Three functions ​​38MM Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-38

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 38 Rated  

Speed: 400 (rpm)

Power supply type AC power 1000 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 38 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Standard models : Z1C-SG-38 Order number : 3801
Voltage : 110V / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Speed : 400r / min drilling diameter : 38mm

Power : 1000W

General configuration :
Motor: Copper motor casing colors: black + Hitachi green wrinkle paint
Packaging: metal box packaging Accessories : See attached images
Packing Size : 52X39X33 Number of units : 3 sets / pieces

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Q:A wall hole with what tools
The hammer is a certain skill, do not be like using a drill like hard top, but "follow up", when you see the bit greatly before and after the move to save the time efficiency is highest when the time is the most easily. If the force of the top, prone to upstairs, said, once encountered bubbles, steel, electric drill will suddenly flip, people will hurt. A hammer with a few eyes, you will love the feeling of hammer drill, drill and drill drill is completely different, regardless of concrete, brick, terrazzo, easy to fix.
Q:How to choose a hammer tips
Bit selection is also need to pay attention to electric hammer clamping device, if chuck is four pit to buy extravagant pit bit, if chuck is two pit two slot would need to buy two pit two groove drill. If you don't pay attention to the drill type, you'll find it troublesome to buy the drill bit.
Q:What is the difference between the electric hammer and hammer
Hammer: professional dirt in the strong surface, mixed, stone top drilling, and multifunctional electric hammer, adjusted to the proper position with appropriate drill can replace the ordinary electric drill, hammer.
Q:Would you like a hammer drilling force hold?
Hold on, but there must be vibration and impact
Q:Do you use the electric hammer drill?
The difference between the two: electric hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, in the concrete. Brick. 6--100mm hole stone and other hard materials, drill holes with high efficiency in the materials, but it is not a hole in the drill is metal. Don't need to put pressure on the human impact, metal, wood and other materials on the hole, the diameter of 6 - 50. has the advantages of small vibration, high opening precision, the price is not high. They also use the bit is not the same, the former is inlaid with alloy bit, which is the ordinary cutting bit.
Q:Hydropower installation problems, digging on the wall switch box in addition to the current with what better tools can't hammer
You are the two renovation of the housing or blank, the number of how many, what is the brick, take the grinder cut bad, then more beautiful, and not hurt the wall, if the site is a large area of large quantity, first connect the pipe, save some money, for worse.
Q:How to use electric hammer drill 6mm holes in the brick wall
The internal impact drill drive is the two round of the wave plate rolling friction vibration and rotation of each other to form, and the interior is formed by the piston hammer peening force, therefore, the hammer (for punching ability stronger electric drill can be used as electric), and the impact drill can not do this.
Q:12V lithium rechargeable electric drill what
To see to what place, far less than the impact force of impact drill hammer.Usually, you can buy a multi-functional impact drill.Hammer is not suitable for home, and not in operation.Percussive drills work by rotating and impacting.
Q:Twist drill, impact drill, electric hammer drill what is the difference? The same?
Hammer is more professional and make concrete hammer are now basically double function can also be used as electric drill
Q:How to hold the grip hammer drilling technology
Then determine the drilling site, mark, the drill punch press the switch for alignment mark hammer rotating speed (remember not to press the switch, light can be as) wall tiles with a concave hole, can be a little harder by switching to speed a little faster, at this time to push push forces are concentrated on the drill bit.

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