Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

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Xingang, China
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5 M.T. m.t.
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2500 Tons Per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

We are a manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of galvanized wire,

our galvanized wire can be divided into: Electro galvanized iron wire & Hot dipped galvanized iron wire.

Descriptions of Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

1. Material:

Q195, Q235, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1018

We use high quality carbon structural steel wire rod Q195, Q235, 1008, 1018 etc as raw material to manufacture galvanized iron wire, through drawing, annealing, chlorhydric acid washing, water washing, hot dipped zinc coating, drying and other procedures, our product can achieve in ASTM641 standard.

2. Wire Diameter:


3. Zinc amount:


4. Tensile strength:


5. Elongation:

10% - 25%

6. Packing:

0.2-1000kg/roll, with plastic film & woven bag, or plastic film & hessian cloth, or robbins, or as your request.

7. Popular Specifications:

Product name

Wire dia.

Allowed tolerance

Zinc coating


Hot dipped galvanized iron wire

















8. Applications 

weaving wiremesh, baling, armouring cable.

Hot dipped Galvanized iron wire is mainly used in making chain link fence ,barbed wire ,gabion basket, hexagonal wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, expressway wire mesh fence, and more .

In addition,the galvanized iron wire also can used as binding wire to bind everyday objects.

9. Some specialized name of galvanized wire:

mesh wire

construction binding wire

stitching wire

gardening binding wire

cotton baling wire

dedicated clean ball wire

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Q:installing ceiling fan, 4 wires?
Does the switch turn on from another location? Red should be hot, white neutral and green ground. Buy a cheap tester to be sure. Easy way? reconnect whatever way the light was functioning. Black should be a hot wire, but bear in mind white can be hot in a switch loop. Test it. You need 1 hot, a neutral and a ground.
Q:what is better for gaming Wired or Wireless?
Deffinitely go with the wired. Get an extension, shove it under the carpet if you have to. Even the slightest lag a wireless router can provide is the most irritating thing. Signal cops out sometimes also. If you have a fast modem, wired will never let you down.
Q:Where to ground submersible well pump green wire?
It shouldn't be grounded to back to the pump, it should be brought out and grounded either with the house or a separate grounding rod.
Q:2 Black Wires + 2 Red Wires?
Cannot tell have accounted for only 4 wires in that ceiling...and you will need a voltmeter to do the job. The wiring you talk about is impossible unless there is another switched light/recepticle on this circuit. Goldwing
Q:re wiring a lamp question?
Good that you asked. Polarity on alternating circuits does matter. The side of the wire with a little ridge on it is the neutral side and goes to the white screw on the lamp socket. The other wire is the hot and goes to the center pin. Wired reverse of this the light will still turn off with the switch, but you will still have power at the screw shell on the socket. This is how folks get shocked when changing a bulb even though the switch is off. Same with appliances. You think it is safe to open them and look around inside because the switch is off, but power is still present through the internal workings all the way back to the switch. Trust me on that! All electrical circuits, be they AC or DC are a loop. Break that loop anywhere along the way and it ceases to work. Not understanding this simple fact is why so many folks have trouble fixing electrical circuits. It is especially true with trailer lights. But that's another subject.
Q:Factors affecting resistance of a wire!?
Factors Affecting Resistance
Q:do two 12 gauge wires combined equal 6 gauge wire?
Chances are that it would be far more reliable to use a 6 gauge wire. The fuses should be fine, but check to make sure they aren't titanium-based, as they could possibly corrode with the setup you have going. Also, when you rewire for the first time, make sure to check the connections for the first 10-15 uses to make sure they aren't interfering with any radio signals, as this is a hazard.
Q:fuses protect what?circuit breakers,equipment,wire,or people?
All of the above. Fuses are actually circuit breakers. If there is a surge of power (common during an electirical storm) they are designed to break and create a separtion between the elctric wires and the appliances they power. This prevents the power surge from damaging the appliance as well as prevents the surge from causing injury to the person using the appliance.
Q:i need to know which wire is my ignition wire on a 94 chevy suburban can someone help?
I have wired up alot of amps and the remote wire on the amp should be connected to the power antenna/amp turn on wire on the stereo head unit. This allows the amp to only turn on when the stereo is on. If you are connecting an amp to a factory stereo,I see why you would need to find an ignition wire. You need to probe the fuse panel with a 12 volt test light to find a circuit that only comes on with the key. Usually there is a spare accessory fuse location just for this. Buy a fuse tap or specialty fuse from a auto parts store to connect your remote wire to. There is very little current draw to turn on the amp,so almost any circuit on the fuse panel will work if it is only on with the key.
Q:How should i wire my subs?
usually all sub wiring is the same, youll have the rca cables and antenna wire comming from the radio to the amp, power and ground wire going from amp to battery and ground, and than should have 2 wires coming off each sub to the amp, im guessing thatd be parallel, if you wire in series, so like use 2 wires and splice off to each sub, so 2 wires off the amp powering each sub you would up the ohms and put a too much of a load on the amp, people only wire in series when they have too many subs and not enough outlets on the amp, good luck
RICH WIRE ,it is a factory which is specially in hot-dipped galvanzied iron wire, hot dipped galvanized steel wire, galvanized wire, etc metal wire. Our machine and capacity: It owns the most advanced plastic-dipping production line in China, fully automatic computer controlled welded machines, bending machines and other related machines. Welcome new and old friends to visit our company.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei, China
Year Established 1994
Annual Output Value Above US$ more than 1,000,000
Main Markets Mid East; Eastern Europe and America; North America; and other coutries
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 80 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above,1000,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5 producce line,80 units machine
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range reasonable; Average;