SS Wire 410 ,430 for Kitchen Scourers 0.13mm

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Galvanized wire 
Electro hot-dipped 
Specification 0.2mm-4.0mm 0.55mm--5.0mm 
Zinc rate 7g--18G/M2 40g--365G/M2 
SS Wire 410 ,430  for Kitchen Scourers 0.13mm



stainless steel wire 201,304,316 
3.Type: hot rolled and pickled 
4.Factory price

stainless steel wire 201,304,316 


Steel mark includes: SUS201, SUS202,
SUS301, SUS302, SUS303, SUS304,
SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS321,
SUS410, SUS430


specifications and models table of steel wire
diameter mmdiameter mmdiameter mm


430 stainless steel wire for cleaning ball


430 stainless steel wire chemical composition (%) 




















430 stainless steel wire physical property 


yield strengthσ0.2  (MPa)

Tensile strength σb  (MPa)

Elongation δ5  (%)

reduction of areaφ  (%)

Hard HB









430 stainless steel trademark contrast


China  GB/T,YB


Japan JIS

Germany DIN EN


France NF EN

Russia OCT








 SS Wire 410 ,430  for Kitchen Scourers 0.13mm



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never heard of a white wire , but theres only 2 wires , dont think itd matter which way round ,cos its only a breaker
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