Silver Tarpaulin with auminum grommets

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Product Description:

Details of pe tarpaulin to show:

Aluminum grommets on each corner and every 18 inches with reinforced ends

Heavy duty 3 layer design

Fiber reinforced polyethylene

Strong, clean, and easy to handle

Water resistant

Mildew and rot proof

Tear resistant

Rust proof aluminum grommets

Rope reinforced hems

All temperature and all season use

Reinforced eyelets

Shrink proof


Ideal for ground covers, luggage covers, truck covers, boat covers, and hundreds more uses

Application of pe tarpaulin:

1.truck canopy,ship cover and cargo storage

2.transportation in mineral factories and ports

3.tents in outside travel and calamities

4.cover and protect the goods in the open air and avoid the goods get wet.


1.For rolls , packed in a plastic bag with a label between rolls and bag

2.For Tarpaulin sheets, Each piece in a polybag with a label then proper pieces in a carton box packing or same color bale packing

Different sizes and colors can be customized to customer requirements

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