Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite

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Product Description:

1.Specifications of Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite:

Vermiculite coated fiberglass Cloth 
Width:1~1.5 (m) 
Weave Type: Plain 
Fiberglass Fab

2.Descriptions of Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite:

Vermiculite is a natural mineral which provides a natural inorganic finish to fiberglass. This coating provides short temperature resistance of 1000C degree and increased continuous temperature resistance temperature up to 800C degree. Vermiculite coated fiberglass cloths increase the products’ abrasion resistance and adds to its ability to withstand direct flame, it also provide a dust suppression coating which allows for a safer work environment. It is a very good high temperature resistance thermal insulation fabric.


3.Applications of Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite:

Used for heat shield,flange and valve covers,welding curtains,expansion joins and equipment

Coated Fiber Glass Fabric is widly used as high temperature thermal insulation, welding drop clothsprotective screen, fire curtain.

Fiberglass Fabric is engineering material, with the characteristics of incombustibility, corrosion resistance, Thermostability, tension and contraction resistance, high intensity etc. This new product has been used in electrical appliance, electron, transportation, chemical engineering, construction, heat insulation and sound absorption, fire control and environmental protection etc.

4.Technical Data of Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite:

Texturized Fiberglass Fabric Coated Vermiculite

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