Three functions 26mm Hammer 2604

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Product Description:

Model: Z1C-SG-26

Type: two slots two pit
Drilling diameter : 26 Rated  

Speed: 800 (rpm)

Impact rate at rated speed of 0--900 (bpm)
Power supply type AC power 800 (W)        

Maximum drilling diameter 26 (mm)

Technical parameters:
Standard models : Z1C-SG-26 Order number : 2604
Voltage : 110 / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz drilling diameter : 26mm

Rated speed : 0-900r / min Rated power : 800W

Standard spare parts :
Instructions : 1 Auxiliary handle : 1 pay
Hexagon Ruler : 1

General Configuration
Motor: Copper automatic color: red or blue + black Bosch
Number of units : 5 / piece Carton size : 57 *44 *30

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Q:Hammer oil problem
Anthracene, dry grinding, paste is called liquid grease, lubricating oil, they are many types. I think more for the engine oil should be better, is also very easy to find this oil.
Q:Hammer open hole in the wall or flat impact drill
Impact drill work in a drill chuck adjustment knob, adjustable drills and impact drills in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It can also drill steel and concrete, but the results are poor.Hammer (hammer) is not the same, it is to use the bottom two sets of motor driven gear structure, a realization of it drill, and another one is to drive the piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with the drilling results. Power can crack stone and metal
Q:How to repair electric hammer reversal
The question is simple! You put the stator of the two copper ring [copper ring, that is, the stator is connected to the two lines of carbon brush) swap each other, how to change the smart?! This is the most critical part for you to talk about! First, take two 5 cm power lines, each connected to the two stator line. Take the line that was originally attached to the other side and OK.
Q:Dual purpose electric hammer electric low speed or high speed.
It is said that the pursuit of fast drilling speed, the design idea of manufacturers are also different, some single hammer force, low speed, some single hammer force is small, high speed, more vigorously with fast speed, accurate measurement is the result of. I estimate that the same drilling speed and a single hammering force will result in a decrease in comfort.
Q:Boshx is a 1500 Watt electric hammer which produces, how much the price?
I guess and a call Huaxin has a relationship, the quality is very bad, the best one hundred yuan can buy less, if you have bought the best when small impact drilling or electricity use (only knock).
Q:Hanging marble can be used to play any hole hammer
If the body of marble is not very thick, generally less than 2cm, you can consider the power of a larger electric drill equipped with marble opener, that is slow, not too big diameter, but the economy.
Q:Hammer hammer vicese and BOSCH that good?
Luckily, the vicese hammer (WU340) and BOSCH (GBH2000DRE) of the hammer himself personally operation.(in fact, hammer of other brands are also experiencing, but according to the landlord, is not mentioned here.)In the actual operation process, a comparative single hole is not obvious, two machine vibration comparison are acceptable, but in the continuous downward hit 20 holes around, compared to the more obvious, the use of vicese hammer rather than BOSCH feel relaxed.
Q:What is the electric hammer, electric drill, difference
Our main crushing, chipping, mining, cutting, concrete, brick, stone, ice, in the assembly line. Laying cables, sanitary equipment installation, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities. Interior decoration, port facilities construction and other civil engineering construction has been widely used,According to needs, more money, different forms of shovel, cut the work head, for different operations. Widely used in the construction and decoration industry. The difference between electric hammer is also no electric rotation function, only the impact function, and a larger impact energy,
Q:Electric hammer drill is not loaded into (see detailed description, online etc.)
24mm's drill bit. His roots are small and of regular size. If you can't hold it, chances are you've bought the drill bit wrong.
Q:Electric hammer drill chuck dismantling method?
Due to the rotation of the drill bit in the hammer also produced a rapid reciprocating motion along the direction of the drill rod (frequent impact), so it can be fast drilling on the brittleness of cement concrete and stone material. You can use high-grade hammer switch, the electric hammer drill in different working condition, only rotation is not only the impact of shocks, both impact and rotation can not rotate.

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