Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump XA Series

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Product Description:

Structure of Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump XA Series

XA type pumps are single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pumps. This type mainly consists of casing, pump cover, impeller, shaft, shaft sleeve, and suspended frame, etc. the extending end of shaft is supported by two rolling bearings, the bearing lubricant is mechanical oil or grease. The seal is gland packing or mechanical seal. Pump is driven directly by motor through flexible coupling or it can be driven by diesel engine.

Application of Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump XA Series

XA type pumps used in transporting clean water or liquids whose physical and chemical characteristics are similar to water. It is applicable in factories, mines, city water supplies, drainage, air-conditioning, fire-fighting and agricultural irrigation.

Operation and Specifications of Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump XA Series

Product Standard: EN733

Scope of performance:    
Max. capacity(Q):   730L/S

Max. head (H):          150m

Inlet and outlet flange standard and rating:     EN1092.2 (GB/T17241.6-1998)

Model Meaning of Single Stage End Suction Centrifugal Pump XA Series

XA  32/13 (Blank/A/B)

Single stage single suction centrifugal pump;
32:Pump outlet(mm);
13:Nominal impeller diameter(cm);
Blank:No cutting no mark;

A: impeller first cutting;

B: impeller second cutting


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when they said it need water pump that spell big trouble!!!! when water pump went out it caused the car over heated when the car over heated it could be million thing like blow head gasket special in the older car, if you get it cheap enough or vary love the car you can check the oil to see if water mix with it or try to start it up see if it smoking if none of those exit you probably okey to buy but save a lot money for repair later on.
Q:Can a power steering pump damage water pump?
The only method of positive identification is to use a mechanics stethoscope. A failing bearing is most likely causing the whine, but wear in the p/s pump can also create a whining noise which will get noticeably louder when the wheel is turned and held against the stop with the engine running.
Q:Is this noise from my water pump?
wiggle the fan blades and if they move any it is a bad water pump, they will also leak a little bit under the main shaft of the water pump housing, there is a hole on the bottom and top just for this reason, the metal squealing is the impeller in the water pump, it wont last long now
Q:Difference between Air pump and Water pump?
An air pump is used to drive air through a tube and into the tank passing through a diffuser. It can be used to drive an undergravel filter, sponge filter, or corner filter. Or it can be use simply to drive air through an airstone or other decoration. A water pump, otherwise known as a powerhead is used to drive water in the tank. Typically they are used to power an undergravel filter or sometimes a sponge filter. But they can also be used simply to circulate water in the tank. Whether a filter comes with an airpump depends on the type of filter. No external filter (power filter) will come with an airpump. But an under gravel filter or corner filter MAY come with an air pump, or it may not. Most do not. Depending on the type of filter you have an air pump or a water pump will be required. One or the other will be needed for an undergravel filter, corner filter or sponge filter. But they won't be needed if you are using a canister or power filter.
Q:How to fix water pump?
The leaking water is telling you that the pump impellor is worn and you need a new pump. Sealed Unit, cant be repaired.
Q:water pump impeller replacement in 1979 35hp Johnson seahorse?
i am no expert on outboards. i did put an impeller on one with the same problem. no water output. seems there was a tube, that ran from the pump to the cylinder head. it was cracked, and the water couldnt reach the cylinder head. seems that the impeller shaft should always turn in the right direction, or it wouldnt cool in reverse, if you got this far , i am sure you will figure it out. you must be a pretty good mechanic to get that far,,
Q:95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
I wouldnt just go throwing parts at it not knowing what the problem is. First of all when you start the vehicle you wont feel the water going through the hoses if the t-stat is closed. My suggestion is to take it to a shop and have them check out the cooling system, most shops can do a no obligation diagnostic on that for around 20.00, then when you get the results from that, determine if you want to tackle the job yourself or have it done by a professional. This service for 20.00 should include a pressure test of the cooling system and also a block test to make sure you dont have a bad intake or head gasket.
Q:bmw 2745i water pump?
Usually car manufacturers estimate that most car parts (like a water pump) would last the warranty period and this means 40k to 50k miles. Original water pumps from dealers which are installed during car repairs are usually warrantied for 2 years. Of course this can be voided by driver abuse such as overheating the car or low coolant level.
Q:What is the difference between a fire pump and a living water pump?
Fire pump and life pump essential difference, simply said: in the materialBecause we are used every day in the life of the pump, so there is no rust phenomenon, and the fire pump can not occur even in a hundred years to spend time, even some of the fire pump until life exceed the standard is not used, only periodically, so in order to prevent emergencies caused economic losses and personnel to design special pump different from the life of pump material as fire pump. Single stage centrifugal pump. The multistage centrifugal pump and pump life principle without any distinction, but the material will cast steel replacing 304, 309 stainless steel or copper materials, different specifications of other fire pump structure, materials should use copper and stainless steel.
Q:i have a 1997 bmw the water pump went out and we replaced it and i need to now what else could be wrong?
engine was overheated and you may have damaged the head gasket or cylinder head. Cylinder compression test should be done to make sure that you did not blow the head gasket. Any trained mechanic should be able do this test for around $100.

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