, they are heavy, use a wide variety of pads, and work fast and efficiently. doing this floor by hand is an effort in futility. I purchased a used floor stripper for $75.00 and have used it numerous times. Check with any janitorial supply store and ask a few questions. They will have the liquid floor strippers and pads you require, the aerosol spray for difficult corners, and heavy duty wax available for sale. Use a squeegee to push the dissolved (liquid ) old wax to a central location and suck it up with a shop vac. Clean the shop vac thoroughly after each use. Occasionally you can attend a class at the janitorial supply center when they are held, get on their mailing list. Give the floor 3 coats of new wax with long intervals between each coat. Use a box fan to speed up the drying process.
Q:can you use sharkbites in cement floors?
Why would you even consider sharkbites or any other repair leading you back to the place of the failure i.e. the slab floor? Were you able to diagnose why the waterline failed? Poor solder joint by the installers, movement in the slab floor cased by shifting due to wet and dry conditions? Terminate that run and go overhead with pex tubing and eliminate the possibility of it happening again. I’ve had to do to runs that way already if one more run fails I’ll go overhead for the whole house and be finished with any further problems.
Q:Will XBOX LIVE work through two floors?
Depends how good your router is, but probably.
Q:tile floors?
you can put pergo over tile. It's a wood laminate floor, looks like hardwood. You can install it over tile because it's a floating floor, you dont nail it down. There are also other types of this flooring, same general applicaiton
Q:How to calculate all the floor area and the floor area to be laid
Enter aa check the area
Q:Cleaning linoleum flooring ?
If okorder.com/
Q:want to install vinyl tile floor over existing vinyl tile floor. very difficult to remove existing vinyl floor
Laying Vinyl Floor Tiles
Q:Show that floor(5*x) <= 4 + 5*floor(x)?
floor(x) is x rounded down to the next integer. So floor(8.3) = 8, floor(-4.6) = -5, floor(11) = 11. Let x = d + r, where d is an integer and r is a decimal with 0 <= r < 1. floor(5*x) = floor(5d + 5r) = 5d + floor(5r) <= 5d + 4 = 4 + 5*floor(d) <= 4 + 5*floor(x). EDIT I had a typo above when defining d and r, it is now correct.
With advanced production equipment,the company produce a variety of medium-class and high-class lamiante floor and accessories.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value USD 8000000
Main Markets America 50%, Asia 40%, Europe 10%
Company Certifications CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 8
Language Spoken: English
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 118000m2
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range USD4-USD8