auto part Volkswagen car shock absorber air suspension VW modified shock absorber

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635800FORDCommercial  TRANSIT/(100,115),(80,120),(150S),(190,190EF)F
333912 333715OPELVECTRA  B/(2.5I-V6,EXC.SPORTSUS.)F-L
333913 333716OPELVECTRA  B/(2.5I-V6,EXC.SPORTSUS.)F-R

Our coilover with really high performance and quality.

-Large cylinder and piston Mono-Tube design to advance driving.

-32 different adjustable damping setting for softer or harder need.

-Ride Height fully adjustable.Can lower very much to meet your needs.

-53MM Monotube designs with gas (Nitrogen) and oil separated.

-Long lasting spring: SAE 9254 steel,color can be chosen.

-Robot welding, high quality and finish.

-High rigidity aluminum alloy strut and pillow ball upper mounts, 6061-T6, color can be chosen.

-High quality components: JAPAN NOK Sealing, GERMANY Fuchs Oil, JAPAN KOYO bearing, durable PURF bumper, PU bush and so on.

-One year Warranty

-Good quality package to protect proucts.

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Q:What kind of suspension is the car?
Are good double wishbones, BMW M3 or McPherson it In fact, BMW M3 is a little older McPherson, not equal to McPherson. Standard's McPherson's Regal GS, the control did not say.
Q:The first car hanging license plate, but the bottom of the installation of HK decoration license plate, is illegal?
This can only be treated as an ornament, generally as long as there is no block to the normal license plate traffic police is up to talk about.
Q:Can the car tires be able to run?
Hello, if the tires no gas, please replace the spare tire to run, fill the tire, please change the original car tires, tires no gas is not driving, the consequences not only tire damage, the hub will be deformed, if any questions please ask , Hope to adopt Thank you.
Q:Is the right side of the car violently impacting the big hills on the suspension
Hello, yes, it is recommended to check under
Q:Car independent suspension ranking
Non-stand-alone suspension: both sides of the wheel mounted on a single axle, the axle through the suspension and the frame connected. This suspension structure is simple, reliable force, but the two shocks by the impact of each other. And because the non-suspension of heavy quality, suspension of the buffer performance is poor, driving when the car vibration, the impact of larger. The suspension is generally used for heavy trucks, ordinary buses and some other vehicles.
Q:Which kind of suspension is the most solid
Buy to find someone to tune down, feel steady and solid as long as the wide tires, reduce the height of the chassis can be, but the tune up need to spend some time and technology. And the tire width will affect the power output, the chassis reduces the impact of certain sections of the passage
Q:Does the car quickly slow down with the car?
The impact of car vibration on the various parts of the car, especially electronic equipment, such as sound system, although there is a certain degree of seismic coefficient, but the violent bumps will hurt the sound quality and service life.
Q:Car chassis ~ and hanging is miscellaneous is?
Suspension is part of the car chassis Suspended length of the trip Hard and soft degree of comfort and encounter bumps when the car bounce reaction time the chassis is much more complex
Q:What is the meaning of the independent suspension of the car?
Is passing bumpy road when the independent suspension of the wheel beating does not implicate the other side of the wheel, so as to keep the body smooth.
Q:What is the deformation of the rear axle of the car?
Or for it. As an ordinary car, the rear axle with non-independent suspension system. Mainly because the engine front, front wheel drive reason. In this arrangement, the main body weight forward, for comfort considerations need a greater buffer. The main difference between an independent and a non-independent suspension is in terms of comfort, so the McPherson independent suspension is used for the front axle. In the high-end models are more complex dual-link independent suspension.

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