Shock absorber for Kia Pride,Front-Left,OEM No:KK137-34-900 /332042

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341273AUDIA6,A6 AVANT(97-04)F
ROVER 600 Series

Our coilover with really high performance and quality.

-Large cylinder and piston Mono-Tube design to advance driving.

-32 different adjustable damping setting for softer or harder need.

-Ride Height fully adjustable.Can lower very much to meet your needs.

-53MM Monotube designs with gas (Nitrogen) and oil separated.

-Long lasting spring: SAE 9254 steel,color can be chosen.

-Robot welding, high quality and finish.

-High rigidity aluminum alloy strut and pillow ball upper mounts, 6061-T6, color can be chosen.

-High quality components: JAPAN NOK Sealing, GERMANY Fuchs Oil, JAPAN KOYO bearing, durable PURF bumper, PU bush and so on.

-One year Warranty

-Good quality package to protect proucts.

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Q:Is the hippocampus hanging different? Is it possible to stand alone?
Familia, Haifu Xing, including the hippocampus 3 are the same chassis structure, the three differences in the shape, interior materials, as well as the power system. 2. The hippocampus of this independent suspension structure is indeed a few years ago popular, the structure is relatively simple, but also to compromise to the weight, we also said that the chassis skill there are factors to adjust from the actual driving point of view, the hippocampus chassis Skill or better than Elantra. 3. In front of the actual answer has been half of the problem, the independent suspension of the general service will be a torsion beam this non-independent suspension is better, but also more conducive to adjust, but the torsion beam structure is simple, occupy space for small space , And now many manufacturers can also be torsion beam suspension of the chassis tune is very good, typical representatives of Chevrolet Cruze and Peugeot 307. So, this view is not absolute.
Q:Did the car change an air suspension after an annual review?
According to the relevant provisions of the state, to allow the registration of the car to replace the front bumper, after the installation of fog lights. After the car is modified, it can not affect the driving safety and stability. Public security vehicle management department in the annual review once found irregular modification, will require the owner to restore the status quo. It is best to consult your car's brand type in detail. To ensure that the owner driving performance safety, does not affect the normal driving.
Q:Does the car quickly slow down with the car?
Is the impact of the suspension system, high-speed car in the deceleration zone, the suspension system by the impact of higher than normal driving several times or ten times, seriously affecting the shock absorber / spring / bracket and other parts of the service life , The impact will even hit the chassis (commonly known as the "bottom"), the bottom of the brake pipe / fuel tank / tubing / exhaust pipe / engine oil pan are threatened, this threat is directly related to the car Driving safety.
Q:What is the difference between the suspension and the shock of the car?
Suspension system should have the function of supporting the body, to improve the feeling of riding, because the use of different suspension settings, will make the passengers have a different feeling.
Q:What is the deformation of the rear axle of the car?
Replace it, if the repair is similar to the sheet metal to put him back, there is no technology to let him hundred percent back, if not 100% return is equal to not repair, even if what equipment can make him percentage 100 back then the cost is also a lot less than a direct change.
Q:What is the structure of the suspension system?
Hero's front suspension is used in the McPherson independent suspension structure, rear suspension is used in the torsion bar + watt connecting rod structure
Q:What are the types of car front and rear suspension?
Front suspension are generally multi-link independent suspension, rear suspension in two ways, one is a separate suspension is a non-independent suspension
Q:What are the important parameters and meanings of the car hanger, such as the front beam?
Front suspension, rear suspension, forward angle, departure angle, front beam and so on
Q:Often walking hard cement broken road, the car's suspension should be how to choose?
Toyota is the use of AVS adaptive variable suspension system
Q:Why hard axis, than the independent suspension of off-road vehicles off-road performance is better?
The so-called hard axis refers specifically to the rigid (front) bridge axle, also known as the overall bridge, the entire rear (front) bridge is a rigid overall, left and right roulette can only relative to the whole in the axle axis For the rotation movement, can not move around, equivalent to a wheel attached to the two wheels, so called "hard axis". Some people here to ask, is not what we said that the non-independent suspension? This year there are non-independent suspension of the car ah? Yes, hardcore suv is used in non-independent suspension. Because the cross-country, if the use of independent suspension, when the side of the wheel on the bomb will lead to the middle of the differential gap between the smaller, and the hard axis is not the concern. In addition, the suspension of the hard axis is generally longer than the independent suspension, when the side of the suspension is compressed, the other side of the suspension can be stretched as far as possible, which is very suitable for potholed road conditions.

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