Three functions Speed ​​32mm Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-32

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 32 Rated  

Speed: 780 (rpm)

Impact rate at rated speed of 4000 (bpm)
Power supply type AC power 1480 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 32 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Order number : MOD3201 Model : Z1C-SG-32
Voltage : 110-220V Frequency : 50-60Hz
Drilling diameter : 32mm No-load speed : 0-800r / min
Rated Power : 1480W

General Configuration
Motor: Copper automatic color: red or blue + black Bosch
Number of units : 5 / piece Carton size : 57 *44 *30

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Q:Hammer often forget to fill what kind of harm to the hammer
You often forget to hammer hammer life greatly reduced.
Q:A large area of the site to save effort there is no ceiling drilling special drilling machine is fixed on the hammer stand will be able to operate on the ground?
Electric hammer switch pressure tape tied, making it in the energized state. Then find a thicker wooden electric hammer tie, wooden floor height of 1 meters length is reduced, in a tie with switch socket in wooden hammer, socket switch. So people can use up efforts to punch, saving more than on
Q:The installation method of the electric hammer drill
When installed, the drill chuck hammer directly inserted, can rotate around until the drill bit is automatic locking, finally pulling the drill bit to determine whether it is locked correctly.
Q:What is the point of the metal hammer hammer
The front is the durable steel, the forging hammer.
Q:The difference between electric pick, electric hammer, impact drill, hand drill?
Hammer (hammer): it is the bottom of motor drives two sets of gear structure, a realization of it drill, and another one is to drive the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with drilling results. Strength can split rocks into gold.Electric motor drives: let the swinging of the swing weight do bounce run, make pickaxe have gouge ground effect. The hydraulic pump pick is the gas pressure using the air compressor transmission pump is driven by the electric hammer in moving back and forth, resulting in pickax hit the ground effect, but only the Diangao chisel, it does not turn head.
Q:Is it possible to fit the lamp impact drill
Impact drill work in a drill chuck adjustment knob, adjustable drills and impact drills in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It can also drill steel and concrete, but the results are poor and the hammer is not the same. It is the use of motor driven, the bottom two sets of gear structure, a realization of it drill, and another one is to drive the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with the drilling results. Compared to the impact of drilling force, there is a hammer and hammer each place name is not the same, in some places that means the electric hammer drill. Finally is to choose and choose the hammer and hammer of that kind of, don't choose dual-use, easy bad dual-use. And when you buy an impact drill, don't buy the kind of drill holder. Buy that kind of impact drill bit.
Q:What is the maximum diameter of the drill bit 1500W heavy hammer
Professional on the wall, concrete, stone top drilling, and multifunctional electric hammer, adjusted to the proper position with appropriate drill can replace the ordinary electric drill, electric use. The hammer is in drill on the basis of increased by a motor driven piston crankshaft, in a cylinder of reciprocating air, which is in the air pressure in the cylinder cycle changes, changes in air pressure to drive the hammer hit the top of the cylinder reciprocating drill, if we use a hammer percussion drill. Named hammer!
Q:Electric hammer drill is not loaded into (see detailed description, online etc.)
Whether it's 4mm or 24mm, they're just different sizes of front twist handles, and the back slots are the same... You go look at the eyes of the drill hammer inserted is not square, if it is a party, is the party that bit, supporting... There could be a bit not installed in place, should pay attention to is: before the first drill, electric hammer drill eyes below the plastic sleeve down in the end, the plastic sleeve and the drill bit eye separation (when necessary on the plastic sleeve and the drill bit piece to eye mention) and then the bit to the eyes plug in the end. Then release the plastic sleeve and let it return... After installed, the lift hammer bit hard top on the wall or ground test drilling, if a clear sense of the impact that the drill in place, you can use.
Q:What is the difference between diamond and hammer?
Home: air conditioning hole, water heater, lampblack machine hole hole, Yuba hole, fan hole, hole, hole on the gas pipeline, leak, toilet hole, hole, hole, heating pipe line wall hole, chimney hole and other specifications, diameter with 1mm- with 25mm hole drilling directly. Continuous drilling is also available, as required.Project: concrete bearing wall, new door hole, window opening. Air conditioning, range hoods, water heaters and other types of reserved holes drilling. Ventilation duct opening, fire pipe drilling, slot opening, wall removal, floor demolition, blasting drilling, reinforcement drilling. The pore diameter of 1mm- with 25mm can be directly drilling. Continuous drilling is also available, as required. Can direct drilling, hole wall engineering and a variety of sizes.
Q:The impact of drilling or multifunctional electric hammer, want to buy a home to more tools, functions, the use of a machine?
But if you want to buy a multifunctional electric hammer should think twice, at home and at most a dual-purpose electric hammer is no problem, with three basic no one remember the point tool function more easily if the amount is not bad, we can consider suggestions dual-use line;

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