Two piece toilet wc toilet,ceramic toilet cheap sale-8522

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150 set
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2000 set/month

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Product Description:


one piece toilet wc toilet,ceramic toilet cheap sale
1.It's in high quality,  endurable, never turn yellow, and easy clean.



Basic Information


2-piece wash down Toilet






Brilliant white

Flush style:

Gravity fed flush

Drainage mode:

P-trap 180mm

Technical Parameters

N.W / G.W:


Unit CBM:


Packing way:

Carton + Plywood(as required)


1)Brilliant white self-cleaning glaze

2)World famous GEBERIT flushing system as option

3)Slow & silent closing PP toilet cover

4)Unique & durable hinge

5)Anti-fouling glaze, easy to clean

6)Integrated structure ,seamless and anti-leakage

7)Pipe fully-glazed internally, no waste remained

8)Product is fired under 1200oC and water absorption rate<0.5%

9)3 years Guarantee

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Q:Bathroom sink?
Sink's usally come with all the mounting hardware. they come in 4 on center holes or 8 on center or single Hole for faucet. make sure you get the right faucet. and get a good brass popup plug assembly comes with faucet.
Q:bathroom sink drain plug?
there's this real flimsy linkage underneath the sink that ties the drain plug to the drain plug opener/closer. it's a little skinny rod that ties into a metal strip with a bunch of holes in it. sometimes the metal rod may have a screw on the end of it. sometimes it's just real long and will simply....welll youre just going to have to get under the sink and look at it. i know all that sounds nutts but get under the sink and look at it. it's super easy to fix once you figure it out.
Q:How to choose the bathroom as a whole basin
Do not need a special area, a separate wall can get, need to pay attention only to try to match the color of the wall. Such a space, must be a bit more fashionable taste.
Q:Laundry cabinets with quartz stone basin is good, or poly-spar is good
Acrylic stone: processing modeling handsome, can be done arc-shaped rear retaining water and absolute seamless stitching, there are other special-shaped processing
Q:strong nasty smell coming from bathroom sink?
This has happened to me before. Just pour some bleach into the drain and don't turn on the water or anything that would wash away the bleach for a while.
Q:How do I fix my drain in my bathroom sink?
Use a plunger and after the clog clears, fill the sink full of hot water and drain it. plung some more if you have to.
Q:Replacing Bathroom Sink Faucet Rubber Seal?
The faucet is held on by 2 flat plastic nuts on the underside of the sink.The area is tight but they are changed every day.I would just buy a new faucet instead of trying to repair the old one as it is not easy to rebuild one and it may still leak after you try to repair it.
Q:Is it difficult to install a bathroom sink? If not what should I know?
Turn off the water valve first. Debbie O
Q:My necklace fell down my bathroom sink..?
Depending on how large it is, it will accumulate hair and debris and could cause the sink to plug up eventually. However, this might not happen for a while. You could attempt to use a piece of wire, bend the end into a hook, and try and fish around down in the drain to pull it out. This can get tedious fast but it has worked for me before. Removing the trap from under the sink (the u-shaped piece of tube at the bottom) should be neither difficult nor too terribly messy. They are designed to come out with a simple pipe wrench. Some even have a small threaded drain the the bottom and you could try and fish it out that way. Once it starts to accumulate gunk and slow the drain you will have to get it out anyway. Better to do it now when it will be relatively simple than later when it could be a massive clog.
Q:The characteristics of the basin
Bottom basin: the installation process requirements are higher, first of all by the size of the basin under the basin to build the basin installed bracket, and then the stage basin installed in the reservation location, fixed a good bracket and then open a good hole table Covered in the basin and fixed on the wall, the general use of angle iron care table and then fixed with the wall. The overall appearance of the basin under the clean, more easy to care, so the public places to use more.

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