Three functions Speed ​​32mm Hammer

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-32

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 32 Rated  

Speed: 780 (rpm)

Impact rate at rated speed of 4000 (bpm)
Power supply type AC power 1480 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 32 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Order number : MOD3201 Model : Z1C-SG-32
Voltage : 110-220V Frequency : 50-60Hz
Drilling diameter : 32mm No-load speed : 0-800r / min
Rated Power : 1480W

General Configuration
Motor: Copper automatic color: red or blue + black Bosch
Number of units : 5 / piece Carton size : 57 *44 *30

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Q:How to remove the hammer gear sliding
1, square tube wear too much; change square tube.2, steel ball drop or steel ball, iron sleeve gap is too large, add steel ball and replace steel ball, iron sleeve. For reference only
Q:How to remove the impact hammer East into the front cover
An electric rotary hammer drill with a safety clutch with a pneumatic hammer mechanism. Hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, can open 6--100mm in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials on the hole hammer in the above-mentioned materials on the opening of high efficiency, but it is not a hole in the metal.
Q:DOTA hammer and ice eye stack?
It is a perfect superposition. Because the hammer was hit by chance, maybe you didn't hit it then. Distance can be perfectly superimposed.
Q:The impact of drilling and hammer in the shape of what is the difference
Due to the impact force hammer vibration worse, it is special square or round drill bit handle have card slot, drilling fixture instead of the general impact drill three jaw screw thread pressing. Because this kind of clamping chuck does not need to be clamped, it is stuck in it, so there is no looseness due to vibration. Because of the difference of the impact force so the hammer can play deeper and larger and more hard work in the plastids.
Q:12V lithium rechargeable electric drill what
Impact drilling is mainly applied to impact drilling on concrete floors, walls, bricks, stones, boards and multilayer materials;In addition, drilling and tapping can be carried out on wood, metal, ceramic and plastic, and equipped with electronic speed regulating equipment.
Q:Alloy electric hammer drill is what material do?
Electric hammer drill on the alloy sheet material is made of hard alloy.
Q:How to change the drill into the electric hammer drill?
The drill bit can change, but can not play the role of hammer,
Q:A few a few pit pit hammer is what? What is the use?
Four: refers to the pit slot number is four at the handle of hammer drill hole, two key and two ball groove, used in the four pit on the hammer. This drill is usually used in the medium electric hammer.
Q:How to see the quality of the electric hammer
First of all, safety, no leakage, and related certification marks. Have a hammer release torque, to protect the stall when the user is not broken arm. Secondly, look at the life of the new general electric hammer can look at parts of the carbon brush spark, spark big easy to cause the motor life reduced. Again, look at the function, electric drill sound smooth, no sound. Pay attention to the strong impact of hammer, try to pressure by hand, if forced by the flashlight hammer still full impact, indicating the cylinder airtight and powerful impact. The others will look at the handle design, and so on, to see if it is comfortable to use.
Q:What is the difference with electric hammer
Just rely on the electric motor drives the drive gear to increase the strength of the drill bit rotation, do scraping in metal, wood and other forms through the material, it can be said that he is the former hand tools electric drill.

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