Strong Anti-abrasive Slurry Motor Centrifugal Pump

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1.Slurry Motor Pumps Made in China 
2.Material: high chrome alloy or rubber or ceramic 
3.Flow Rate: 10.8-5400m3/h 
4.Head: 3-11 

Anti-abrasive Slurry Pump, Slurry Motor Pumps Made in China


Various centrifugal pumps for pumping heavy slurry in agriculture,petrochem,manufacturing,energy and mining.


Pumps are designed and suitable for 3 main purposes:

1) Decrease electricity consumption and increase pump life

Our uniquely designed pumps limit slurry contact thus the efficiency is significantly higher and hence very big conventional slurry pumps can be replaced by a pump with a 20% of more smaller motor without affecting pumping performance. If energy bills and high cost of ownership is of concern, these pumps are the answer.

2) Lime and ash applications

Lime and ash pumping applications are particularly difficult for centrifugal slurry pumps because acceleration inside the pump causes the slurry to clump together into a solid clay degrading performance. We have a unique solution proven to work more efficiently and outlast conventional pumps. 

3) High viscosity liquids

Superior throughput rates compared to gear and vane pumps using a unique new design. Great for bitumen, all emulsions and fats.

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Q:Water pump for trough, size? type?
Some people put goldfish in their troughs; I don't know if this is a great life for the goldfish but it would be easier.
Q:Where can I find a water pump for a 1930 Chrysler Roadster?
No personal experience, but it is a start, try below linkage. I just Googled 1930 Chrysler Roadster
Q:Would a missing bolt in the water pump make it leak?
Yes, a missing, or broken bolt on the water pump can cause a leak. Either way, if you are showing coolant from the bolt hole, or around the gasket area, it is most likely due to the seal not being tight with the missing, or broken bolt. You must check to see if possibly the bolt has broken off, and not merely been left, or worked out. Most times when a bolt appears to be missing, it is broken, and part still remains in the threaded part. If this is the case the water pump must be completely removed to get the broken bolt out, and then install a new gasket, and all the proper bolts. Tighten them to the proper specifications. It doesn't hurt to use a gasket sealer when you install the new gasket. It's messy, but I find the best to be Form-a-Gasket #2. This is a non-hardening gasket sealer, and very sticky. It is actually much better to use than silicone, but not easier. To check to see if you have a broken bolt just stick a pin, or toothpick into the hole to see if it will go deep into the threaded portion of the mount. In your pictures it appears that there is nothing behind the mount lug, so a pin, or toothpick should go completely through the hole. If the bolt is broken off with the threaded portion still in the mount you will feel it with what you use to probe the hole.
Q:is a water pump hard to replace?
If you found it and there isnt too much stuff in the way; it is simple to replace...all you do is drain the radiator,take off the pump, clean off the old gasket,get the new gasket on,and pump on and tighten carefully the bolts like a wheel( like # 1;3;5;1;3;5) with a torque wrench(cause the housing cant take it tooo tight) do not over tighten...fill the rad and check for leaks...
Q:Water pump setup?
have that water tested before you do anything.
Q:water pump?
If you don't see drip marks under your car when you come out in the morning or when it's parked, it's probably not the water pump. Either way, that coolant is going someplace. Might it be possible that you had the AC on when you heard the clunking sounds? When you have the AC on and the AC compressor comes on it puts an extra drain on the engine and makes a noticable change in the way the engine sounds. What I would do is find a way to get under the car with a flashlight and take a look around and see if anything is wet. I had a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and had all these same sort of things you are describing, so I climbed up under it and looked around and saw a drip around one of the seals on the water pump. For about three weeks I kept my eye on it and noticed the drip marks under my car. Eventually one day on a quick trip to the corner store, the pump finally went and and deluge of coolant came pouring out the bottom of my car. It could also just be a loose hose or a blown headgasket. Check your oil and see if you have any coolant in the oil (you'll be able to tell). If you do, take it to a garage ASAP or you'll be really screwed! Either way, if it's the pump you'll know it sooner or later when it blows out!
Q:The pump assembly and the pump are not a thing
Yes, all the auto parts are called assembly, and the pump is the same. It's called water pump assembly. Also, the pump half assembly is the water pump head.
Q:What motor with Grundfos pumps
Grundfos pumps with the motor Grundfos own.
Q:Is my water pump going bad?
LOOK on internet! WHAT SIZE IS ENGEIN HERE! FOur, five, six, eight yidner from WHAT COMPANY! NOBODY can answer thsi question for you without MORE DETAILS! THANX!
Q:How do i change the water pump on a 2000 s-10 4.3 litter 4wheel drive with air conditioning?
Spray some water on the belt while it's schreeching to rule the belt out. They often make noise, even when tight.

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