High Quality Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

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Packaging Details:Usually packed by Neutro packing inside,white/colored carton outside
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Japanese car brake pads
1.Good performance of brake pads with long life time
2.No black dust residue
3.Less brake disc wear



Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos.


ISO9001 and TS16949 approved.


-Significantly reduced dust development

-Practically noise-free

-Better rim appearance

-Greater comfort

-No brake judder

-Better environmental protection

-Lower repair costs

-Very safe

4.The price will be sent to you soon after get your OEM or Drawings.

We are trying to do our work better to improve our products so that we can make all of our customers' satisfied. All inquires will be greatly appreciated.


Product Name:  car brake pads
MATERIAL:Semi-metallic, low-metallic and ceramic, Non-asbestos
Life Timeabove 40000kms
PRODUCT FEATURES:1) High friction coefficient, Low noise,Wear resistant;
2) Good thermal recession and recovery;
3) Good performance of water proof;
4) Friction coefficient:0.25-0.4/0.30-0.40/0.40-0.50/0.50-0.60
5) long life time


1.Inner box Neutral box white good quality the size accords to product size.

2.Can be according to client requirement and use client brand.

picture of brake pad:



High Quality Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

High Quality Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling

High Quality Auto Parts Brake Pads /Brake Linling











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Q:Classification of Automotive Braking System
Brakes can be divided into friction and non-friction two categories. ① friction brake. Press the friction between the brake and the moving parts. ② non-friction brake. The structure of the brake is mainly magnetic brake (the use of magnetic particles generated by the shear force to brake), magnetic eddy current brake (by adjusting the excitation current to adjust the size of the braking torque) and water vortex brake. According to the structure of the brake parts can be divided into external block brakes, the internal brake shoe, belt brakes, disc brakes, etc .; according to the working state of the brake can also be divided into normally closed brake In the tight state, the need to exert external force to lift the brake) and normally open brake (often in the loose state, the need to exert external force can be braking); by manipulation can also be divided into human, hydraulic, Manipulated brakes. According to the role of the brake system Brake system can be divided into traffic brake system, parking brake system, emergency braking system and auxiliary braking system. In the above braking systems, the parking brake system and the parking brake system are required for each vehicle. Brake control The energy braking system can be divided into human braking system, dynamic braking system and servo braking system. The brake system, which is the only braking energy of the driver's body, is called a human braking system; a system that is completely braked by the potential energy of the engine or the pneumatic energy of the hydraulic form is called a dynamic braking system; The braking system for braking of manpower and engine power is called a servo brake system or a power brake system. According to the braking energy transmission system Brake system can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic and so on. At the same time using two or more transmission mode of the brake system known as the modular braking system.
Q:Anti-lock braking system?
an ABS system is nice to have but it still does not replace careful driving habits. Some people have actually gotten into accidents thinking that with the abs system they could step on thier brakes any old way and still come out of it smelling like a rose. Also the ABS the car manufacturers like to tout somuch about on thier commercials is only for two wheels. To be truly effective it must be on all four. PA has a good road maintenance system,,but many out there like to put the pedal to the metal. And you see many a semi down a ditch in the rain or snow. When the roads are bad you should drive accordingly, that the best advice for anyone. Sometimes you'r late but so what? You got there in one piece. thats what counts.
Q:How long will the brake system be maintained?
Brake maintenance is called four-wheel maintenance, if you are more car case is 2W km maintenance time. If you decide the brake does not matter, then you can also about 3W maintenance, brake pads are basically most people driving is 4W-5W km for a time, so in the 2W-2.5W to do a four-wheel maintenance the best.
Q:What are the reasons for the brake system of the hydraulic brake system?
Automotive hydraulic brake system brake is not a lot of reasons. Vacuum pump or brake pump damage, vacuum tube leak, vacuum pump belt too loose. So that the brake to help weaken or no help. Causing the brake is not working or no brake. The main pump cup, brake pipe, pump pressure oil pump will also cause the brake is not working or no brake. The total pump pipe cylinder in the air is not clean will also cause the brake is not working or no brake. The brake fluid used does not match the whole car, its mobility, sealing, low temperature coagulation, high temperature boiling will cause the brake is not working or no brake.
Q:What is the difference between a four-wheel disc brake and a rear disc in a car brake system?
The difference is that disc brakes and drum brakes, double disc brake refers to the front wheel and rear wheels are disc brakes, is commonly known as disc brakes, front disc after the drum refers to the front wheel with disc brakes, rear wheel Type brake. Disc brake (disc brake) brake high efficiency, more stable, modern cars are generally used ventilation-type disc brakes as front wheel brakes; rear wheel brake is the main role of parking, drum brake parking effect is better, so There are many car rear wheels using drum brakes.
Q:Abs and brake lights
To the other repair shop computer to detect the fault code, if the fault code display is ABS head pump failure that no way, but the ABS master pump failure rate is relatively low, most of the sensor failure or bad lines, the sensor dirty and other failures!
Q:What is the meaning of the brake failure?
Brake is the brakes
Q:Parking brake indicator light problem
Is not a short time when the car wash water. Go to 4S shop it, this small problem is not expensive.
Q:Hzy3 brake fluid and hzy4 brake fluid which is better
DOT4 level brake fluid is good. But need to be based on your car's specific model to determine
Q:gravity bleeding a brake system?
The easiest way to do it and you can do it by yourself is get a rubber hose that will fit in the bleed nipple and a gallon jug. Fill the jug 1/8 th full of new brake fluid put the hos on the nipple and insert the hose into the jug. Make sure it is in the brake fluid. If you need to tie a nut to the end of the tube so it will stay in the fluid. Crack open the bleed nipple furthest from the brake master cylinder and remove the master cylinder cover and fill it up almost all the way. Place the lit back on the cylinder so fluid doesn't spray all over. It will get all over. Now get in and slowly press the brakes 3-4 times and check the fluid level if it's not down to far then you can go 6-7 presses before checking the fluid. Run one cylinder full through the system using this method repeat at each wheel working your way closer to the master cylinder. Make sure you don't run the cylinder dry and suck air. If you do then you will need to start all over. Also don't forget to tighten the bleed nipple prior to removing the tube from the nipple. You will replace all the fluid and remove all the air and do it in about 1/2 hr.

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