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Product Description:


Our Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials for fire retarding decoration.


Brief Introduction:


Our Fireproof Vermiculite Panel is a kind of new inorganic materials. It is mainly made of expanding vermiculite and blends with proportional inorganic adhesive. Thought a series of processes, the finished panel is characterized by fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, heat and sound insulation, without any toxic substances, etc. Even though the heating temperature reaches 1200 degree centigrade, it will not release any pernicious gas. Combustibility is Grade A.





1. Standard size: 2100mm*900mm or 2400mm*1200mm

2. Thickness: 12mm-38mm

3. Density: 300-1000kg/m3





1.     Noncombustible, non-fusible and fire-resistant. Because this Panel is mainly made of inorganic materials without element carbon, so it will not burn.

2.     Lasting heat retaining.

3.     Nontoxic, smokeless, environmentally friendly.

4.     Prominent dent resistance. The panel is pressed with expanding vermiculite and special fireproof glue water, so it has high strength and toughness.

5.     Favorable weather resistance.

6.     Excellent mold and wormy resistance.

7.     Easy to install and process, including sawing, nailing, planning, drilling.

8.     Well sound insulation.





It is widely used in the lines of construction, shipping, metallurgy, electricity, spaceflight and so on, specifically used as

1.     Fireproof door core

2.     Deluxe kitchen ware

3.     Boat hull panels

4.     Fire passage an ventilation system

5.     Commercial building, library, hotel, restaurant, amusement building, senior and common residence

6.     Transformer vault

7.     Fireplace

8.     Industrial heat-retaining materials.


Other applications: It is able to apply to furniture, fireproof wall, suspended ceiling etc.




Further Processing:

Fireproof Vermiculite Panel can be further processed.

1. It can be compounded with Aluminum. This kind of Composite Panel has stronger fireproof strength then the traditional fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel.


2. It can be acoustic panel after notching and punching, widely using in meeting rooms, concert halls and assembly halls.

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Q:What is Permiculite? (vermiculite?)?
You could try sphagnum moss or sphagnum peat. Find a brand that's just moss, as some have fertilizers added. Spagnum can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water and it's naturally acidic, so it discourages bacterial growth. But anything you use to cover the floor of a vivarium can be messy other than newspaper or reptile carpet. Another option is to use the newspaper or reptile carpet and have potted plants in the enclosure with the spagnum, peat, or bark to increase the humidity. It'll give the vivarium a more natural appearance (even if you use silk plants) and if the pots are large enough you can anchor the bases of some driftwood perches in them.
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
When breeding cornsnakes, you can use vermiculite or spagnum moss, I have used both with a 100% success rate. First lets talk about the snakes egg. The egg the snake lives in breathes. and it also provides warmth and regulates temperatures on its own. The vermiculite needs to be moist, but not to moist, you want it when you pick up the vermiculite, and squeeze it, when you open your hand the vermiculite has taken the shape of you palm with no dripping of water. If it is to wet you can drown the snake. If it is to dry it can dry out the egg and also kill the babies. You need to whatch the condensation as well, that can make it to humind and also effect the babies. Consistency in temperature is also an asset. If it drops or raises to fast it can cause the snake shock and kill it as well. The snake eggs will also tell you what is wrong with them. If the eggs start to dimple in, its because it is too dry, if they start to sweat it is to wet in the incubator. You want to keep the temperature in between 82 and 86 degrees Farenhiet. If you see mold or any of the eggs going bad, dont worry about trying to separate them from the rest. Also dont turn the eggs after they have been sitting for 12 hours or you could drown the snake as well. Everything else is up to nature. I hope this helps you and I give you the best of luck on hatching out another clutch. this is the method I use and it has never failed me once.
Q:How can I tell if the insulation in my house is dangerous (i.e. vermiculite)?
Commiserations. I can only assume it is the soil or container rather than the poor plants at fault. Good luck with transplanting. Has anyone tried using growbags for tomatoes. I find them useless as there is not enough soil and when you water it the soil all runs away, althoughy inserting sawn off plastic botttles to pour the water into can help! I have started using hanging baskets with tomato plants especially suited for them like little Tumbling Tom and it is great for a sunny spot and you can sit and pick and munch!
Q:is vermiculite safe for beardies to lay eggs in?
yes, its a good idea to reuse the soil.
Q:In Hydroponics, which is better material to use in place of soil , vermiculite, perlite or other?
Gold flecks most likely Vermiculite. paired seed leaves erm, wind borne weeds.
Q:Vermiculite soil and clay can be kind of meat plants collocation
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:How to grow a date palm plant without vermiculite?
If your vermiculite is gray/brown yes it's normal for them to slightly pick up the color of the vermiculite. Just be sure that it's not molding and that the vermiculite isn't too wet. It's really easy to put too much water in the vermiculite and that will kill your eggs eventually. Keep a really close eye on those eggs! You really don't need to slit the eggs, most can get out on their own. The egg on the bottom might have issues if he tries to get out where the other egg is touching. What I do, is wait till the first one pips, then put little slits in the rest. Make sure you don't cut any veins and don't take any chunks off. If you take pieces of the egg off you are asking for bacteria to kill the babies. Once you slit the eggs make sure you spritz the eggs with water to keep them wet until the babies come out. Never force the babies out! All you need to do is make a tiny slit so the babies can breathe.
Q:For people who breed?
Perlite. Vermiculite is commonly confused with perlite, but they serve the same function. Perlite is white and Vermiculite is grey-black. Perlite is more popular because vermiculite can cause lung cancer if inhaled. Both are natural minerals acceptable for organic growing. The cancer risk from vermiculite come from asbestos. The perlite will maintain moisture in the soil and is good for your plants. I purposely add extra perlite to my potting soil.
Q:Is it best to use Hatchrite or Vermiculite If hatchrite will I have use water for it because on the bag it say?
Q:I live in Netherlands and it rains alot is there a specfic soil mixture or way to make pots drain better?
If you're using potting mix, you don't need to ad vermiculite. The texture will be fine for containers. The nutrients last months. Most fox farm soil products use bat guano for the fertilizer. There's no precise calculation. I'd say, 2-6 months. If you're concerned about precision, you can always test the soil after 3-4 months. I start feeding my potted plants about 6 months after potting them up with fresh soil, as they never seem wanting in the period, and I'm a tightwad with my additives. For things growing in the ground, I add compost once a year. Twice for certain heavy feeders.

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