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We specializes in producing various automobile and motorcycle shock absorbers. It always regards “manufacturing the first-class products and creating a first-class enterprise” as the objective since its establishment in 2002.It is bent on reforms. It keeps developing and forging ahead. After getting the great achievements and general approval from the clients, SunStar people fulfill the mission by the pioneering enthusiasm every day. We newly set a starting point each day and re-make the great efforts for it too.
   SunStar Company is located in the center of Ningbo City on the bank of the East China Sea. It is close to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. It is 5km away from Ningbo Airport and 22km form Beilun Harbor Wharf. It has the convenient and integrated transport. The company professionally manufactures various automobile shock absorbers which are divided into 7categories,i.e. twin-tube shock absorber, strut cartridge shock absorber, shock absorber with spring seat and ring, strut assembly with spring seat and bracket, cabin damper, steering damper, adjustable damper with over 6,000 varieties. They basically cover the commonly used shock absorber series all over the world.

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Q:What kind of suspension is the car?
all good. The key is to look at the shock absorber.
Q:The first car hanging license plate, but the bottom of the installation of HK decoration license plate, is illegal?
This can only be treated as an ornament, generally as long as there is no block to the normal license plate traffic police is up to talk about.
Q:Can the car tires be able to run?
Hello, the car tire no gas is recommended not to run the tires and steel ring, if there is tire pressure sensor will be damaged.
Q:What are the types of car front and rear suspension?
Front suspension are generally multi-link independent suspension, rear suspension in two ways, one is a separate suspension is a non-independent suspension
Q:Often walking hard cement broken road, the car's suspension should be how to choose?
Can consider the front torsion bar spring after the leaf spring of the pickup, or the front double wishbone rear coil spring overall bridge SUV.
Q:What is the effect of the car suspension and the stringer?
Repair in place, did not affect
Q:What is the meaning of the car's suspension system?
s the system that connects the body and the wheels
Q:What is the meaning of the independent suspension of the car?
Hello, the car is a separate suspension with the support of the car, so in poor driving conditions where the car comfort and through the good, not affected by the other side, the general use of McPherson independent suspension system.
Q:What is the deformation of the rear axle of the car?
Or for it. As an ordinary car, the rear axle with non-independent suspension system. Mainly because the engine front, front wheel drive reason. In this arrangement, the main body weight forward, for comfort considerations need a greater buffer. The main difference between an independent and a non-independent suspension is in terms of comfort, so the McPherson independent suspension is used for the front axle. In the high-end models are more complex dual-link independent suspension.
Q:Why hard axis, than the independent suspension of off-road vehicles off-road performance is better?
Non-bearing body is the car has a rigid frame, also known as the chassis beam, the carriage carrying the entire body, the engine, suspension and body are installed in the frame. The biggest advantage of this structure is the high strength of the body, steel frame can provide a strong body rigidity, in the bad road, the vibration of the frame through the elastic components spread to the body, most of the vibration is weakened or eliminated, even if the four wheels by Force uneven, but also by the frame to bear, and will not be passed to the body, the body plays a protective role.

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